Chapter 13:

Sunken Teeth in New Blood

Setting Sun Story: Beta

Western Main Road - Jun - 11:15 AMBookmark here

In the ringed hole once bearing the stained glass of the library, a fire licks up toward the slanted roof. The flickering waves beckon Jun toward it.Bookmark here

She and Erin both rest in the calm of their fleeting disengagement.Bookmark here

"We're spread pretty thin over here, you think we'll be fine if we split up for now?" Erin asks, glancing back into the caved opening leading to the farther edge of the West End.Bookmark here

Jun nods, and Erin rushes back toward the heart of the city, hoping to gather allies to counter-push through the West End.Bookmark here

"Remember, if anything goes wrong, you fall back, this a marathon, not a sprint," Erin calls out.Bookmark here

She doesn't respond, waiting for him to be out of earshot.Bookmark here

"Be safe, Erin," she whispers, heading for the library compound gates.Bookmark here

Hopping the fence, the chakram clack at her hips, making for a not so graceful entrance. Bookmark here

Luckily, she finds herself alone.Bookmark here

Just as it felt with Adam, entering the walls of white cement, the noise of even hell broken loose seems to disappear.Bookmark here

At the North end of the compound, behind the right wing of the cathedral-like library, the wall has crumbled away, and a dormant siege tank, a large metal plowing machine, the same indented lines of energy running along its form, which here lay empty, is parked to the side.Bookmark here

A trail of dirty and mudded footprints, as well as drag lines, crawl up the brick path to the library doors. Smoke flushes out from the inside, through the pool of flames that so ominously garnishes the upcoming entryway, her next trial.Bookmark here

Time however, feels suspended. Every passing matter that once spun in Jun's head fades away.Bookmark here

Losing her sense of self, she follows the prints alongside the flourishing garden.Bookmark here

The flora catches her eyes, prompting her to squat down beside it for a moment.Bookmark here

Reaching forward, she feels at the pedals of a purple crocus, the yellow stigma pointed brightly out from the fully bloomed flower, a symbol of Spring's end.Bookmark here

Unmoving, her breath continues to soften with each examination of the beauty. Her eyes fall over the surrounding white gardenia, slowly carrying her gaze up the pathway, to meet with a single hydrangea, poking up to wave at her among a patch of daisies.Bookmark here

Sadly, the garden of the library is the only place in Baustas that Jun can find such familiar colors.Bookmark here

If I can stop this now, I'll make sure that this city becomes a garden in its entirety, she thinks to herself, turning her eyes to the imploded entrance, the caved doors covered in broken pieces of painted glass.Bookmark here

She draws herself back into the picture, remembering her objective.Bookmark here

Leaving the garden behind, Jun is tiny against the engulfed wall of stone.Bookmark here

Taking a breath, she puts an arm on the door frame. Pulling her mask up from her neck, and further cupping a gloved hand over it, Jun does her best to filter the air as she wades through the first cloud of smoke, the glass of the high window crunching beneath her feet.Bookmark here

Her eyes adjusting to the dark interior, she finds... a dark interior. Jun expected to find the place collapsing in over a floor of ashen flame, but the oxidized blaze that surrounds the front end and carries up to the window appears to be nothing more than a façade.Bookmark here

The sinus-aching haze of smoke still causes her to tear up, a confusing predicament of which an answer must lie deeper inside. She journeys forth.Bookmark here

Beyond the initial destruction, Jun reaches the front desk.Bookmark here

Sprawling over its counter, his mouth gaping in the airless void of death, the old librarian is dressed in Deacon's robes, and through his head, a large penetrative hole, smaller at the exit than the entrance.Bookmark here

Jun gulps down nervous saliva, walking onward before her emotions arise.Bookmark here

Below the balcony of the second floor, Jun finds the hall's walls to be untouched. The same books that lie here for so many years still mount themselves high above the floor.Bookmark here

Two particular details remain off. Bookmark here

The shelving that lines the middle of the ground floor is pushed aside, forming a wall that bars the viewer from seeing any further.Bookmark here

And there's an odor. Not the painful draw of smoke and heat, nothing so lovely to the nose. A stench, the stench of death, giving off the rancid smell of spoiled meat and singed hair.Bookmark here

Jun prays her nose deceives her, trudging through a knee high stack of books spilled from these shelves, creating a sea of old leather on the green carpet.Bookmark here

Stepping up to them, she swears she hears the sound of paper and leather snapping shut.Bookmark here

Her eyes dart to the second floor, but there's nothing amidst the darkness.Bookmark here

She pushes on the shelves; they won't budge.Bookmark here

"I guess Erin and Rain aren't around, huh," she utters, freely signing out a Fire symbol.Bookmark here

The Deacons had led those two to believe that the signs were granted... but she was clued into the reality of it all sooner.Bookmark here

She palms through the symbol, blasting down the shelves, which grind along with a fleshy sound.Bookmark here

"What?" She whispers.Bookmark here

The shelves topple, a small burn remaining on their edges, smashing onto something.Bookmark here

Looking up at her are the dead eyes of a human head, peeking out from underneath the fallen shelf. Its body is mangled and had been used to support the blockade of the first floor.Bookmark here

Putting a hand to her mouth, the putrid scent growing thicker still, she looks onward, to a pile of ash and ember.Bookmark here

Stacked high in a mound at the room's center, dead bodies create the makings of an unearthly effigy. They looks as though they've already been burnt through and through.Bookmark here

The potent smell of cooked flesh now realized, Jun gags, choking and dropping to her knees in the wake of books. She cant help but look at the terror.Bookmark here

Blackened and crisped faces of those molded in eternal screams, their limbs reaching out from the mass, encrusted in their desperate struggle, gives Jun the impression that those piled high weren't yet dead when the flames rose beneath them.Bookmark here

Jun begins to cry on the floor of the library, the coughing fit of smoke, petrifying odor, and a deep-seated remorse welling inside. Bookmark here

The Fire symbol fades out...Bookmark here

Silence with her tears…Bookmark here

With the snap of fingers, the corpses reignite, along with each corner post of the second floor balcony.Bookmark here

The room is now lit from the center, and all is visible.Bookmark here

Standing on the second floor beside the stairs above Jun, a small boy in heavy white scholar's robes carries an old Baustian book open in his left hand.Bookmark here

"As desolation drew near, the Savior lifted his people from the land, and brought them to rest in Paradise. Baustas, the kingdom to be worshiped and feared by all Savages," he reads, his voice high and prepubescent.Bookmark here

He tosses the old printing of the Savior's Prophecy out into the pile of human kindling.Bookmark here

"Tell me, does my savagery scare you?" The boy follows.Bookmark here

He raises a hand above his thin eyebrows, adjusting his short black hair, a single violet streak of dye over the left side of his face, awaiting a response.Bookmark here

Jun looks up behind her. His large, young eyes of a strange dark purple remind her of the flowers outside.Bookmark here

"A-are these Baustians? Did you do this?" Jun chokes out.Bookmark here

The boy thinks for a minute.Bookmark here

The siege began no more than a half hour ago, and this area was greatly abandoned by the time they entered. The fuel of these fires were trucked in from a warpath fought in earlier days. Slaves taken solely for the purpose of a smoke screen.Bookmark here

"Yes! This was all me. The Prodigy of Lumina!" He announces, a twitching smile with the grim arc of demonic possession across his face, his arms spreading wide in grandiose suggestion.Bookmark here

The boy signs Wind, hoisting his tiny body over the railing, pressing through the symbol as he descends, gliding down gently into the foyer.Bookmark here

"These rats destroyed my chance of glory," He says, his robes fluttering as he touches down, meeting Jun's gaze, her body alight against the flames of the stack. "They paid dearly for it."Bookmark here

Jun, still plopped down between her legs, unhooks a chakram from its holster.Bookmark here

She wipes at her face with her other hand.Bookmark here

Pressing the edge against the ground, she slowly stands up.Bookmark here

She takes another from her left side.Bookmark here

The boy, seeking to take advantage of her mental state, signs out an Ice symbol, pressing through it immediately.Bookmark here

She only pulls her neck out of the way, the shard cutting into one of her buns, and dropping her neck-length black hair down. Bookmark here

A scowl paints the boy’s face as he tenses up, tapping through the symbol, tracing Jun as she begins to move in. She keeps an unpredictable flow of steps, like a dancer bouncing back and forth as she closes up.
Bookmark here

Too close for comfort, he looks to change his strategy. The boy taps through Ice once with each hand, sending two shards to the ground in front of him. Bookmark here

He signs Wind, and blasts himself all the way to the second floor railing as Jun crosses the floor bound shards with a violent swing. Bookmark here

Zooming past his previous spot, she folds her upper body forward, arcing her arm back like the wind-up of a bowling throw, letting loose one of her rings at his skyward leap, a crimson eye trained on him from the corner of her face. The shards pop at her feet as the boy crushes his palm inside the symbol, throwing her up against the front desk, and cutting with thousands of tiny pieces into her leather armor.Bookmark here

At the same time, he lands on the outer edge of the upstairs railing, wrapping his arms around the banister and pulling his chest in, letting the ring fly past him.
Bookmark here

He hops the railing as Jun gets to her feet, pulling out her backup chakram from her right side. Bookmark here

The boy signs Fire, crossing his arms through the symbol, and lighting up the top of the railing to mask his next attacks. Bookmark here

Balls of flame shoot down from above as Jun deftly moves to avoid attacks.Bookmark here

The rampant rain stains the green carpet with circles of black.Bookmark here

Without needing the help of the Aether, she jumps up, planting her foot on the side of the staircase, and pushing off, jumping into the wood railing itself.
Bookmark here

She smashes through, splintering wood chips across the balcony as she appears inches from the boy. He steps back out of reach of her first swing, a long winded front hand slice from her left arm. Bookmark here

Folding her body in afterward, she carries herself forward, dropping her front end down and fanning out her arms while spinning, ducking as he pops off a panicked Fireball. Bookmark here

The next swing comes off the back end of the spin, a backhanded slash to his face. He arches his back, and pulls his neck, the wind from the ring’s motion grazing his head. The second comes, and he falls back farther, slipping to floor, onto his back. Bookmark here

As she chops at his place on the ground, He kicks through his Wind symbol that hovers just in front of him, sliding him back along the balcony to the next turn of the platform. He smacks his back on the wall, knocking the air out of his lungs. Just before he does so, he taps his Ice symbol again, which hangs in the air side-by-side with Fire. Bookmark here

Jun raises her left arm, twisting the chakram in a dance that reflects the center Fire off the ring, dazzling the boy as she catches the incoming shard. It's cold against her knuckles. Bookmark here

Clamping it between her hand and the ring’s open space, she fans the shard back at him. He signs through Fire to nullify the counter-attack, albeit incredibly done.
Bookmark here

His constant back-footing has given Jun the proof she needs. This boy isn't a fighter. A good strategist, maybe, but he can't stand on his own two legs yet.Bookmark here

At a distance, Jun appears to be relentless.Bookmark here

The narrow space of the upstairs corridor means the boy has less room to move, and Jun still has three chakram remaining; perfect for throwing. She lets her left one loose, signing out Chaos before she grabs her last spare. Bookmark here

The chakram implants itself in the shelf to the left of the boy’s head. He puts out a shaky hand to press Ice, but Jun uses her Chaos symbol, blasting dark energy into his hand, breaking it. Bookmark here

With the devil in her steps, she walks forward, throwing out the ring in her right hand, implanting it in the shelf on the other side of his head.
Bookmark here

He's wet himself, and his mind has gone blank. She stands over him, undoing and threatening her last ring to breach his neck.Bookmark here

"Look what you've done out of simple pride. You're even younger than me, why the hell are you here?" Jun asks, the life lost in her voice.Bookmark here

The boy shakes profusely.Bookmark here

"I was a Prodigy! I didn't get to decide it, it just happened! Why did they have to listen to him, if they had just sided with me, I could've avoided this! I could’ve been glorious!" He spits between tears.Bookmark here

"So you murdered all of these innocents?"Bookmark here

"I didn't do anything! They aren't Baustian, we gathered them days in advance, brought them here to act as a smoke screen!"Bookmark here

"They were burnt alive," Jun points out.Bookmark here

"Devious, isn't it?" He asks, sobbing.
Bookmark here

Jun decides to believe him.Bookmark here

"Tell me, why is this happening?" She inquires.Bookmark here

"We were just ordered to exterminate everything that lives here. Wipe Baustas off the map!" He cries.Bookmark here

A shadow of a memory creeps into Jun's skull, her face lightens up from its prosecuting shape just a touch.Bookmark here

"Do you agree with that?" 
Bookmark here

"What does it matter what I think? It would've happened either way. I’m just a pawn now, anyway.”Bookmark here

Jun nods, considering the response.Bookmark here

"And what if you were to disappear, leave all of this behind you... you say you did nothing, right? Just a show to try and scare me?" She offers.Bookmark here

The boy looks up, his violent eyes vibrating in peril.Bookmark here

“You think I can just run from this? He-hehe… heh…” He asks, stupified.Bookmark here

The muscles in his hands cramp up, as he realizes just what kind of life he chose. So young, yet so quickly deciding to remove all chance from his story.Bookmark here

"IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT! ARE YOU SOME KIND OF IDIOT?! THEY OWN OUR ENTIRE BEING!" He screams, in obvious existential despair.
Bookmark here

Jun holds her breath. This boy is lost. Bookmark here

She bites her lip, blocking any emotion from surfacing as she's forced to lay a fatal cut.Bookmark here

She tries to blot out his childish yelp from her mind.Bookmark here

Her hands are soiled, as they’ve always been, now with the blood of child.Bookmark here

The Deacons gave me this home at a price… This is my job now.Bookmark here

She closes his eyes with a flat hand.Bookmark here

"Fuck. We're not so different in the end.”Bookmark here

East End Infirmary - Rain - Around NoonBookmark here

Along the road connecting the North end to the East, the military infirmary sits over a widened section of the street. 

Farther down the road, Baustians have pushed back the waning forces that continue up the Northeast connection, cutting themselves off from the East End Military District invasion, and opening the opportunity to save those who retreated into the barracks. Bookmark here

Walking out the front door of the infirmary, completely unseen, an extremely injured Rain. His chest and right arm are both bandaged up, and his wrist is hanging from his shoulder in a sling. Bookmark here

Using his sheathed blade as a crutch, he hobbles out.Bookmark here

Lerik walks across, ignoring him entirely.

“You’re kidding me… Hang on... You,” Rain calls out. He tries to chase after Lerik as normal, but falls to his knees shortly after. Bookmark here

Lerik doesn’t turn around.Bookmark here

“Get back here! I’m not losing to you again!” He screams at the back of Lerik’s green hood. 
Rain pushes to his feet as Lerik finally turns.

“You’re in no condition to fight, stand down and stay out of the way.”Bookmark here

“You didn’t say that to the men you killed last night,” Rain presses, continuing his painful march to Lerik.
Lerik watches, intrigued by the stupid boy’s arrogance.

“I was nothing before this, and I’m still nothing without it! I fought hard for this role and I’ll die for it too!” Rain yells, taking up his blade and ripping the sheath away in his left hand. Bookmark here

The long, curved blade is serrated, and as each divot clicks against the sheath, it makes a sound similar to a croaking frog.Bookmark here

Rain aims himself at Lerik.

“Allow me to redeem myself,” he asks softly.Bookmark here

With Rain incapable of fighting in his current state, Lerik swiftly unsheathes his own blade, wrapping it around the back of Rain’s. 

He kicks up at the handle and pulls, yanking the sword across the street. He then jams the bottom of his handle into Rain’s stomach, causing Rain to cough blood, and fall down to his backside.Bookmark here

Lerik holds his blade over Rain’s neck.Bookmark here

“Kill me then…” Rain begs. “If nothing else, let me leave with dignity.”

Lerik laughs in response.Bookmark here

“You speak of grand ideas, but from the looks of it, you’re still just a boy! What dignity is there in a death like this?”

“Kill me! If I fail here, then its over for me,” Rain pleads once more.Bookmark here

Around the corner, they hear a voice.

“Rain? Is that you?!” calls Zalach.Bookmark here

Lerik draws back his blade, and turns away.

“See to it that you remain at a distance in the future, unless you want to repeat your mistake,” Lerik says as he walks off. “I’ll be waiting if you decide to…”Bookmark here

Rain falls to his back, his vision blurring.Bookmark here

Keeping a distance… that’s what I always knew was the answer. It took everything for me just to get off of my ass, and fight for this. I threw away everything I could, just to force myself to battle. It was so lonely… I don’t want to be alone. If the only way to avoid it is to stay distant to them, then I’ll do it… I don’t care about anything else.

The only thing he can see is red, whether the red of the sky, or flames of the night, he is unsure. Bookmark here

In total isolation, Rain coughs more blood, turning onto his side. Bookmark here

Slowly, he is approached by a white silhouette, glowing in the blur.Bookmark here

“Sa- vior…” Rain whispers as it comes nearer.

“Kill. Me.” He tries.Bookmark here

As he’s lifted off the ground, and appears to float back toward the infirmary, he’s spoken to by a young and crystalline voice.Bookmark here

“That’s no way to live, let’s get you some rest…”

His consciousness fades, but he feels his being sliding into the building, and finally to a bed.
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