Chapter 1:

a world that operates through despair

Blood Medallion

              It is the year of 33,333 and Earth has reached a state of Apocalypse. Surrounded by an apocalyptic environment, different waves of destruction hit the earth at different moments. Meteors, blood rain, rattled earthquakes, are just examples of the many strange phenomena occurring within. Humans have evolved to the point of living towards the age of 1000 and have been cut off from the afterlife. They can no longer reincarnate and at the point of death their soul will reach extinction. There are hidden sacred lands where humans have migrated to where evil cannot touch, but within the rest of the world, only the strongest or cruelest are able to survive. 

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He took a step into the forest and felt as if all the darkness in the world had fostered under his path. Memories of forgotten traumas had started to cloud his mind.Bookmark here

"No. I can't." He tried his best to shake off the thoughts and remained focused on reasoning. Bookmark here

With every step he felt a shadow of animosity follow behind him. Bookmark here

I have to keep going. He thought to himself. He had almost reached the heart of the forest when he heard forest trees rattling. Paranoia filled him as he looked around at his surroundings. He wore a long white cloth covering most parts of his face and body. He had kept his identity hidden and carried a long sword on his back. With the dooming atmosphere masking the forest it was hard to sense any other presence.Bookmark here

"Well, well ,well, look what we have here.." Three men appear behind a grove of bushes and were now following behind him. Bookmark here

He turned around and faced them. Bookmark here

"Three faces of greed and stupidity..." He muttered under his breath.Bookmark here

"You should all head back now.. you idiots have followed me into a Demon's territory." He gave them a sharp piercing gaze. The three men reacted with a laugh.Bookmark here

"With these weapons right here, adding yours to our pile once we rob you from it, nothing can stop us. We'll quickly dispose of you, and the demon of this land will just be another addition to our growing farm." A sinister smile grew on their faces as they flashed their weapons towards him.Bookmark here

"Quiet!" He shouted as he looked around. They looked at him in offense.Bookmark here

"How dare you!" Shouted one of them. A rumble begins to shake the ground and the three guys all share a look of confusion. Bookmark here

Something in this atmosphere has changed. He thought to himself. A growing suspicion set into him.Bookmark here

He senses a presence. He puts his hand on his sword as he tries to keep his balance on the moving ground.Bookmark here

Red droplets start striking the ground and he sees their faces begin to fill with panic.Bookmark here

"Blood rain.."Bookmark here

"This isn't a good sign.."Bookmark here

"Something's coming." They begin to argue among themselves. He looks up towards the sky. He eyes the dark clouds and grey fog grudgingly staring back at him.Bookmark here

"This was a bad idea..." He notices one of the guys in front of him suddenly start dashing off in another direction.Bookmark here

"Hey! You idiot, Darius! Where do you think you're going!" A fustrated look is expressed upon one of their faces as the other lets out a grunt. Bookmark here

"I told you we shouldn't have brung that twerp, he'd only get in the way!" The other sighs.Bookmark here

"You're right, i'd thought he had potential but in the end he was as useless as a bug." He stares down at his gaelic before he passes it off to the other guy.Bookmark here

"Well, Michael, why don't you go make Darius useful and feed him as lunch to my buddy here." Bookmark here

He passes his knife to him and Michael begins to run off following behind Darius, he pierces his back with the gaelic sword. Darius body quickly begins to disintegrate as his energy force leaves his body and is completely absorbed into the weapon. Michael lets out a chuckle and turns around to head back.Bookmark here

"Riak!" Michael waves the weapon towards him and Riak catches it. Michael begins to walk back as his body reaches a quick halt. His face reaches an expression of shock. He looks down at the gaping hole in the middle of his body and looks back up towards Riak. Bookmark here

"Brother.." He reaches out his hand.Bookmark here

"Michael!" Riak yells as he begins to run towards him but he feels a firm grip on his shoulder stop him from doing so.Bookmark here

"Stop." Riak looks behind him and sees that the cloaked man had grabbed him.  Bookmark here

"Look." The cloaked man points up. He looks up towards where he had pointed and see a long animated tree branch has been whipping around back and forth, a dark energetic static had attached itself to it. It whipped towards Michael again striking off his head. His body disintegrates and his energy force disappears off toward the heart of the forest.Bookmark here

"This forest is of an ancient demon. Go now." The cloaked man whispers to him keeping a grip on his arm but Riak escapes his hold and begins running off towards the direction of Michaels energy force.Bookmark here

"Michael! I'm going to get you back, don't worry!" He yells disappearing off into the distance. Bookmark here

The cloaked man lets out a sigh.  A strong breeze had begun to accompany the moving ground. He turns and begins to walk again towards the forest heart. Bookmark here

He did not know what would await him but had a growing sense that something bigger than what he was would soon reach him.Bookmark here

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Taylor Victoria

Blood Medallion

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