Chapter 1:


Demon Neighborhood Kid

I did not have a mom and dad when I woke up. I just woke up alone in the basement of an empty house. It was dark, cold, adn empty. The dark and cold did not bother me as much as other kids did, but the empty part made me wonder. When I look into the other kids’s windows I see that their house is not empty, but mine is.Bookmark here

When I told Toby about this, he told me it’s impossible “to just mater-lize from thin air!”Bookmark here

Tony, who introduced himself as “Tony, older brother by three minutes,” said, “it’s called ma-te-ria-lize Toby.”Bookmark here

Tony turned to me and told me not to be a “smartass”, and stop kidding around, “if you don’t want to say so, just tell us it’s a secret. Toby’s not that smart for sarcasm.” Tony learned about sarcasm last week, and taught us about it.Bookmark here

Toby looked agape at his brother and slapped him at the arm.Bookmark here

“Toby stop that, you’re stupid strong and you hurt me.”Bookmark here

“No you’re not, I know my own strength. Stop making me mad, I’m telling mama.”Bookmark here

Toby and Tony taught me a lot of things. Tony mostly talked and Toby nodded along. They were things like: people, (“that means you me, and even Toby here”) are born from other older people. If they have the parts to make a baby inside of them, they can make a baby (“that means a little person”) inside with the help of a doctor. Bookmark here

When this baby is ready for the outside world, it grows into people like us, and we grow into older people.Bookmark here

“Then someone must’ve birthed you and put you in the house,” Tony said.Bookmark here

Tony also told me that people don’t eat black clouds floating around. “Tommy, we don’t even see the clouds you’re talking about. How can we eat them? If we can’t see them?”Bookmark here

“We can eat air, and we can't see it.” Toby said.Bookmark here

‘That's the exception.” Tony slurped some air. “We breathe air, we don’t eat air.”Bookmark here

Tommy is the name they gave me. Because my name is “a secret”.Bookmark here

They told me that people should be eating “food”. They bought me some the next day, a thing called “corn” and another soft thing called “bread”. They told me how to eat both of them. I tried sucking them like I suck the clouds, but they told me there’s a way to eat this kind of food. You don’t eat them together they say, but you can eat them with things like “butter” or other things like “meat”, but bread and corn don’t go together. I asked why, but all they can tell me is that it’s just how things are. Bookmark here

I like the corn, it’s yellow, but if you look closely it's a different kind of yellow. I like the bread one causes you can use it as a pillow when you're full. Full is a feeling if you ate all the bread and the corn that they gave you. I feel good when I’m full, but I told them it happens to me too when I suck in all the black clouds while I walk around the neighborhood.Bookmark here

I told them I like bread more, but I don't usually eat what they bring me. I sit on it or use it as a pillow because it really is comfortable.Bookmark here

Both of them also told me that people don’t turn invisible no matter how hard they try. They can hide like camouflage (Toby: “are you sure it's not camo-flood Tony?“) or hide behind bigger things, but they will always see another person if they’re not hiding or in camouflage.Bookmark here

“Unless they’re blind. Totally, because totally blind people don’t see anything. You gotta ask them first though.” Tony said.Bookmark here

They told me I turned invisible when they were trying to show me to their “dad” (Toby: “That's a boy that grew old and had kids.”). Their dad is a very huge person, he looks like a tree with bushy long hair that also covers his eyes. I was scared and didn’t want him to see me, but there was nowhere to hide.Bookmark here

“Hey dad, this is Tommy. He’s got no name so we got him one.”Bookmark here

“He doesn’t want to say his name, so we called him that. He has a name Toby, it’s just a secret.”Bookmark here

Their dad smiled a bit and said, “oh you kids and your imaginary friends. I’ll be going for a walk, to keep safe.” He turned around and walked away.Bookmark here

They thought that their dad was pulling a joke on them, so they waited until he came back. They tried pointing at him and touching him, but their dad was very insistent that he couldn’t see a third child. He gave up and pretended to see a child. It was obvious because he pretended to pat my head, but he was doing it to the air on my left, missing my head.Bookmark here

Toby held my hand and Tony held his hand and tried to put our hands together so their dad would believe them. I felt his solid calloused hand and shook it, and their dad insisted that there’s nothing there but air.Bookmark here

“Tommy. Why didn’t I think of this earlier. Say something,” Tony said.Bookmark here

“Hel—lo” I tried pushing through my shyness.Bookmark here

“A bit louder please,” Toby said.Bookmark here

“HEL-lo”Bookmark here

“You guys stop now, I didn’t hear anything.” Their dad chuckled.Bookmark here

They gave up with him at that point. They invited me into their house to prove that their dad was just playing a mean trick on them. Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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