Chapter 0:

Another world ◯

Isekai sensei: Teacher from another world | 異世界先生:異世界からの先生

I know everyone has read a typical isekai story, someone ends in a different world from theirs due to different facts, death and reincarnation, summoning, a portal, an out-of-control vehicle, a random person with a weapon, an accident in a library, know the drill.
I know because my students like to read stories like them, the bring light novels and manga to school, which I allowed them to do as long as they were in English. An also because I'm a fan of the genre, along with yuri (girl's love).
What I never realised is that I, myself would experience being transported to another world.
One day, after club activities as I was returning from the school's kitchen to the teacher's room, as I also was the cooking club advisor, I saw something weird in the sky, but did not paid attention to it so I said goodbye and returned home. I put down my stuff, got cleaned, visited my wife who lived with her parents in the house next door, made out with her, returned home, made supper, watched some anime without subtitles (sadly there are no subtitles in Japan), brushed my teeth, and went to sleep.Bookmark here

The next morning, prepared myself, made breakfast, gathered my stuff, and as always went out of my house towards the school where I worked, but that day was different, my house and I for some reason were in an unknown place!
I panicked at first, but then remembered some of the stories from my student's books, so I calmed, but them remembered I had a job as an English teacher and that I was a reservist in the JSDF and that I had a wife, so I panicked again. I was able to calm myself and decided to go back inside and plan what to do next.Bookmark here

For the time being I decided to go check my collection of isekai manga, light novels, visual novels, games, anime series and movies that I had.Bookmark here

Then I decided to explore and found out it was a "deserted" island, no humans other than myself, no sentient beings either, only animals.Bookmark here

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