Chapter 1:

A Debt Payed in Full

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

How charming, how you sit embraced in the arms of your beloved. How could one such as yourself continue to enjoy the luxuries of life when you've tried to take those of another man. Although I fear there may still be something to take pity in you, I can not simply let you off with the impression that you've won. A clock ticks loudest when the lights are off, only you could be foolish enough to not hear that the few moments you have left are slipping away. Bookmark here

"Oh, Guy! I just can't stop thinking about it. Tell me, do you regret what you've done?"Bookmark here

"Regret? What's there to regret? What I’ve done was out of my own volition, what’s more, is that I’ve done what needed to be done."Bookmark here

"Well I suppose, but Guy, he was your own flesh and blood for heaven's sake."Bookmark here

"If it bothers you so why don't you go check on him, maybe go for a nice swim while at it."Bookmark here

"Guy!"Bookmark here

"Go to bed Mil, don't forget there's we've gotta leave by sunrise."Bookmark here

I see. Nary a drop of remorse. Then neither shall I feel for the way things will take their course. No longer shall I consider you human, much less my brother. Plans made to leave by sunrise will go unfulfilled. Mildred, my condolences go out to you, however, soon the need for your sacrifice shall arise. Bookmark here

"Guy! Wake up!"Bookmark here

"Hmph?"Bookmark here

"Guy! Wake up I think heard someone knocking at the door."Bookmark here

"Knocking? At this hour? Quit telling tales and go back to bed."Bookmark here

"Go to bed?! How can I, Guy? You killed a man, killed him in cold blood, and now I’m scared."Bookmark here

"Scared? You? For what reason? It's as you said, I’m the one who killed him not you, now be quiet and go to bed, or else I’ll send you to see that knocking for yourself."Bookmark here

"Guy, please. Won't you just go downstairs and take one look?"Bookmark here

"Fine, just but one quick look. We might as well start leaving now that we're up. Make sure you have your things packed and ready."Bookmark here

"Right I’ll take your things along with me too."Bookmark here

"Hello? if this is a salesman pitch you best change the time you look for customers. We're trying to get some shut-eye here."Bookmark here

Hello Guy, I do believe that there are some affairs that need to be sorted out.Bookmark here

"Nem! What are you doing here? I tossed your body in that river, I was sure I killed you!."Bookmark here

You haven't killed a thing in your life. I wasn't going to be the first. Now tell me, you wouldn't happen to have the hour, would you?Bookmark here

"What? it's just about midnight. what are you-"Bookmark here

So the new day begins, just as a life comes to an end.Bookmark here

"A life?! Don't tell me you’re here for revenge."Bookmark here

Revenge, I suppose one could say that it is my intention. But such a word is so filthy, much rather I’m here to pay back my dues.Bookmark here

"And how do you think you're going to do that? I don't see so much as a knife on you."Bookmark here

A knife you say, how barbaric. I would prefer not to stoop to such methods that would risk staining me so, but be not afraid retribution is well underway to be paid in full. Hell, I'll even throw in some extra for your troubles.Bookmark here

"This has gone long enough, you in no shape or position to be making threats. Leave now before I finish what should have ended by that river."Bookmark here

Oh, Guy. I was cold, so very cold. Part of me still refuses to believe that I survived what I’ve endured. To be in such disbelief, unable to discern whether or not you're in the same realm as the living, is pain. That kind of misery is one that I would never wish upon my greatest of enemies. Please, Guy, how’s about we step aside from the cold and go inside to warm up.Bookmark here

"Like hell, I’m not letting you inside. Leave now, I won't warn you again."Bookmark here

Very well, I can see that I am not a welcome guest. Say hello to Mildred for me, make sure you two are on your way before that warmth grows too great.Bookmark here

"Don’t bring Mil into this. What is it you’re planning?"Bookmark here

Why don't you see for yourself, it is your home after all. While I wish I could stay I best be on my way, it appears as though my time here has run short. How irresponsible you have been. You attempt to murder a man yet leave the safety of your home fallible. Well, that's no longer of any importance. Oh, how I want to see your face now. Would there still be a smile from your cowardly triumphs or would the fear and sorrow distort it so as the world you've built on the shoulders of others has come crumbling down in front of your very eyes?Bookmark here

"Hey mister, you lost or something? I haven't seen you 'round these parts and we're a good whiles away before we reach any major town."Bookmark here

Lost. Well not exactly. I came to visit my brother but I found myself that he no longer lives here.Bookmark here

"Ain't that a shame. It's quite late out. Say, where you heading. I’m going over to Green myself. if you'd like I could you a lift."Bookmark here

Thank you, it would be very much appreciated. Bookmark here

"Whew you reek, mister. What, have you been bathing in mud."Bookmark here

Well no, I thought it'd be a good idea to rinse off in the river. The next thing I know, my clothes were swept away. Luckily they got snagged on some rocks and I was able to recover most of them.Bookmark here

"The river huh, yeah that'll do it. you've gotta be careful there, especially 'round this time of year. Lucky it was just your clothes that got swept away. When it rains that river can even sweep the bridges built over them. we'll we're just about here. Is there anywhere you'd like to be dropped off?"Bookmark here

No, this is perfect. Once more, thank you. You've done me a great deal of help. Oh one more thing before you drive off, do you mind pointing me in the direction of the nearest inn?Bookmark here

“Nearest inn? Let’s see, you see that butcher shop? If you take a right there and walk a fair bit, you’ll find what you need.”Bookmark here

Arashi Sensei
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