Chapter 9:

Chapter 4 Open Door

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

A white room lay open, in it an endless pool of green spread beyond the distance of what the eyes of man could see. It's walls held emptiness within them, still, winds blew through its infinite void. In this endless space, a girl sat on a large trunk. She was unusually still, so still, you would think time had stopped. Bookmark here

A dress of purple and silk threading stretched to her feet, covering her small toes. Her beautiful grey hair, soft as silk, fell to her hips, making her beauty shine beyond understanding. In her hands, she held something interesting, it was a small box. A golden film lined the outside of its small exterior, its skin was covered with a strange and unique wood. It was crafted so beautifully, that it seemed as though it was made by the gods themselves, but this was not the only thing that portrayed this unique box. Bookmark here

Chains of black covered its small surface, locking the small box closed. It seemed that if a thousand men attempted to tear it open, it would be a waste of time, for not even there will, or power could open this box, but this would not be for long. Bookmark here

Lights of gold began to pulsate on these black chains, every time the light flickered its radiance grew brighter, slowly one by one the black chains came undone. As the chains began to fade away a smile grew across the little girls face as if she had waited a millennium, for this day to occur.Bookmark here

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