Chapter 1:

Let the Gladiator Battles commence

I'm a wannabe Guardian

"Titan, come here. Look at this clip!" shouts Patrick from across the room. I move my head. Looking for who it is that is calling me. Patrick my perverted friend. I felt like a meerkat waiting for  the predator to walk away. He's holding a silver phone. There is a matter around it. It looked like blue speckles floating as if drawing some sort of energy from the phone. The phone was blasting sound. It was shaking."Mate you have to see this. The  match between Golden chain and AUX has been finally uploaded!" He continues to say.  This time the blue speckles move and float around his mouth. Suddenly a metallic hand launches itself and grabbed the phone out of Patrick's hand. Ranjesh. He had six arms two of which were built for the sole purpose to work as arms but they had hidden guns and other weapons was  built inside of them. The next pair had springs inside, these not only worked as grappling hooks but these were also used for short hand combat  . These hands were holding Patrick's phone. Finally the last pair. These were the most futuristic.They had pipes all leading themself to a safety container full of uranium. Not only that, Ranjesh, was able to build a sort of generator that had the same effects as that of a magic user. They were white and had a glossy finish to them. Furthermore,these had a sort of armory to them whilst the others you could see the gears and springs.   "Come on, we are at our final year in this course. Do you really want to be expelled and never achieve you goal to be a guardian?," He says. 
Patrick instead snaps back and says,"Really man? You're not going to pull up that speech that you used to do about how this fights not only promote the ogma top? Or how these videos directly fund them? You're getting moe fun every day. Now then why don't you give my phone back?," This time Rajesh becomes furious. He stands there. Any minute he would attack.Bookmark here

To break the ice I say,"Don't revolve your friendship on me will yah?. Yes the fights are fun. But patrick as I told you before I'm not interested in them. Also Rajesh give his phone back please?" We all stare at each other. The air was tense. It starts to get thicker. Almost pushing us down. "My cute kitten I missed you," I hear a sweet voice say behind. It was like a beautiful melody. The room's smell was enlightening. Aurora comes in and lunches her hands around my neck. She start to kiss me. She smells of vanilla. her pink hair mesmerising as always. She was popular but she still hangs  out with us. The geeks. And for some reason she likes me. Although I rejected her many times. Ot every other boy who likes her she likes me. We all looked at each other. Out of nowhere we start to laugh out loud.  Rajesh decides to hand the phone over to Patrick. Whilst Aurora annoys me more and starts to mess around with my hair.Bookmark here

The door creeps open. An old man comes in. He look normal until you reached his head. His head was different it was that of a Rat. It was brown and greasy.  He had a walking stick that looked as if it was straight out of a steampunk cosplay. Mr. Tuk. The power to turn his stick into a biomechanical monster. Why would he be here? One of the greatest Guardians that studied in our school. Instead he looked at us. We all stood up. We knew what was happening. The gladiator tournaments where here. None of us where frightened because this was our chance to study under the guardian that we look up to the most. This was my chance for Lady Pink to take me under her wing. Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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