Chapter 2:

Able Resolve

Blood's Water: My Little Whisper

     Timeless… a world frozen still. As if bound by the weight of the universe. Deep within my conscience, the only thing still working are my own thoughts. My body feels as if it’s going numb. It’s almost as though I’m fading away into a mist soon to be blown out of existence. Somehow, it feels right. Somehow… just somehow, I feel relieved. If I don’t exist, then I won’t have to think about it anymore… I won’t… have to remember.Bookmark here

     Staring straight ahead lost in the blur of reality. All I could think of was that I was ready to give up; ready to lower my blade, hang my head low, and surrender. I wasn’t confident anymore, I wasn’t prepared… I was afraid!Bookmark here

     I closed my eyes, and the moment my lids slammed shut it felt as if I was pulled out of existence. Standing before me was a person. I couldn’t see nor hear this person, but I knew that person was there. I couldn’t feel its physical form, but I could feel its presence. Without sound it spoke to me, and without a form it touched me. With its silent words and cold touch, it showed me what I had come to forget. As I remembered­­­­­­­­ what I had forgotten, I could see it all unfold right in front of me. Everything that brought me to this day, and everything that I needed to do from here on out. Everything began to make sense. I now knew where I was, and I know who you are. . .Bookmark here

     The moment I opened my eyes I could feel my left shoulder yank backwards as my body was forced to the ground. It happened so fast that I had lost my footing. I could hear the sounds of bullets ripping through the wind. My heartbeat was echoing through my entire body. All I could see in front of me was the body of the soldier that had fallen on to the ground now lifeless. I wanted to reach forward. Reach out and grab something, anything, but I was being dragged so fast across the rough pavement that it was all useless. I swung my hands above my head and grabbed the arm of whomever was behind me. My body was scraping across the ground, but amongst all the chaos I couldn’t feel a thing. As I tried to lift myself up, the heels of my feet kept slipping one after another causing me to fall back down every time. Suddenly a large shadow casted over me as I felt my body being swung around into a circle. I could feel myself being let free with a vigorous momentum. My back slammed into a solid wall and the air rushed out of my lungs. “Keep your head down and stay covered!” I turned my head and was relieved to find Tala once again by my side. My arms were wrapped around my body trying to ease the pain. I was hyperventilating uncontrollably. But, looking into Tala’s eyes I was struck with a sense of composure, and I slowly began to calm down. We were sitting behind the armored van that had brought us here, Tala was crouched down peeking around the rear end. He had an assault rifle in hand with its nose pointed downwards. I recognized it as the same rifle that the soldier was holding earlier, right before he was shot down. I couldn’t even imagine approaching his body, let alone getting a hold of his weapon. Tala finally turned around and lowered himself into a full seated position. Me with my arms held tight around my waist, despite there not being anymore pain, watched him from the corner of my eyes. All the while without a single thought in my head. He pressed his fingers firmly on his earpiece and began to contact the other soldiers. With one already down, we were left with fourteen of us remaining. Eleven of us, including me and Tala, on the ground, and three more in the helicopter above, pilot included. Bookmark here

     “Swing the Falcon back overhead. We can land it behind the armored truck which may buy us some time for a safe evac” I was still sitting in silence, afraid to move… afraid to even open my mouth.Bookmark here

          “Negative. We’re receiving fire from a high position out the front of the building. They may be able to see over the truck at that distance.”Bookmark here

     Tala instantly replied, “Do we at least know how much we’re up against?”Bookmark here

          “No visible hostiles, all of them seem to be to be taking cover within the building. Smoke from the explosion is also limiting visibility.” Bookmark here

          “Copy that Falcon, stand by.”Bookmark here

          “Roger that.”Bookmark here

     The gunfire had slowly come to a calm as Tala and I were, for the moment, safely covered. Bookmark here

     We were supposed to quickly infiltrate the building, hack through its systems, recover all its resources, and make a quick getaway through use of the helicopter. As mentioned before; by taking control of its systems, we would be capable of playing a larger hand in this battle, while simultaneously avoiding me and my brother’s arrest and placement on trial. However, none of us expected such high-level security; and now, Tala wanted us to back out.Bookmark here

     It was a good decision… a safe one. It was a decision expected by a former army vet such as Tala. We’ve already lost one of our own; and now we’re pinned behind a truck without a proper plan for evacuation. I was even afraid to ask about the other ground soldiers. So yeah, given the circumstances our best bet was to figure out the safest way home. A home, located on the same territory as our enemies. A home that shelters our friends, families, and young ones. A home that would be burned to the ground if we were not to protect it! We were now at war with the NRC. Not only are they bigger and more powerful, but they’re relentless as well. If we leave here without a fighting chance, then we won’t have an answer for when they come knocking at our door either. To find that answer, we had to start searching here and now.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

We had to fight! Bookmark here

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