Chapter 12:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

On the line, I had Kouk and Cobusu. They contacted me as I was about to do the same. Both were still actively partaking in the search for the missing non-combatant Gloup. For Cobusu, he was in a flying biological being filled with cargo and organisms that had enhanced sight. With the combined visual perception of the flying being and these sight-sophisticated lifeforms, they will scan areas efficiently. Kouk had to traverse with his group without such luxury in their search. They went about it in an old-fashioned way. The time both spent on finding them with the Gloup, seemed almost pointless. They benched me - ordered to stay home and recuperate while they continue their efforts. This was great. I needed the rest anyway. This job can often get too overwhelming.Bookmark here

Me’blenxclan was flat. Variation in its geography was minor, excluding some features such as the odd cliff and sinkholes. But besides that, it was just slime, tons of slime, and the beings that lived on it. This meant there weren’t many locations for them to hide. This was supposed to be an inherent benefit, but it didn’t make a difference. They were expending quite the numbers of organisms and resources. But, it does make sense when one understands that this is the biggest and most puzzling kidnapping we have ever experienced since I got here. In addition, this is one of the largest search parties we’ve ever had.Bookmark here

Usually, when an incident like this takes place, several dozen to a couple hundred would be grabbed and sent outside of the planet’s reaches. That’s if they (the Caxhels) are successful. When they fail, we do our hardest to ensure that it’s the most embarrassing experience for them. But they are becoming more successful with their attempts, so the opportunities for us to relish in their defeats are more of a rarity.Bookmark here

How much I would give to have a Caxhel warrior be devoured by some Gloup who is not desperate to eat but who just want them to suffer? I know I would have them in my arms to stretch, twist and tie them to their limits. Some of the shapes they can become were spectacular. Loops and hoops can lead to the creation of a dog, a stickman, a plane, or my favourite, a lasso. We got good enjoyment from hearing their frail cries in our brutality towards them. Pity in their torment did not exist. We were here to kill, and at times, capture them for the greater good.Bookmark here

Of course, the Gloup had no idea what these were and I had to explain to them the names and what they looked like back on Earth. When I described to the eager crowd how dogs have something called ‘fur’ that covers their bodies to assist in retaining heat, paws stationed underneath their four feet and a tail at their rears in which they like to wag, their curiosity peaked. There were other animals I was more than happy to tell them about, such as the turtle, the cow, the cat and the bird.Bookmark here

I then told them about the snake. They realized it had similar qualities to the Caxhels after describing it to them. Looks like I went too far. I never intended to portray the snake to the Caxhels. They are two distinct beings when you look beyond the exaggerated similarities. Being bitten by a garden snake at five years of age, a lifeform of lower intellect, and more driven by instinct and senses, cannot be at fault. It is innocent of what it did to me. What it does is see its prey and lunges at them for nourishment. It is nothing like the bite of a rattlesnake or an anaconda or the murderous intent of an extra-terrestrial, but to five-year-old me, it was horrific. I cried to my parents and my mother kissed the punctures just below my thumb to make it all better. I didn’t have to worry about it ever again once my dad chopped its head off in one swing with his machete. This was the interaction and result between species. Us versus them. In-group against out-group. Kill or be killed. That’s the way how it is, and how all the animals on Earth function for survival. Humans are the exception to this. We have dominated the planet, exploiting the trees, the soil, the fauna and each other for as long as we had the use of hands and tools.Bookmark here

But that’s just how we are. Even being worlds apart, on a fundamental level, we are not that different to any of these civilizations, whether the Gloup, the Makupuu, the Caxehls, or any other species I have met in this alternate reality.Bookmark here

Or maybe I’m wrong. Who knows. I have no issue in being proven otherwise. Having an open mind is key. But as of now, this is what I believe.Bookmark here

Someone, or some group to be specific, had interjected in the call between me, Kouk and Cobusu: the Tenkep Research Squad.Bookmark here

Waityuix began discussions regarding replacement armour when it realized that it was intruding on a private conversation. It didn’t care. No one was bothered by this besides me. Human etiquette doesn’t apply here.Bookmark here

Once it was done informing me of a projected window for when this will happen, it introduced itself to those on the line.Bookmark here

“Greetings, we are from the Tenkep Research Squad.”Bookmark here

“Very nice. Name Kouk. And that is Cobusu.”Bookmark here

“Never heard of this group. I know of some other ones.”Bookmark here

“Well, we’re not all that well-known.”Bookmark here

“Understand.”Bookmark here

All on both sides became engrossed in talk, leaving me out of the equation.Bookmark here

I didn’t mind. I sit back, relax, and let them have at it.Bookmark here

But there was one thing from earlier that required some answers: the ‘balance.’ What is it and why it’s important? I have never heard about it until they started to sling it like mud. Even with around ten years of living and learning about this place, there is still more to know.Bookmark here

I interrupt Kouk to see if it knew about this ‘balance’, to which it said it was some sort of ethereal force.Bookmark here

Cobusu replied the same, approaching Kouk's meh explanation in the same quizzical rhythm. Bookmark here

Neither of them had any real knowledge about it outside of one new aspect, which isn’t a lot.Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, Sato. Delume is nearing a full recovery from inferno sickness.” Said Waityulx.Bookmark here

I couldn’t hold back my excitement when I heard that. I just had to say it. I just had to say these words: “Does that mean it’s visiting soon?”Bookmark here

It gave me a yes.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

My emotions were kept in check but to see the lifeform that treated me so well after so long prompted an infestation of glee from head to toe. I was in the best mood I could ever be in. This was great. To meet again couldn’t come soon enough.  Bookmark here

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