Chapter 9:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Vacationing is wondrous. I can stretch my toes, rock back, and take a deep breath, minus any incoming threats or imminent death. Such a feeling is too rare. But fighting gives many privileges, for not for my violent antics, I wouldn’t access the Tenkep Research Squad – or the others – at all. Beings like them were beneficial for war. Many non-combat tasks and initiatives were a low priority for the Gloup because of this. As a result, they were less frequent and had to downgrade in scale, while the military ambitions of a group of rag-tags flourished.Bookmark here

My composite armour suit, the one dirtied by a pile of waste, is the crowning achievement of this endeavour. The firepower and protection it wields are incredible; to ask for more would be greedy, but I deserve to be. The ten or so years of engaging in brutal combat and saving lives while risking my own makes me entitled to behave that way. No one can tell me anything about my performances on the battlefield. Offering myself as an experiment led to me – a premier super-soldier – to don the Esxuwex’ Version 1.9 forged from the experience of the Makupuu fabricating their own personal protective equipment.Bookmark here

Recollecting this, I see that I placed more risk on myself than I realize. Before the first punch, the first shot, the first step on the gruesome scenery that is interstellar war, the toll these tests had on me was terrible. Sleeplessness characterized much of my earlier feelings towards them. I don’t want to go deeper into that right now; the mood to do so isn’t there. Going one-eighty during my free time isn’t ideal. I’m feeling good, and I would for that to continue. To dig up baggage from the past would just sour everything.Bookmark here

A message appears. Reading its meagre contents dragged me straight into a pit.Bookmark here

The Potuks we left to their own devices were massacred by some predators that were stalking them. A model of the transgressor came up and seeing its red hide, lanky frame and appendages, and slits to snort in anything it wished wasn’t what made it dangerous, but how the slits of these lifeforms were much wider than usual. With examination, the most popular theory is that they took surgery to expand their size so they can take in sludge to determine the most probable route to where the Potuks will go.Bookmark here

With this, they became so adept at tracking them that they hid and waited for their arrival hours beforehand. Once we departed, they feasted on them from all angles. It is assumed they had enhancements to increase their stalking and concealment abilities, but how they did it requires more time to figure out.Bookmark here

I spin the model and increased its size and resolution.Bookmark here

“All that just to get eaten.” There was little stopping me from falling into a sudden fit of depression. What prevented that was recognizing what would be the point of doing that.Bookmark here

This is not Earth. They wouldn’t be reprimanded for their actions.Bookmark here

They did what any lifeform on Me’blenxclan would do, so I can’t fault them. Who knows, I would do the same if I was born and raised here as a Gloup. Beings have to eat.Bookmark here

But, I do wonder how Kawlt thinks about this. It would most certainly get this news, so I call it to see it was okay.Bookmark here

After we did our greetings, it says this: “I’m indifferent. Potuks being eaten alive is no big deal for me.”Bookmark here

“I see. But it did seem like you did care about them; easily the most amongst the whole group.”Bookmark here

Kawlt was strolling outside where faint waves of heat could be seen if you focus hard enough. Imagining those temperatures without any real protection would be tortuous. “I know, but that’s how it be. Everyone else feels the same.”Bookmark here

“You contacted them already?” Maybe it was referring to the Gloup in general, not those that were with us during the search.Bookmark here

“Yes. Wacabo and the others were happy to know they did their job to completion.”Bookmark here

I was wrong. It was them. “But that was a technicality. We were nowhere near the Matoq Slime Spot – the original destination, but since they found their kind and were content with that, we let them be.”Bookmark here

“That is a good thing, ain’t it so? To reunite with their own?”Bookmark here

I sigh. “Of course. It’s just that…”Bookmark here

“A issue? For who, human like you? Don’t you eat and drink and let them out when you’re done with them?”Bookmark here

I remain silent.Bookmark here

“Speak, I genuinely want to learn about humans’ feedings.”Bookmark here

“Well… Uhhhhhhhh... We somewhat do…”Bookmark here

“You eat others sometimes?”Bookmark here

“Well yes, everyone does it. To consume another is essential.”Bookmark here

“So you no different, I think. So what is the problem with you? You feel bad?”Bookmark here

“Yes. You see to take out another lifeform is considered an atrocious act where I’m from, even more so if you eat them raw.”Bookmark here

“Raw meat be very tasty.” Looks like nourishment pleases it too much.Bookmark here

“It’s tasty, isn’t it?” I give a heart-filled chuckle. Am I overreacting? I believe I am. Getting emotional for nothing. Why should I feel this way when the Gloup are content with the reality of hunting each other for survival? This must be culture shock, but to be surprised when I should become used to this kind of behaviour displays my lack of respecting another’s way of life. I do see myself as a cultural ambassador; a diplomat to an extent. It’s just that such government officials are there to diffuse tensions and create and nurture long-standing links between societies, not join the foreign nation’s army and participate in their bloody offensives.Bookmark here

“Sure it is. Meat is very nice.”Bookmark here

I can’t help but laugh. All this talk about meat is making me hungry. It’s a shame I can’t create edible meat; the types here would give me horrendous episodes of food poisoning back when I was still getting used to this place.Bookmark here

Looks like I should let it go. At least I should try, not like before when I said I would but I didn’t. It’s such a petty thing to hold against them. We’ve been talking for a good bit anyway, and I have some training to do, so this should be it. Both of us hang up the line and I get ready to go do my exercises. Doing them makes my stomach even more of an empty container, but that just means that I will be having a humongous meal when I finish.Bookmark here

With the limited space, I had multiples weights stashed below my sleeping capsule and a retractable pole for one and two-handed pull-ups that I like to place above the entrance. It didn’t require grooves or slots to hold it in place, instead, it floats to a certain height and stay firm no matter how rigorous my exercises become.Bookmark here

After setting up, I do some stretches, forcing me to become very lumber. Now loosened up, my regime of push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lifting of weights came and went. It was effortless. Of course, I can’t just attribute that to stretching when my body has been used to this kind of basic training for several years. When I was on Earth, I wasn’t the fittest or the strongest despite my involvement in sports. I was always average. Schoolwork was the thing I did better in on a consistent basis. However, with my current fitness levels, I can surpass most Olympians with little struggle. Bookmark here

There was more than enough energy in me for my final activity of the day: a jog outside. It had to be done or else I would feel like I had an incomplete workout. The air conversion system stationed at the back of the living facility would suck air in, remove certain substances deadly to me and pump in the clean air that I currently breathe. This is the same process for my helmet. Two hefty blocks with cheese grater holes were the main external machinery to perform this. They were connected to the power source right beneath me to a series of vents and pumps to deliver life-sustaining oxygen to my lungs.Bookmark here

Taking off the metallic footwear from my suit, I stuff my feet in, get out there are begin running. To do it with the suit would lead to no real benefit. To bear the strain of it well, high levels of fitness is necessary to utilize it.Bookmark here

I run about ten laps. With several more to go, I stop to see the sun plummet to let night-time take over. Mosaics of purple, orange, red, and hints of yellow decorated the sky. It was quite the sight that I always stopped to see when I had the chance. I just couldn’t help myself to not view something so gorgeous. The chatter and movements of organisms, and the quiet Mutu lifeform, were insignificant in distracting me from this sundown.Bookmark here

I hear a ferocious growl. Is a lifeform at Tememanda sneaking up on me?Bookmark here

It goes again. I prepare for attack before I realize the source. I grab it. But this wasn’t a Gloup, this was my lower abdomen. I was hungry. My belly was being cranky.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This is my signal to go inside and get me some grub, so I did. And I stuffed my face with an endless stream of soup as a reward for my hard work.Bookmark here

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