Chapter 3:

Reason to Kill

Blood's Water: My Little Whisper

     I slowly began to lift myself to my feet as I reached my hand down into my boots and pulled out a six-inch blade. It had a wooden handle, and a series of depressed circles leading up to the blade itself. I wrapped my fingers around it, rested my thumb on the sheath, and raised it slightly revealing the metal of the blade that was hidden underneath. I stared at it for a while, tilting it back and forth as I watched the sunlight bounce off its surface. I quickly sheathed it and began tying it around my waste using the laces from my boots. I could feel Tala’s stare burning deep into my back, but I was still unsure of myself, and I couldn’t find it in me to turn around and face him. I knew he’d already figured I wasn’t planning on running home yet.Bookmark here

          “Falcon, I need you to get a visual on our comrades. Notify me of their location and devise a possible plan for us all to regroup. Chances are we’re only going to have a small opening to evac safely, and it is best if we’re all close by once that happens.”Bookmark here

          “Sir… all of our men are down. They are either dead or severely wounded… I thought you was already aware of that, sir.”Bookmark here

          “Copy that Falcon.”Bookmark here

     For a moment my heartbeat had sped up so fast that it felt as though it’d stopped. My hand began to tremble as I was fastening my blade around my waste.Bookmark here

     My brother made a deep sigh. “Follow what I say, and I promise you, we will make it back home Aiyanna. Just don’t do anything to risk yourself.” I tilted my head to the left to try and engage myself into the conversation more, but I found myself still looking only at the ground.Bookmark here

          “So, we make it home, and then what? We wait for them to line up in front of our doorstep?”Bookmark here

          “At least we’ll be prepared for when they show up, Aiyanna. Please, be rational here.”Bookmark here

          “They are expecting us to either die here, give up, or run away. We’ll gain the upper hand if we do the opposite and fight back.”Bookmark here

          “No, you’re wrong. We are at a disadvantage!”Bookmark here

          “Tala, before you continue, do me a favor and remember the point to all this. We need to get what we came here for! The intel stored in that facility may decide our fate!”Bookmark here

          “Listen. There is nothing in there! Do you understand what I’m saying to you?”Bookmark here

          “And what makes you so certain?”Bookmark here

     He paused for a moment before leaning forward and pressing his forehead against mine. “You are my sister. Despite what we may have come here for; at the end of the day, you are my focus. Keeping you safe is my only objective. Besides, chances are that building has been stripped of everything already!”Bookmark here

     Confused, I quickly snapped back at is words. “You’re not making any sense. I don’t underst­­—” He cut me off before I could finish my sentence.Bookmark here

          “We were not the ones who caused the explosion earlier as we’d intended. They were the ones who launched the missile at us. Which means that they knew about our plan… Someone must have tipped them off. Bookmark here

          "Most likely, the only reason we were still brought here was so that they could have a legitimate reason to kill us...”Bookmark here

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