Chapter 11:

Medic (Part 2)

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

As soon as he reached the room, Hugo half-walked half-ran towards his table. He noticed his phoenix was not planning to give up. It was alarmed and looked at Hugo with menacing eyes. It tried to lunge at him but realised its predicament.Bookmark here

"The attack must've alarmed you." said Hugo "I mean no harm. Just here to help. I will demonstrate my strength. Maybe then you will stop."Bookmark here

Hugo's main weakness was healing. He had an older sister who excelled at Dark Magic and Healing Magic as well. He wanted to be as strong as her. So he came to Yanine. After he met Nobaru, he declared him his rival as he felt that Nobaru was striving to be strong and he could learn a few things by competing with him.Bookmark here

Being strong by joining the strong. That's what he would do.Bookmark here

Thinking this, he steeled himself. He would overcome his weakness and thrive over it. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He had been studying different spells to improve himself. He then found a powerful healing spell, a spell at the pinnacle of healing magic, Intermediate healing magic. Bookmark here

Mana rushed into him. He felt free and refreshed. He was able to think clearly. Hugo controlled it and felt it on his fingertips.Bookmark here

He then chanted,Bookmark here

May Deum tuum, ut cicatrices ostendere ablueBookmark here

Sit pura et erit vobis sanusBookmark here

Ut longo vivas tempore vobiscumBookmark here

LIFE FLAREBookmark here

The phoenix was enveloped in a blue coloured flame. It was struggling inside, alarmed highly. The flame grew larger and larger until it was as large as a beach towel. The phoenix settled down as it was healing. A gold light shone from it as well. It was healing unusually fast.Bookmark here

"Why is there a gold light on it," he asked himself.Bookmark here

"You performed Life Flare?" asked Yuichi.Bookmark here

Hugo was startled, he didn't notice Yuichi's presence. "Yes..." he replied.Bookmark here

"Amazing!" said Yuichi "How long did it take you to make it reach such a high degree?"Bookmark here

"I've been practising this every day for the past few weeks. It was hard but it was a success in the end. But why the gold light?"Bookmark here

"The spell must've strengthened its abilities as well. This spell does that on rare occasions. But only for those who mastered it. These are the phoenix's healing abilities. You have unleashed it. This is the gold light."Bookmark here

"I see.." said Hugo. He was happy but the sense of "pride" was gone. He was calm. He was happy but not proud in a sense. He understood that he had a long way to go to catch up to both of them.Bookmark here

'This year is very promising' thought Yuichi.Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

On her table, Kaeda saw the phoenix. It was depressed, hopeless. It didn't move. Kaeda saw the look of powerlessness in its eyes. It reminded her of herself in the past; weak, scared. When you think about it, this makes an easy mark for bullies.Bookmark here

"Don't worry.." she said as she stroked its head "I'll heal you real quick."Bookmark here

The phoenix didn't look at her. It still looked all depressed.Bookmark here

She closed her eyes and focused. She slowly cleared her mind. The spell she was about to cast required a mind without worries and thoughts. In other words, a calm disposition. She controlled her mana swiftly, gracefully, slowly increasing power. And when it reached the perfect time, she uttered the wordsBookmark here


'Chantless spells again.' thought Yuichi 'And at the Advanced level. This year is going to be worth teaching.'Bookmark here

The bird's wounds healed. It was in a green dome, the one similar to Eri's spell. It made a moderately fast recovery. As the dome opened for the phoenix to fly, it nuzzled Kaeda's face one last time.Bookmark here

'It was moderately fast.' thought Yuichi 'She has to work on her mana control more. But since she could do chantless spells...'Bookmark here

It took a while for every one of the applicants to complete the test. In the end, Yuichi smiled and said "You all have done well...Personally speaking, I have seen many who need work and other promising ones who would do great in their respective futures. So now this concludes all the tests." Yuichi snapped his fingers and a piece of paper appeared on everyone's hands. "These are your results."Bookmark here

Nobaru looked at the paper in his hand. It was brown coloured and thick. He looked towards his friends and saw their faces filled with anticipation. They looked at him, smiling.Bookmark here

Nobaru was nervous at that moment. He had been ever since the fainting incident. He wasn't as sure of himself as before. He then suddenly recalled the vision about this war.Bookmark here

'Chaos will befall the world...'Bookmark here

'What's that gotta do with me?' he thought 'Why should I be that one? I want to do it. But the voice made it sound like I am the only one who can do it....'Bookmark here

He was so lost in thought he didn't notice Kaeda, Hugo and Eri coming towards him with concerned faces.Bookmark here

"Nobaru," called Kaeda.Bookmark here

Nobaru was startled and came out from his thoughts.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" she asked.Bookmark here

"Nothing!" he replied, with a forced smile.Bookmark here

"You are nervous," stated Eri, with a concerned face.Bookmark here

"N-No I'm not!" he objected.Bookmark here

"Even without sensing your aura, I still would know by the tone of your voice." she said "You are so obvious. In many cases."Bookmark here

Eri smirked.Bookmark here

Nobaru understood the true meaning behind it and instantly turned red.Bookmark here

"Ok jokes aside." said Eri "What's wrong?"Bookmark here

"I'm nervous," replied Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Why though?" asked Hugo "You are strong. It would be foolish if they wouldn't place you into a great place!"Bookmark here

"After the fainting incident" started Nobaru "I don't think that I am as strong as everyone around me thinks I am."Bookmark here

"C'mon!" said Kaeda "Are you that-"Bookmark here

She took a deep breath and rethought what she was about to do. She then did it.Bookmark here

She slapped him. On the face. Hard.Bookmark here

Nobaru was shocked. She hadn't done this before. It hurt like hell but he didn't know how to react. The others who weren't paying attention to the four still didn't pay attention because they were busy flexing their results and whatnot.Bookmark here

Kaeda came close to him with an angry, scary face.Bookmark here

"You get this nervous because of this?" she said in a soft but intimidating angry voice "Just because you are strong doesn't mean you have to expect good results every time. Even strong people fail. But it is important to learn from those failures."Bookmark here

She took a deep breath then returned to her normal self.Bookmark here

"So what did you learn today?" she asked, with her normal smile.Bookmark here

"That I must not expect an amazing result every time. Based on the spell, it was very powerful and I wasn't strong enough to cast it without passing out. My mana control needs some work."Bookmark here

"Good." said Kaeda "Sorry for the slap though. Did that hurt?"Bookmark here

"Don't worry!" replied Nobaru "Even if it did I deserved it. Thanks!"Bookmark here

'Didn't expect that.' thought Kaeda.Bookmark here

"Sure!" she replied with a wide grin.Bookmark here

'Mental note: Do not piss her off.' thought Nobaru.Bookmark here

‘What did I do to him!?’ she thought. She hyperventilated for a few moments before continuing.Bookmark here

"Alright!" he said "We all open on three. One...Two...Three!"Bookmark here

The four of them unfolded the paper. At an instant, their faces filled with joy. The four of them looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Then they instantly shouted in unison.Bookmark here

"Advanced Class!"Bookmark here

The room was silent. Everyone looked at them with surprised faces.Bookmark here

"Advanced class..." as few murmurs could be heard "Did they just say Advanced Class..."Bookmark here

The four jumped with joy as Yuichi approached them.Bookmark here

"To reach such a place in an instant is a great achievement." said Yuichi "It takes months of training and hard work to get to this class. This just means that you four are that strong. Congrats!"Bookmark here

The four of them high fived themselves.Bookmark here

"It seems the four of us will be together on the same boat...huh?" said NobaruBookmark here

"Yes ." replied Hugo "A pleasure to be studying with you both."Bookmark here

"Likewise," said the other three in unison. Then the three just laughed it out. A kind of stress relief. Hugo was confused at first but then joined in on the laughter.Bookmark here

As Nobaru and his friends left the room, the phoenix that Nobaru healed pulled on his sleeve with its beak. It wouldn't let him go. Its face showed its loneliness.Bookmark here

"It seems to have grown attached to you," said Yuichi.Bookmark here

Nobaru was confused.Bookmark here

"But I just healed it. Nothing else."Bookmark here

"Did I forget to tell you? This one saw his family getting eaten by one of the monsters. Your caring nature must've made it like you. Why don't you keep her?"Bookmark here

"Her?" asked Nobaru. Then he remembered that phoenixes are female. "Really?"Bookmark here

"Well she has nowhere to go and I won't have time to look after her as a pet. Sending her back to the forest...that'd be a bad idea. Don't want her to get attacked again."Bookmark here

Nobaru was overjoyed! The others looked at him with happiness.Bookmark here

"From today," declared Nobaru, "You are my companion."Bookmark here

The phoenix flew up in joy and latched onto his shoulder.Bookmark here

'This looks cool too.' he thought.Bookmark here

And with this, the four-headed home, each walking beside one another. They have just taken their first steps to be great people. Oh in these peaceful times, they are yet to realise that soon, things would change.Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

Nobaru and Eri, after saying their goodbyes to their friends, went home. He opened the door and let Eri enter. As the door closed, they were surprised to find no one home.Bookmark here

"We're home!' they shouted.Bookmark here

"Is anyone here?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

The only thing that was heard was the sound of the breeze from outdoors.Bookmark here

"Guys?" said Nobaru, startled.Bookmark here

Suddenly the couple burst from the left yelling "SURPRISE!" Nobaru and Eri were surprised all right. Nobaru was about to fall.Bookmark here

"W-what's going on?" asked Eri.Bookmark here

"Welcome home you both!" said their parents in unisonBookmark here

"We are celebrating!" said Izanagi.Bookmark here

"Celebrating?" asked Nobaru, confused.Bookmark here

"Yes!" said Ren with a grin on her face "A celebration of the day you both made it to the Advanced class."Bookmark here

"Advanced class rank 10 to be exact." said Izanagi "You see, you both are rank 10, the lowest of the Advanced mage ranks. Each class has 10 ranks where 10 is the lowest rank and 1 is the highest. Good going, both of you!"Bookmark here

"Get changed guys." said Ren "We want to hear everything."Bookmark here

The two went up, excited to tell their waiting parents about the day. They quickly changed. After a nice, relaxing shower, they each went down and took a seat.Bookmark here

Together they took turns narrating the events of the day. It was good laughing around with each other. Nobaru felt like all the stress in his mind was gone. The tests and things stressed the hell out of him. He was happy when he could relax for once. And then came the phoenix.Bookmark here

"...And Mr Yuichi said I could keep it..." said Nobaru "So could I keep it here please? It has nowhere else to go and it's very very attached to me."Bookmark here

"You plan to do WHAT??" exclaimed his dad with an excited expression.Bookmark here

"Ummm..." Nobaru was hesitant. Eri was equally confused "I want to keep...the phoenix?"Bookmark here

"Show me!" exclaimed Izanami.Bookmark here

Nobaru was feeling nervous now. He didn't know what to expect. With a weary smile, he agreed to call it here.Bookmark here

'Now a name.' thought Nobaru ''Bookmark here

Then he got it.Bookmark here

"Homura!"Bookmark here

Instantly, in a wisp of flames, the phoenix appeared. It flew towards Nobaru and looked him dead in the eye. It then observed its surroundings and nervously placed itself on his shoulder before nuzzling his face.Bookmark here

"THIS IS AMAZINGH!" he shouted, somehow saying "amazing" wrong in the process. Nobaru tried to hide his laugh.Bookmark here

"Nobaru!" shouted Ren "Do you know how HARD it is to tame a majestic bird-like THE Phoenix? How did you do it???"Bookmark here

"It was after the healing test that the phoenix didn't let me go. And then the instructor made me realise that it was attached to me. So that's it."Bookmark here

"Can I pet it?" Izanami asked.Bookmark here

"Her."Bookmark here

"Her?" Izanami had a confused face.Bookmark here

"Her. And are asking me?"Bookmark here

"A phoenix takes months to tame." said Ren "He is keeping that in mind and asking you."Bookmark here

"Yes." said Izanami, pouting "Since it's like that...maybe.." he sulked.Bookmark here

'What are you, a little girl??' thought Nobaru, trying to hide his smile.Bookmark here

"Just try it." said Nobaru, "I'll calm her down."Bookmark here

Izanami slowly reached out with his hand. He gently placed it on her head. Homura was struggling and had a bit of fear. She turned to Nobaru who urged her to stay with a warm smile. Homura understood that and let Izanami pet her. Moments later, she accepted it. Izanami had warm caring hands, just like Nobaru's. Homura liked it.Bookmark here

"See?" said Nobaru "No problems!"Bookmark here

Izanami smiled at him and ruffled his hair with his free hand.Bookmark here

"Its feathers are soft..." he said.Bookmark here

"Her. not "it."Bookmark here

"Her..." said Izanami.Bookmark here

Then followed a burst of laughter.Bookmark here

Ah, a perfect father-son bonding moment!Bookmark here

After the day of family time, Nobaru and Eri collapsed with tiredness on their beds.Bookmark here

The next day was his actual first day in the Advanced Class. Nobaru awoke with excitement and woke Eri, who was a heavy sleeper as usual. As he and Eri ate breakfast together, they were partially daydreaming about the things they would learn and the people they'd meet. After eating, they excitedly set off for the academy after bidding farewell to their parents.Bookmark here

They stopped at Kaeda's place so that they could go together.Bookmark here

"Good morning!" said Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Hey!" said Kaeda "Excited for today?"Bookmark here

"Yes I am!" said Eri.Bookmark here

"You know I am!" said Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Let's go then!" said Kaeda and took Nobaru's hand. Nobaru looked down and instantly his face turned red and Kaeda felt a sudden uncomfortable air around them.Bookmark here

"Alright I'm going to head out!" shouted Eri with a knowing smirk "See you both there."Bookmark here

"W-w-waaitt!" shouted Nobaru. But Eri just ignored him and ran towards the direction of the school.Bookmark here

Then came the silence.Bookmark here

"You don't like me holding your hand?" asked Kaeda, moments later, half-pouting.Bookmark here

"N-n-no!" shouted Nobaru "I-it's just's embarrassing..."Bookmark here

His face turned redder.Bookmark here

"Oh...." Kaeda looked sad and let go. "I see..."Bookmark here

'Oh no' thought Nobaru.'I messed up! I didn't mean it like that!'Bookmark here

He then took her hand saying "I just said it's embarrassing, I didn't say I mind."Bookmark here

Kaeda smiled and nodded. "Let's go then!" she said.Bookmark here

As they walked, Nobaru fumbled over the possibility of his crush being two-sided.Bookmark here

Eri, who pretended to go to Yanine, overheard from a distance.Bookmark here

'Great job!' she thought to herself. And then she raced to the academy.Bookmark here

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