Chapter 10:

Back At It

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Damn it! We’re losing lifeforms so quickly, it’s ridiculous! This scene is becoming congested with the sight and stench of corpses the longer this goes on. I slice, I dice, I bruise, I batter, and yet, they come back more battle-hardened than ever. The number of scratches and dents was the most I have sustained, even though it was far from enough to put me out of commission. The Caxhels are certainly gaining in power. I’m both impressed and scared, not necessarily for myself, but for this planet and its inhabitants. They’re literally generating more biological material through a straight-up massacre.Bookmark here

Absolutely terrifying.Bookmark here

Their hovering land vehicles have become more resilient to the waste products and bodily fluids the Gloup regularly use in combat and their plasma weaponry seems more targeted, resulting in success in killing scores of us. Each one was identical in shape as their aerial counterparts but were upright and let off lightning bolts from their apexes turn valiant lifeforms into charred flesh.Bookmark here

The thunderclaps were deafening and constant, the sound of each a life they have taken. It makes it hard to formulate a thought with all of this happening. It’s relentless on so many levels.Bookmark here

They got us good. To attack this small group of non-combat lifeforms doing their usual rounds of feeding with the use of a sleeper cell is remarkable. When it was described to me, I was more surprised than anything. I have heard of Caxhels who were stranded on Me’blenxclan and managed to survive in foreign conditions until they either were hunted down and murdered or they get rescued by a Caxhel dropship, oftentimes under copious heavy fire. How they were able to remain hidden for so long with such large machinery is beyond me. Clearly a massive security failure. Those beings up there are not doing their jobs. They’re supposed to deter the Caxhels from pulling off exactly this with any sort of frequency and cohesion. Right now they should be giving us air support so we can even out the playing field, but there aren’t any right now doing that very thing. Most of them are just too far away, and while several have said they are coming in at what is their top speed, especially after being cognizant of our very troublesome situation, we have to hold our ground until they get here.Bookmark here

I just want them, any of them, to hurry the hell up. All these electrical bolts are becoming unbearable. The uptick in these kinds of bold attacks on the surface is problematic, however small they may be. Us soldiers came to their aid with relatively little information as to how capable the enemy was. We came in expecting their typical forces, but the quantity and quality of the Caxhels this time was just exceptional. Maybe I should not be using such positive words for my enemies - that’s just plain wrong. They’re destroying us at the moment, but I do feel like being rancorously honest about their performance today. The Caxhels have really exploited some big holes in our defence, and for those of us here, we’re just trying to stay alive. It’s not the end of the world, but being here on the front lines is like hell on Earth, and I’m as far away as I can be from my home planet, but it’s too suitable to describe our predicament in this very battle.Bookmark here

Jumping and dodging is becoming hard. Looks like I have to unleash my arm cutters. These kinds of super-powerful weapons are hard to source. If I use them up here, it’ll be a while before I can retrieve more. But I have to do it. The Caxhels are on a chaos spree and they won’t stop unless I do something big. Bookmark here

I unfurl my right forearm to reveal the cutters’ tiny and narrow composition. It had a flat top and bottom portion and a slit in between that took up just under one hundred and eighty degrees of the middle area’s circumference.Bookmark here

That’s it. As simple as you can get. But don’t be deceived by its banality or size, it’s a powerful one.Bookmark here

With my targets highlighted in a blinking red, I stand and fire to release a huge Aegean slicing wave to decapitate four in one go. Due to its slow firing rate from recalibration, I am forced to wait a moment to charge up another one, making sure to keep moving to prevent their targeting software from gaining an immediate lock on me. I have to make the most of what I have left. There are about three I can perform on each arm – adding up to six.Bookmark here

I shoot again, halving four more. As I wear down my patience in order to send out another cutting wave, a lightning bolt strikes me. I remain standing, despite feeling somewhat unsettled. With more coming, I panic to let out one more. I swing my arm into a sweeping motion as it came out, colliding with its broad face producing a wicked flash while grazing some of the ones located in the front row. Bookmark here

Patting myself on the back wasn’t worth it when there were so many of them remaining. My HUD counted the ones left and produced a cumulative tally of one hundred and eighteen.Bookmark here

I really do question our general ability to prevent these Harvesters from coming here and running away with the lifeforms of this world. If they can do this with experience, strategy, and exploiting our weakness, imagine them once they have evolved enough through their systematic genetic engineering campaigns.Bookmark here

Well then, if I try really hard, I should be able to take out all of them. I hide behind a pile of bodies and readied myself.Bookmark here

I fire a cutter to no result. A very strange sight to see. That usually never happens.Bookmark here

One more time for good measure just to make sure I’m not seeing wrong.Bookmark here

Nothing. That’s impossible. How could they not work? They always do.Bookmark here

The only way it couldn’t have dealt with its destructive potential is if it had strong enough shields.Bookmark here

Well, that’s new. They never utilized shields for their ground vehicles before today. Their aerial ships were the only kind to generate force fields. The land vehicles couldn’t emulate them, but it looks like they have closed the gap. It took a while for them to activate. Would’ve saved them some of their fighters if they did so sooner.Bookmark here

That’s good they did so. It makes my improbable odds a little more feasible, especially when I do this!Bookmark here

I launch my concentrated energy beam from the opening where my right hand was located. It had to make way for this five-centimetre-thick beam to pulsate outward, racing towards the enemy. Bookmark here

Wow, it didn’t work at all. It just dispersed.Bookmark here

SIGH.Bookmark here

Looks like I may be in big trouble. I hold firm and seek to test out the rest of my weapons, but I was distracted by a swarm forming over the sludge.Bookmark here

Flying bots in the thousands were fleeing from each Caxhel land vehicle. Using tractor beams, they picked up a body and rushed back to their tops. They did so fast. Even with me destroying hundreds at a time, there were still enough to obscure my vision.Bookmark here

I fling attacks at random, hoping to create some space to see if they will try another manoeuvre. Keeping at it, it seems like they were easing up. It must be working.Bookmark here

Then, they vanished.Bookmark here

I couldn’t believe it. Not only the bots but the military vehicles were gone. They just had to be here. To not be here wouldn’t make sense. I examine my surrounding as through as can, double and triple check to make sure.Bookmark here

One more look through, just one more. I know they have to be here even though I looked everywhere, but they have to be here.Bookmark here

I do so, this time with my weapons. Disrupting the place should draw them out if they are using invisibility. Many explosions rocked the area, causing sludge to be strewn about; hopefully, some of them have been unearthed. After some time doing this, my HUD brings up this message – ‘AREA CLEAR’.Bookmark here

They were gone.Bookmark here

My knees buckle with disappointment as my head hangs low. What the Makupuu Ship Guard let through this time has shown that they are past their limits. Bookmark here

Why did I fool myself thinking they were still in the vicinity? I thought there’s no place they could hide, but instead, they all faded away.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

They got away… again!Bookmark here

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