Chapter 2:

Wait ... so I'm a ghost?

Afterlife in Another World!!

Emi fled her homeroom. Bookmark here

On her way out, she checked her locker.Bookmark here

Her locker was empty.Bookmark here

At the door, she paused and wondered whether she would be able to grip the door handle. She took a deep breath and grabbed the handle. To her surprise, she could feel the metal against her palm, albeit her senses were somewhat dulled. It was as though she was wearing a thin pair of gloves despite her hands being bare.Bookmark here

Before turning the handle, she withdrew her hand, closed her eyes and bent at the waist so the upper half of her body passed through the door.Bookmark here

Emi had never experienced anything quite like passing through material objects before; it somehow felt invasive. She supposed passing through objects was invasive in a sense.Bookmark here

She shivered and stood back up. Bookmark here

Although she did feel not cold, she could not stop trembling.Bookmark here

After rubbing the tingling sensation out of the upper half of her body, she turned back to her classroom. Her homeroom teacher continued droning on while her classmates autonomously scribbled down notes. Everyone was completely oblivious of the ghost staring at them.Bookmark here

Emi had never liked her homeroom teacher and had never particularly liked her classmates.Bookmark here

They had liked her, which had been all that had mattered.Bookmark here

‘You’re all so ... you're so dull. Liven up a little!’ groaned the ghost. Then Emi turned on her homeroom teacher. ‘And you … try taking a shower and combing your hair through. It’s no wonder your wife left!’Bookmark here

Emi smiled and bobbed up and down on her toes. She welcomed the adrenaline that coursed through her ghostly veins.Bookmark here

‘You all need to get a life!’ she yelled and then laughed, exhilarated.Bookmark here

Emi yelled and cursed some more until she bored and then geared herself up to leave her classroom.Bookmark here

‘Screw you, Mikami,' she mumbled under her breath after passing through the door and shivering. 'I don’t need a hall pass to leave during class.' Bookmark here

The student council president, Mikami Nao, had always had it in for Emi; at least, this was what Emi believed. Bookmark here

I am Kikuchi Emiko, next in line to head the Kikuchi family and take over Kikuchi Corporation. I can leave the classroom whenever I want, she thought to herself and smiled.Bookmark here

Her smile fell when she caught her reflection in the long window opposite her homeroom.Bookmark here

A beautiful eighteen-year-old girl stared back at her. The girl had the same elegant curves and sharp facial features Emi was used to seeing when she caught in her reflection. However, the girl's hair, which stopped just below her collar bone, was white rather than black, and her eyes were red.Bookmark here

The girl's uniform should have comprised of a button-up shirt, a black fitted blazer, a red bow and a long, old-fashioned black skirt. Bookmark here

Instead, the girl's blazer and long skirt were white. Bookmark here

The girl in the window looked positively ghoulish. Bookmark here

Emi tore her red eyes away from her reflection, counted to five and then looked back at the window. Bookmark here

To her dismay, her eyes were still red.Bookmark here

Seeing that her red eyes were filling with tears, Emi straightened her back and cleared her throat.Bookmark here

‘I am Kikuchi Emiko, next in line to head the Kikuchi family,’ she told herself. 'Nothing makes a Kikuchi cry.'Bookmark here

'Yep, you're dead,' she remembered Angel telling her and flinched.Bookmark here

Emi watched her reflection's red eyes narrow.Bookmark here

‘Angel,’ Emi sang through gritted teeth. ‘Come on out. I'd really like to talk to you about something.’Bookmark here

When the cosplay ghost did not appear, Emi stopped attempting to be sweet.Bookmark here

‘Angel!’ she yelled. ‘If you don’t come out here, I’ll-‘Bookmark here

Emi yelped. The bell announcing the start of the day's lessons blasted through the speakers lining the corridor. The door to her classroom flew open and her boring homeroom teacher emerged, already sweating even though the school day had only just begun.Bookmark here

Emi took one last peek inside her classroom and spotted her old desk covered with flowers and cards.Bookmark here

They could have picked a better picture, she grumbled and then stalked off, hoping a walk might calm her nerves.Bookmark here

She ended up in the courtyard outside the main school building. The courtyard was small but very aesthetic and alive with greenery. Patches of trim grass and neat flowers brightened the grounds. Broad trees cast shadows over the pale wooden benches dotted about the area. Birds fed from feeders in the trees and squirrels merely danced about in the morning light.Bookmark here

Emi slowly attempted to sit down and heaved a sigh of relief when she did not fall.Bookmark here

‘So, I can touch some things, but I can't touch other things?' she mused and then looked up.Bookmark here

She felt eyes on her back.Bookmark here

Angel? Bookmark here

In one of the long windows overlooking the courtyard was a male student.Bookmark here

He seemed to be staring directly at her.Bookmark here

Emi stared back. She vaguely recognised the boy from one of the other classes in her year, but she could not remember his name. Bookmark here

In fact, she could not recall much about him. Bookmark here

The boy was non-descript, from his hairstyle and average build to his presence, which left little to be desired. She figured there was not much to be remembered about the boy.Bookmark here

Is he looking at me? she wondered and gave him a small, elegant wave.Bookmark here

He waved back.Bookmark here

At least, Emi thought he waved back, but the sun suddenly peeked out from behind one of the soft clouds overhead to blind her, blocking her view of the window. Bookmark here

When clouds moved again to block the sun, the boy was gone.Bookmark here

Before Emi registered what she was doing, she was on her feet, running across the courtyard.Bookmark here

The mysterious boy was the first person to acknowledge her existence since waking. Bookmark here

She had to speak with him.Bookmark here

It occurred to her that she might be able to fly up to him, saving her the journey up the stairs. However, she decided that she was not ready to begin pushing the limits of her new ghostly existence.Bookmark here

Besides, her efforts would have been futile.Bookmark here

Emi ran at the school's main door, planning on passing through it. Instead, she collided with the door. Her soft body ricocheted and landed on the stone path.Bookmark here

I don’t get this at all! she grumbled, gritting her teeth to keep from crying out in pain.Bookmark here

When she glanced up, the boy she had seen through the window was standing over her, panting hard.Bookmark here

‘K-Kikuchi!’ he gasped and then warily offered her his shaking hand.Bookmark here

When she took the boy’s hand, he yelped.Bookmark here

Kuromaru (クロまる)
Marshall Eastman
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Ah Rin
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