Chapter 2:


Demon Neighborhood Kid

Not one adult in Tony and Toby’s house can see me. It was a relief because they’re huge and they scare me a little bit.Bookmark here

Tony and Toby just accepted the fact that the “adults”, as Tony calls them, can’t see me.Bookmark here

Whenever their Mama, Papa, and Dada would ask them about their “'imaginary friends'' (“it’s okay Tommy, you’re very real to us and that's what matters most!” Toby said), Tony and/or Toby would say something like:Bookmark here

“I understand that you think Tommy is an imaginary friend, but please believe in me when I say that he is a real person.” Sometimes they’d say that together of split the small monologue in different ways.Bookmark here

Their Mama would just smile and say something like, “okay, would Tommy like some juice. I have to ask you cause I can’t see your friend.”Bookmark here

Their Papa would say, “hmmm, make sure you get Tommy to clean your playthings with you. You don’t want anyone trippin now.”Bookmark here

Dada would have a different response, he’d put each hand on their heads and grunt: “Sorry. Okay.” He’d ruffle their hair a little and walk away. Sometimes he looks back and looks where I’m actually standing. I’d meet his eyes, but he doesn’t seem to see me, just squint a bit. He’s the largest adult in this house, but he’s the quietest.Bookmark here

Toby and Tony decided to test my invisibility to more adults. They invited me to come to school with them. I don’t know what this school is all about, but I said yes cause they’ll still be with me. “We’re going to see if the teachers can see you.” Tony said.Bookmark here

They asked their parents first and they all said yes.Bookmark here

I waited for them in the morning outside their house. I wore a jacket, some pants, and a pair of shoes. They were things I found in the basement where I first appeared. They’re dressed in their uniforms when they got out.Bookmark here

“Dada made you something,” Tony gave me a small tote bag. It had an apple, some celery in a clear container, and a juice packet inside it. Tony looked over my shoulder looking inside the bag, “it’s not that much, but we did tell him that you’ll just eat some of the black clouds that you see. Do you see anything now? For breakfast?”Bookmark here

“No.” Their house is usually clear of the clouds. Sometimes, a cloud would come out from under the front door. It happened in some house we were walking past on the way to school. I sucked them in for breakfast. Bookmark here

The school was three blocks away. Pass the second block, I noticed how different they were.Bookmark here

Tony walks looking straight ahead while Toby would sometimes just look to the side, down to the ground, or up to the sky, sometimes he’d point to a bird, a plane, or the shape of the cloud.Bookmark here

“That cloud looks like a shoe. Oh Tommy! Have you seen this? The crosswalk thing?”Bookmark here

“Those lines on the ground?”Bookmark here

“No, Toby meant this.” Tony pushed a button on something on the pole.Bookmark here

I looked closer at it. The button has an image on top.Bookmark here

“What’s that?” I pointed to it.Bookmark here

“It’s a walking symbol. It tells people where to walk. There’s also bigger signs with the same thing, those are meant for cars to tell them that there’s people walking.”Bookmark here

Tony told me about cars. You’re not supposed to walk in front of them. Bookmark here

I was looking at the pool when it suddenly did a tweeting sound. Loud high shrieks, there’s probably a large bird nearby.Bookmark here

“Is that a bird?” I asked.Bookmark here

“No, it’s for blind people wanting to cross too. It’s for them to start crossing.” Toby started walking on the crosswalk, Tony’s right at front.Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and started to walk the same direction.Bookmark here

“No playing on the crosswalk!” I feel Tony’s hands on mine tugging on me, “come on, go faster.”Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and caught up to him, “I was just pretending to be blind, I’m not really blind.”Bookmark here

“Still. No playing on the crosswalk.”Bookmark here

We finally got to school. Tony and Toby talked with me on how they’ve gonna approach this experiment: They’re going to pretend I’m invisible and go about their day with me behind them. They’re going to see if people react to my presence.If people did see me with them, they're just going to pretend I’m a cousin from far away. Am I only visible to children or just them? I’m not interested in whether I get seen or not, but I am curious as to what this school thing is about.Bookmark here

“This school experiment did not work. No one can see you except us.” Tony said.Bookmark here

“Maybe they’re following our lead and ignoring Tommy,” Toby said.Bookmark here

“That doesn’t make sense Toby. They’ll just ignore a fully new person, that’s impossible.”Bookmark here

We’re all eating our lunches in the field furthest away from the people.Bookmark here

Nobody noticed me. I was standing up in the middle of the hallway, waving my hands and everything. Honestly, I felt relief. I don’t want to be seen, except for Tony and Toby.Bookmark here

I opened my jacket because it was getting hot.Bookmark here

Nothing much happened towards the rest of the day. I just sat on the space that Toby made on his chair. I like listening to some of the teachers. I'd ask Toby to write this and that in his notebook for me because I found them interesting. He’d obliged. Tony is the opposite, he’d take notes, but he’d also raise his hand and ask questions or answer questions. Bookmark here

During small breaks between classes, I’d stand up and just walk around.Bookmark here

I noticed that Tony and Toby have different friend groups. Tony goes and talk to these two girls regularly, and Toby Talks to this one boy. They all sit on different parts of the class.Bookmark here

During the break I was looking around the classroom again and I was paying attention to the class bookshelf. The books look like they were arranged by size. I’m curious about one of them, the spine of the book had different shapes, and in between the shapes are letters that spell out the word “SHAPES”. I wanted to take it out. I looked around and see that no ones looking. I put my finger on the top of the spine and started to pull the book out. I was planning to put it in my jacket like I’d do when we wanted to sneak out some cookies from the kitchen.Bookmark here

That didn’t happen because a scream made me jump away from the bookshelf. Bookmark here

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