Chapter 1:

Kingdom Under Siege

To Fight In Another world

A brightly light doorway shines down to a hall where a bulky grey crewcut hair man wearing a torn black skin-tight shirt with a worn silver chest piece and an over red overcoat with a sliver armor leggings is seen rushing down to what seems the dining room. As he rushed down to the dining room, a man in a robe stopped him in a worrisome look. The bulky man looks down to the robed man, and in a franked matter, asked him.Bookmark here

"Is the seal ready to be used...we don't have that much time like I thought we did." When he asked the question, the robed man breath commonly before asking the question back and said, "We're almost done just a couple more minutes until then, my Majesty." The Lord looked down and huffed, knowing what has to be done, and replied to the robed man.Bookmark here

"I will give you time, but first call my daughter to me."Asserting the king, the robed man nodded and went to the hallway the king came from to the battlefield. As the minutes' pass, the king worries if those...THINGS got her as they did to his wife, only for him to hear the door swing open. It was only for him to ready his weapon just in case it was them only to see the robed man with a woman who seems eighteen. The sliver bun hair woman with amethyst eyes wearing a black dress with breastplates and shoulder pads asked.Bookmark here

"What's wrong, father." Only for the father to look down in defeat and told her."Follow me, and I will explain what's going to happen." Which the daughter just nodded silently, which he looks forward and starts to walk to the fireplace. Reaching up to the shield hanging up, and removing it, leading to the fire-pit stop and moving up to show a secret stairway heading downward." while the hooded man went downstairs, The princess looked shocked at seeing a stairway like this and finally asked her father whats was going on.Bookmark here

"Father...where does this lead to, and more importantly, why did you take me from the battlefield." The father looked at her in defeat and finally forced himself to tell her all of her questions.Bookmark here

"My bright star...this is for you to meet the sorcerers down there, for they have created an other-worldly gateway." The daughter looked at her dad only for her to retort back."Your kidding, right...right, there no way for something like that to exist; after all, many, and I mean many, have tried to re-create portals like that from myths and fairy-tales." Only for the king to nod and replied to her question.Bookmark here

"Those wise-tales you speak off are true but were manipulate so people wouldn't do what our ancestry did in the past of sending our folks to other worlds for invading and conquering." The shocking new splash over the princess only for her to retort quickly.Bookmark here

"You're not sending me to another world...are you?" The king looked at her and replied imminently and a simple, "No." Which cause the princess to look confused and repliedBookmark here

"Then why make one if you're not going send me away?" as she says that the king already knows the answer for both why he won't send her to another and what the portal will be used for.Bookmark here

"Quite simple is to summon the hero we need to defeat these creatures, and it's too risky to transport being from our world since we can't decide which place you will be landed to."Bookmark here

"How do you know that father.. on why being dangerous to summon me off planets."Bookmark here

"The truth of wise-tales is where they will gather 100 humans and split them into two groups, one for conquering and another to live in the other world peacefully to see whats the results would be in which the ritual is done every year to see the result with each group...and by the end of the year they summon both groups to only to be surprised to see both groups losing half of there men and women."Bookmark here

The daughter took this surprise but only to bring up a question."Couldn't they have died in the other world?Bookmark here

"Even so, their dead body will show up with the other living, and to make sure it wasn't by mistake, they went to ask both groups if they saw the missing people there, to which they reply with a simple no."Bookmark here

"I see, but I don't understand?"The princess looking concerned to her dad in which he looked down and told her back.Bookmark here

"Understand what." the king asked. Bookmark here

"How are we summoning a hero from another world if it's dangerous?"Bookmark here

"My child, the only way for them so summon here is for them to come to our world beforehand, therefore, won't be lost to where to land."Bookmark here

Before the princess was about to ask another question, it was interrupted by the king by continuing talking about the effect of summing gates. "The issue about this is...we could be summoning a warrior or an innocent person to this war." In which the princess has a worried look and replies.Bookmark here

"Father, are we really taking this fifty-fifty chance? I don't want to have more innocent blood in this war."In which the king nodded and answered the issue by using the gate.Bookmark here

"The sorcerers and I found a key that might work so that the gate won't summon an innocent person who isn't used to this type of fight."Bookmark here

"How?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

The princess nods at that answer and grabs her father's hand and trying to lead the way, only for the king not to budge. This brought great confusion to the princess, only to look up to her father with a sad look in his eye and shake his head to tell her.Bookmark here

"Like I said before, this for you to go down to see the sorcerers, for I'm needed in the battlefield." The princess reacted harshly at what the king has just said and retorted.Bookmark here


The king was silent for this outburst, knowing where she is coming from only to be quiet as she rants.Bookmark here


Before she could finish her last rant, the king stopped her by hugging her deeply and hum to wells up her tears.Bookmark here

"My darling Rize, know this I will always be with you just like your mother."As he let Rize go, only for her to promise one thing.Bookmark here

With tears in her eyes, she agrees to it, and as such, the dining room starts to rumble. In which the king made one last joke.Bookmark here

"Well, they took their sweet time to reach here."Bookmark here

Rize just giggled and looked at her father one more time as he said."I love you and never give go." Rize went down the stairways crying, knowing this will be the last time she will see her father.Bookmark here

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