Chapter 17:

Chapter 17

Queen of Dodge!

The following day Minami smiled as she ran down the hall, “Hey! Ryusuke!!!” She waved to him as he turned to her and a smile spread across his face,Bookmark here

“M-Minami!!!”Bookmark here

She then tackled him in a hug causing Ryusuke to stumble back, “Ugh!!! I missed you so much!!!”Bookmark here

“I missed you too!” He said with a smile as he looked into her eyes,Bookmark here

“Wow,” Minami said as Ryusuke set her down, “You’ve really gotten a lot stronger. You were able to hold me for a few seconds.”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah, the guys and I have been doing lots of training and working out. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard even after practice.”Bookmark here

“That’s good,” she said with a smile as she tapped his shoulder, “You certainly look good!”Bookmark here

“Thanks, we all said we would definitely get stronger so by the time you come back we can be in peak condition!”Bookmark here

“You didn’t have to do that for me.”Bookmark here

“We wanted to, you really mean a lot to us.” Bookmark here

“You guys mean a lot to me too.” She said with a smile,Bookmark here

“So how was Regionals?”Bookmark here

“It was great! We went all the way to the top and won!”Bookmark here

“That’s amazing!” Bookmark here

“Yeah, Yakuza is amazing, and he really helped me with learning the game, and how to play the game properly!”Bookmark here

“Oh…right, Yakuza…” Ryusuke said as he had completely forgotten she was dating Yakuza. Minami and Ryusuke were then startled by a soft voice saying,Bookmark here

“Um…excuse me?” They jumped before they turned and faced a girl with short hair. Bookmark here

“What the…” Ryusuke said as he noticed her hair, “Why does she have a Killer Whale on her head…?”Bookmark here

“Um, can we help you?” Minami asked,Bookmark here

“Yes…um…” She said as she looked down and played with her hands, “W-Well…I-I’ve been trying to get enough courage to talk to you…but…I normally have a communication disorder…s-s-so…” Her face then started to turn dark red, “A-Anyways…I-I….I thought you were really cool at the dodgeball game, a-and I was wondering if maybe you’d want to…w-well, I want to….”Bookmark here

“Oh,” Minami said, “You want to join the team or-“Bookmark here

“I-I-I’m n-not talking to you…!” She said before she gasped before saying, “Sorry that was r-rude…I-I…”Bookmark here

“Oh,” Ryusuke said as he looked at her, “You’re talking to me, right?” The girl then hid her face with her hands before she then nodded. “Oh.”Bookmark here

“Well, uh,” Minami said as she started to move towards the classroom, “I’ll leave you two to it.”Bookmark here

“What?!” Ryusuke said as he turned to Minami, “Don’t leave me!”Bookmark here

“You'll be fine!” Minami said as she vanished into the classroom. Ryusuke swallowed heavily before turning back to the girl with a Killer Whale head.Bookmark here

“S-So…uh,” he looked her up and down before saying, “I like your whale hat,” she gasped before he finished saying, “Did you get it at the aquarium?”Bookmark here

“I-I-I-“ she looked down as her face turned red again and tears began to swell in her eyes, “It’s just my hair…”Bookmark here

“Wow,” Ryusuke said in English showing just how baffled he was by this. “Um…I-“Bookmark here

“I know…” she responded, “It’s the hair of my people….every thousand years a man or woman is born with it and I happened to be born with it…” She placed her face in her hands as she began to sob, “I-I-It’s so ugly!!!”Bookmark here

“Well, uh, no, it’s not ugly.” Ryusuke said as he began to nervously sweat, “It’s uh…actually it’s uh….kind of cute…?”Bookmark here

She then stopped sobbing as her face turned bright red, “C-Cute…?!”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah! If you think whales are cute that is!”Bookmark here

“O-Oh…I see,” she said as she wiped her tears, “Thank you…”Bookmark here

“Yeah, don’t mention it. Hey, when you said your people, what did you mean? Are you not from Japan?”Bookmark here

“I-I am, I-I’m from Hokkaido.”Bookmark here

“Oh, so you are Japanese.”Bookmark here

“N-Not really,” she said, “I’m Ainu, we’re an East Asian group, and we live in Hokkaido and some nearby Russian territories. In Japanese texts we’re known as the Ezo.”Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s interesting, I’ve never heard of them before. You can tell me about them some time.”Bookmark here

“A-Are you sure…?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Bookmark here

“O-Okay then…” She then panicked as the bell began to ring, “Oh no! I-I should get to class! I’ll be late!” She said as she went to run off,Bookmark here

“H-Hey! Wait! What’s your name?!”Bookmark here

“M-My name?!” She said as she froze, “H-He wants to know my name!” Bookmark here

“Yeah! What is it?!”Bookmark here

She turned around and faced him before she took a deep breath and said, “It’s Gori Kujiko!”Bookmark here

“Ah, I see, well, I’ll see you around Gori-San!”Bookmark here

She hid her face as she became immensely flustered, “Yeah!” She then turned and ran off. He sighed before he turned and walked into the classroom. After school in the gym Minami was swarmed by her teammates. Gaoma lunged through the air before he wrapped his arms around her.Bookmark here

“CHOJI!!! THANK GOD YOU’RE ALRIGHT!!!!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Minami said with a laugh as she set Gaoma down, Bookmark here

“WE FIGURED YOU WERE DEAD!!!” Gaoma said as tears swarmed to his eyes,Bookmark here

“We knew she would be fine, she can handle herself.” Daisuke said,Bookmark here


“Are you crying?” Pacho asked,Bookmark here


“No ones crying but you dude.” Yaguchi said,Bookmark here

Minami giggled before she turned to Rentaro who walked over to her, “Hey,” she said with a smile,Bookmark here

“Are you alright?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Minami responded, “I’m sorry I kind of left after things happened at the game. I wanted to let you know I was alright, but things got going fast, and I became busy, and other things like that.”Bookmark here

“It’s fine,” he said, “I knew you were alright, I was able to watch you on T.V. so I at least knew how you were doing during the games.”Bookmark here

“Will you ever forgive me?”Bookmark here

“Of course,” he said with a smile, “I knew you were doing this to help out the team, it’s nice to know that you were pushing yourself even when you were gone.”Bookmark here

“Thanks,” she said before turning to the rest of the team, “Alright! Now that I’m back, I want all of you to show me the results of your training! I want to see just how strong you all got while I was gone!” The team then nodded before they each ran out to the center of the gym. Minami stood across from them by herself. Daisuke tossed the ball up and down a few times before the team then took off towards Minami. Daisuke threw the ball towards Minami’s head before she turned to it and grinned. Bookmark here

In swift movements Minami caught the ball before she then took out her friends one at a time. Ryusuke caught the ball when it was thrown at him before he threw it back at Minami. Minami grinned before catching the ball and then throwing the ball into his stomach. The ball bounced off of him as itBookmark here

rolled across the gym floor and over to the door where Kujiko had walked in. Kujiko looked down at the ball before she picked it up and tossed it back and forth in her hands. “H-Hey,” Ryusuke coughed as he started to approach Kujiko, “Do you mind if I can have that back?” Bookmark here

“Hmmm….” Kujiko hummed before she looked to Minami. She gathered everyone was playing against her, so Kujiko then quickly performed an underhand throw which soared across the gym before hitting Minami in the stomach. Winded, Minami hunched over befoe she fell to one knee and gasped for air. The team then turned and looked back to Kujiko. Kujiko jumped at suddenly having all the attention on her, “I-I-I-I-I-I-“ she then looked down and covered her red face with her hands, “I-I-I was in softball since I was eight, a-a-a-a-and I was p-part of a bowling league with my f-f-family…!” Bookmark here

“Woah, that was a GREAT throw!!!” Ryusuke said,Bookmark here

“Yeah! I haven’t seen anyone throw like that besides the Captain,” Pacho said as he nodded in agreement,Bookmark here

“Maybe she should join the team,” Yaguchi added, “Since we will be playing by Japanese standards, we do need 10 members or the team.”Bookmark here

“Wait a second, wait a second!” Daisuke interrupted, “We don’t know if that was purely a good throw, or if she got lucky because Choki had finished taking us all out.”Bookmark here

“You’re right,” Ryusuke said before they all pushed,Bookmark here

“HIT CHOJI IN THE FACE!!!!” Gaoma said to break the silence,Bookmark here

“Wh-What?!” Kujiko responded absolutely blown away by such a violent thought!Bookmark here

“No! No! We’re not gonna hit me in the face!” Minami said as she walked over to them, “And Ryusuke was right, it was a very good throw. She’d make a good addition to the team, but only if she wants to join. I’m not going to force her to join the team.” She then turned to Kujiko and said, “It’s up to you? Do you want to join the team?”Bookmark here

“O-O-O-Oh, w-well, I-I-“ She glanced over at Ryusuke in the corner of her eye before blushing. She hid her face with her hands before saying, “I-I guess so…! P-Please take care of m-me!”Bookmark here

“Well good,” Minami said with a smile, “I’ll grab some forms for you, and you can fill them out. Just make sure to give them back to me as soon as possible.”Bookmark here

“O-O-Okay…!”Bookmark here

“By the way,” Minami said to the group, “Summer vacation is coming up! And I was wondering if any of you guys were doing anything?!”Bookmark here

“I’ve actually got plans,” Daisuke said, “I’m going with Ryuji to America.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, and my dad has a trip planned for me as well.” Pacho added, “And Gaoma is going with us.”Bookmark here

“I’m actually going to be staying here,” Yaguchi said, “There’s a lot I need to get in order before I graduate.”Bookmark here

“So it’s just Ryusuke who isn’t doing anything?” Minami asked,Bookmark here

“Not really,” Ryusuke said as he shook his head, “What did you have planned?”Bookmark here

“Well, I’m actually going back home to Okinawa for the break, I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me.”Bookmark here

“Woah, a trip to Okinawa?! Yeah! I’d love to come!”Bookmark here

Kujiko jumped a bit at hearing Ryusuke’s remarks. She was hoping to spend summer with him! “C-C-Can I come too?!” Kujiko added, “I promise I’ll be on my b-best behavior!”Bookmark here

“Uh, yeah, sure, I don’t see why not.” Minami said with a smile,Bookmark here

“Can I invite Mitsuri?” Rentaro asked,Bookmark here

“Mitsuri?” Minami asked as she looked at him. A few moments passed before it clicked, “Oh! Yeah! Mitsuri, she was the one who took you home from the game, right?”Bookmark here

“That’s her,” Rentaro responded, “She wanted to go on a trip for the summer, however I had no clue where we would go. Since you brought up going home, I figured that would be a nice place to visit.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, of course, you can bring her along.”Bookmark here

“By the way, Minami,” Ryusuke said, “How exactly are we going to get to Okinawa? We don’t exactly have the money for plane or boat tickets.”Bookmark here

“Oh! Just let me handle that! Everything will work out fine!” She then looked to everyone and said, “However, even though we’re going on vacation I still want you guys to stay active. After summer break is our rivalry game, so we’ll be up against Mishima Academy again. I want you all to show them how we’ve improved since the qualification match.”Bookmark here

“Speaking of improved,” Daisuke said, “You’ve gotten better yourself,” he smiled as he folded his arms, “We’ve all improved, but you made light work of us. You were gone for three months and if anything you’ve gotten twice as strong.”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Pachinko said as he grabbed her arm and looked it over, “I think your biceps got bigger too.”Bookmark here

“H-How did you get them so big…?” Kujiko asked, “I-I…” she looked down before saying, “I-I’ve been trying to get my muscles bigger too.”Bookmark here

“W-Wait! You have muscles like Minami as well?!” Ryusuke asked,Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah,” she removed her blazer before rolling up her sleeve.Bookmark here

“Woah!!!” The team, minus Rentaro, said in unison as they gathered around Kujiko to admire her biceps. Bookmark here

“Do you have abs like the Captain too?!” Pacho asked,Bookmark here

“I-I-I-I d-do,” she then looked down as she rolled up her shirt to show them her stomach.Bookmark here

“Woah!!!!” The team then said,Bookmark here

“They aren’t as defined as the Captain’s but they’re still there!” Pacho said,Bookmark here

“Yeah!!! We can’t grind meat on them, but with more hard work I’m sure we could in no time!!!” Daisuke added, “Her abs are even more defined than Ryusuke’s!”Bookmark here

Minami froze as she looked at Ryusuke, “R-Ryusuke has abs now…?!” She said to herself as she felt her small crush slowly creep back. Bookmark here

“A-Anyways!” Kujiko said as she put her shirt back down and tucked it into her skirt, “P-Please don’t s-stare…!” Bookmark here

“Hmmmm,” Rentaro said to himself as he looked at Kujiko as well as Minami. No one else could see it, but he could definitely see that Kujiko was getting to Minami and the other way around. Almost like two Apex Titans who had run into one another and there was no way to tell who would come out on top. However, he could also see this becoming an advantage for the team in the long run. Bookmark here

After practice Minami started to leave the school grounds with Ryusuke at her side, “What do you think of Kujiko?” Ryusuke asked,Bookmark here

“She’s alright, I think she’d be good for the team.” Minami replied, Bookmark here

“Yeah! I think so too! She’s also nearly your height, plus with her abs and muscles I’m sure she’ll be able to adapt quickly.”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah…” She said as she looked down a bit, Bookmark here

“Do you not like her?”Bookmark here

“No, I do,” she responded, “I guess…I don’t know, I’m just so used to being the strong girl on the team that you guys look up to. So it’s a bit strange that we now have another one.”Bookmark here

“Well, Kujiko is never going to replace you, you’re still the captain of the team, so you can kick her off at any moment.”Bookmark here

“I don’t want to kick her off, she seems really nice.” She sighed before she looked up and said, “However, there is one thing that I’ll always surpass Kujiko in!”Bookmark here

“Oh really? What’s that?”Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious?” She asked with a grin as she turned to him. She then moved her hands around the shape of her breasts, “I’m still much bigger than Kujiko in terms of chest size!”Bookmark here

Ryusuke’s eyes widened as he quickly looked away as blood dripped from his nose, “Y-Yeah! That’s right!”Bookmark here

She then laughed before she said, “However, there’s one major reason I can’t just kick her off the team.”Bookmark here

“Really…?” He asked, “What’s that?”Bookmark here

“I’m sure you’ll find out eventually.” She said with a smile as they walked through the front gate. She turned and saw a black car a few feet away before she turned to Ryusuke and said, “Need a ride home?”Bookmark here

“Oh, no, I’m fine. I like to walk.”Bookmark here

“Oh, okay.” She smiled at him and waved and said, “See you later!” Bookmark here

Ryusuke then gasped before Minami walked off. He swallowed heavily before he said to himself, “Where did Minami get that ring…?” Bookmark here

As Minami got in the car and sat next to Yakuza she said, “Hey, can I ask you something?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he responded,Bookmark here

“You know how I said I wanted to go to Okinawa for Summer Vacation?”Bookmark here

“I remember,”Bookmark here

“Well,” she said as she scratched the back of her head, “I kind of invited a couple of my friends.”Bookmark here

“Wh-What?!” He said a bit annoyed,Bookmark here

“Yeah, and my brother is coming too. Is that alright?”Bookmark here

“D-Do I have to pay for all of them?!”Bookmark here

“Well, I mean, I just figured, since you’re rich it would be alright.”Bookmark here

His eye twitched as he started to growl. The window between the front and backseats opened as Didymus then said, “You know, we could just take the private jet. That way you don’t have to pay for anyone, and I can be a chaperone.”Bookmark here

“You’d really do that?!” Minami asked with a gasp,Bookmark here

“Of course, you’re practically part of the family now, and I’d do anything for you.” Bookmark here

Yakuza’s eye twitched as he caught a glimpse of Didymus looking back at him through the rearview mirror. Yakuza folded his arms before he sighed, “Fine, they can come. However, they need to bring their own money. I’m not paying for anyone.”Bookmark here

A//NBookmark here

New character Kujiko is introduced! When I first designed Kujiko she was meant to be the mascot for my Twitter account, however I found myself loving her design so much that she’s now in Queen of Dodge! Lets see…Kujiko is 172 cm or 5’8”! The cowlick on the back of her head, which is supposed to be the dorsal fin of the whale, collapses when she’s scared, sad, or stressed similar to how fins can collapse on Killer Whales. Kujiko likes seafood, mostly Eel and her favorite food is Takoyaki, though she doesn’t mind Beef or Pork either. She has pointed teeth in her mouth much similar to Gaoma. Kujiko is inspired by Hitomi Takano from Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers, the reason for this being when I first started to write MInami a mutual of mine on Twitter said Minami reminded him of HItomi. So for a while I would make jokes that Hitomi and Minami were rivals and I wanted to draw art of them in the style of a poster from the recent movie Godzilla vs Kong! I really liked the idea of Minami having a main rival, and when Yakuza became her boyfriend I was in a bit of a pinch. I thought of Hitomi and how she’s often seen as a Shark, so I thought a Killer Whale would be nice. And since their rivalry was inspired by Godzilla vs Kong Kujiko’s full name, Gori Kujiko, is a bit of a play on the spelling of Godzilla’s name in Japanese, Gojira. Gori is the shortened down Japanese word Gorira, or Gorilla, and Kujiko means “Whale Child” because the Japanese word for whale is Kujira. Gojira is the contraction of Japanese words Gorira and Kujira.

This being said, Minami’s name doesn’t mean King Kong in the slightest lol. Kujiko was named well after Minami had been created! Minami was named after Motobou Choki, however it wasn’t until later I discovered Choki was his first name! But if you want to know what her name means, then Choki refers to a kneeling posture. Choki is also Scissors, in the game Rock-Paper-Scissors or Janken Pon in Japanese! There’s also Choki Choki which is a chocolate candy! It can mean anything you want it to, but in my head I always thought it meant to choke someone. MInami’s given name means South, Beautiful Wave, Every Snake, South Fruit, Heart Fountain. However the Kanji for Minami’s name is 美並 which means “Average Beauty” Bookmark here

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