Chapter 11:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Biological lifeforms drape the sky, scanning for any trace of the kidnapped Gloup. Their wholes are what’s desired, not their gory remnants. There were those searching through terrestrial means as well; their resolve turned brittle after many hours spent on the survivors. With all that effort spent, they will take another day for their discovery. We will find them… That’s what they love to say. It’s nice-sounding words that even I want to believe, but what I saw was… perplexing. The way this haze of black came over everyone and just like that, the Caxhels were no more. Bookmark here

They interrogated me on the spot as soon as the first Gloup arrived. Everything I experienced, I told them – the new technology, how the Caxhels planted a sleeper cell, the hardware they had... They disseminated all of this and more to everyone through a live feed to save time. There was a lot to say, except for how they vanished before my eyes. Whatever conclusion to explain how they fled were limited, and none of them made any particular sense.Bookmark here

The possibility of them being eaten alive by the same lifeforms that snatched me and my parents all that time ago? I would’ve noticed being sucked up like before, plus the PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) would kick in to destroy my sanity. Bookmark here

Did they use teleportation? Very probable. For them to escape using teleportation is a rather new and convenient technology to have in sticky situations. Bookmark here

Could they have warped? Hmmmmmmm… Nah. Space and time itself would’ve eviscerated them. Vehicles like that cannot withstand these kinds of cosmic forces. But… Am I underestimating them? This is a species that prides themselves in their technology. But would that be correct to assume? They spend the majority of their time and resources on their genetic-based advancements. To assume that they would do the same for other fields is only that – an assumption. However, it’s not impossible. For them to apply the same time and resources from their genetics programme to something like this would make them all the more dangerous. The type of devastation they can do if they did have this capability got me scared for a moment.Bookmark here

Did a poltergeist steal them? Paranormal phenomenon is not something I would rule out but this one will go to the bottom of the list for its improbable nature. None of the species that make up the Gloup has never spoken of spirits, ghosts or any other mystical beings that I am aware of. This would surprise me the most if revealed true.Bookmark here

Now, what else could be possible? Maybe they went underground. Huh, looks like we have something we can work with. There would have to be some stuff that needs to line up for it to be the definitive reason, like how they were able to sneak in and utilize drilling machinery without anyone noticing and how the Caxhels were able to sustain themselves underground when the planet’s surface alone is rather harsh for them to inhabit.Bookmark here

Maybe they self-destructed? No. Just no. There would have been some sign they did so. Unless… No. That’ doesn’t make sense at all. To eviscerate themselves with the numbers advantage they had wouldn’t benefit them in any real way.Bookmark here

Maybe they got isekaied to another… Okay, let’s stop here for today. I’m going off the deep end. That translation machine is screwing me over.Bookmark here

What really got me is not one of these bots came to snatch me away in their paralyzing rays. They avoided me. Not once in my time here they dared to get me into one of their Harvesters. I would assume that I or this suit would be quite the attraction for the Caxhels to steal so they can craft the most heinous of weapons to inflict terror on Me’blenxclan’s population. But I come to this realisation: it’s not their priority due to their preference for the capture and analysis of the Gloup. They value genetics, and they probably don’t see an Earthling as important. If I’m being honest, that’s just odd. As a lifeform not of this realm, much less from this planet or star system, I would like to think there would be more interest in me from the opposition. I stand on two legs, I’m the only one with a brain around here (not to say that everyone else doesn’t have intellect stored/formulated through some equivalent to the human brain. I can only guess due to my lack of knowledge of the anatomy of these lifeforms), I have hair and my lungs reject the atmosphere cloaking this world. Me, Sato Moriyama, would be a prize that many crazed alien scientists would dream to fight for.Bookmark here

But not being on their list is a good thing. To be taken from the place I have made home would be bad, and I would lash out in an unbridled fury to return. Bookmark here

“Found this.” Said a lifeform while looking down at what is discovered. Coming closer, we notice it was a pebble with a smooth and spherical surface. The violet tint wasn’t the mystifying part, the fact it’s here on Me’blenxclan was the actual puzzle to decode. I have never seen anything like it – and those around me can attest the same. What the heck is this thing? Bookmark here

It got more complex from there when other lifeforms found the same object. They were all over the place. Each one was placed into chests but there were so many that four out of the eight couldn’t close. For them to spill while being taken back for more extensive inspection would exacerbate this tedious act. To reduce such a headache, they would have to lift them with care.Bookmark here

Behind me, discussions regarding the Makupuu were occurring - their involvement in this war had to be greater. It would’ve begun sooner, but that was put on hold due to the vicious entanglements within their own species. With that now over, they can contact them for assistance without hindrance to their participation.Bookmark here

Objections came to disrupt those talks. They knew what would come if they contacted them unopposed – full-fledged military bases. Such structures would be a great help to the war effort, but, as one said, ‘would ruin the balance of the planet.’Bookmark here

I wonder what is this ‘balance.’ Is preserving it that important when the probability of being conquered by a bunch of zealous invaders that desire for this place to become a giant laboratory is as high as it’s ever been? That would be the end of Me’blenxclan as we know it.Bookmark here

Some of those in favour of bringing in more Makupuu support was trying to get onto them with intense pleas for help. This caused tensions to surge. In a time to unite, division had taken over.Bookmark here

I had already chosen the side I would support. To back the pro-industrialization faction would mean that Braltu, Haibul and the rest of the Tenkep Research Squad would no longer have to leave to do much of their business, they can just do it here. They might be the closest thing I would get to neighbours in these parts. How exciting! The Gloup at Tememanda is not cutting it. None of them has any interest after so much begging. They don’t even want to pretend just for my sake. All they care about is bubbles, not my desires. Bookmark here

Multiple non-technologically enhanced organisms came in to add to the fire. I would intervene, but my HUD said the chances of them breaking out into all-out conflict is under five per cent. Looks like I don’t have to intervene when it’s that low. I’m exhausted anyway. Some rest is in order.Bookmark here

What was that noise? I turn to see a fight breaking out. They forced my hand. This is getting out of control. Bookmark here

The ones I were able to get a hand to was easy. There was a plushie-type held under my foot and two for each hand, but it was getting worse. I did not want to injure them. They had to be convinced what they're doing is not what to do when there's a rift. Bookmark here

Brokering talks, however, was ignored. The fighting continues.Bookmark here

Then it was learned they were contacted by one that distanced themselves from the mayhem. The arrangements were set.Bookmark here

This made those opposed to industrialization stop and walk away, but not without what sounded like a threat.Bookmark here

Let's hope they don't act on it.Bookmark here

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