Chapter 5:

Chapter Five

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid didn't know how to handle this situation, he was on a date with a girl he really liked and her Ex-boyfriend was sitting on the other side of the restaurant. He thought the guy looked like a smug jerk, though that could just be personal bias taking effect.Bookmark here

"So, what dumbass thing did he do to make you dump or break up with him?"  Cid asked
"Actually he dumped me," Gwen said
"Wow, that makes him even dumber than I thought" Cid responded
Gwen laughed and said "You're too damn good at making me laugh"
"I can't help it, I'm a funny guy," Cid saidBookmark here

They just sat there a moment amused at themselves, then Gwen glanced at her Ex and her smile faded away again.
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"We can leave now if you want" Cid suggested
"Yeah that'd be great" Gwen respondedBookmark here

They left the table and as they walked towards the counter to pay the bill Cid wrapped his arm around Gwen's shoulders.
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"What are you doing?" she asked
"Making your ex realise his mistake" Cid answeredBookmark here

Cid paid the bill without moving his arm from Gwen's shoulders. They made it outside to the curb illuminated by the white light of the street lamps as the moon hung brightly in the sky.Bookmark here

"So how jealous do you think your ex would have been seeing that?" asked Cid
"If he did notice which I highly doubt considering how self-obsessed he is, I doubt it'd bother him at all considering how up his own ass he is" Gwen
"How about this then," said CidBookmark here

Cid wrapped both his arms around Gwen and pulled her in tight as he crushed her mouth with his. They stood there beneath the light of the street lamps, blood burning in their veins as all else faded from perception except for each other when they finally stopped it was like coming up for air after being underwater.Bookmark here

"That would definitely have made him jealous," said Gwen
"Then with that mission accomplished let's go,"  said CidBookmark here

They hopped into Cid's car and drove away. They made it back to Gwen's place stood outside the front door together.Bookmark here

"I had a great time tonight Cid," said Gwen
"Well that's good to hear, but one more thing before I go," Cid saidBookmark here

He leaned down and kissed Gwen on the lips, it was a soft sweet kiss that lasted only a moment. Cid pulled away and began stepping back towards his car.Bookmark here

"Goodnight, my lady, I shall be seeing you soon," Cid said
"Good sir, if you think a kiss will be enough to satisfy me, you haven't been paying attention" Gwen responded
"My lady, my apologies I shall rectify this at once," Cid saidBookmark here

  Gwen led Cid inside her house and he slammed the door shut behind them.Bookmark here

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