Chapter 2:

Run That By Me One More Time

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

Run this by me one more time just so I understand fully what you’re telling me.Bookmark here

“I was going over to the Hall’s place to see if they could give me some sugar so mama could make cookies, but as I got closer I saw that their house was gone.”Bookmark here

The house was gone?Bookmark here

“Yeah, the house was gone. All that was there was this black stuff on the ground. The smell was really bad.”Bookmark here

So the house possibly burned down. Do you know if the Hall's were inside all of that “black Stuff”?Bookmark here

“I don’t know. But I saw something really scary when I went inside.”Bookmark here

Scary? How soBookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Listen to me son, what you saw was something no child should have to see. I want you to know that it’s okay, you’re not in trouble, but please tell me about what you saw. Okay?Bookmark here

“Okay. There were two scary people inside. They were all black and wouldn’t move. After I saw them, I ran home and told mama. She told me to come here and tell you."Bookmark here

Jesus. Alright, kid, you've been a great help so far. Just one more thing. Where is it that this house used to be?Bookmark here

"I told you it was where the Hall's house was. It's close to the place where Papa used to take me to see the cows."Bookmark here

The cows huh. Alright, I'll see what I can do. Bill, get the car ready. Let's go see these "scary people".Bookmark here

"Sure thing chief, but where are we going exactly? I mean 'the place where the cows are' isn't the best direction."Bookmark here

I mean no, not really. But think about it, how many places can there be that have cows just roaming about? At the very least we can rule out that it was here in town, seeing as no buildings have burned down around here.Bookmark here

"I guess we'll just drive out until we see something."Bookmark here

Well, I'll be damned. So this is the place where the Halls used to live. Call in forensics to see what caused all this. Mark the area and make sure no one enters. Bookmark here

“Sure thing chief.” Bookmark here

Do we know anything about these folk, any family or friends?Bookmark here

“The only thing I can think of is that kid and his family. If they were close enough to share baking supplies, then maybe they know more about them than we do.”Bookmark here

They may. Do you remember where the boy lives?Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’ve got it written down.”Bookmark here

Let’s go after someone gets here. Let’s wait in the car for now. I’d rather get away from this stench. Bookmark here

“They should be here any minute now. What do you think happened here?”Bookmark here

Hard to say, but two bodies in what looks like a garage, it doesn’t seem like an accident. Bookmark here

“You think someone set the house on fire?”Bookmark here

It’s likely but not necessarily, it’s also possible that the two lit the fire themselves to cash out on some insurance money, it happens quite often.Bookmark here

“Then why not run away as soon as they set the fire?”Bookmark here

Good question, maybe they left something important behind but couldn’t get it as the fire got too big. Either way, we won’t know what happened until forensics can get us the details.Bookmark here

“True enough. Speak of the devil, there they are.”Bookmark here

Alright, time to go.Bookmark here

“Shouldn’t we tell them what we saw?”Bookmark here

Why? Anything we saw they’ll see for themselves. They’re professionals Bill, they know what to do. Now let's get going. Bookmark here

“Mister policeman! You’re here! Did you catch those scary people?”Bookmark here

Yes, son, those people won’t scare you anymore. Say are your parents home? There are some things I’d like to know and I think they can help me.Bookmark here

“Papa is working, but Mama is home right now. Want me to call her?”Bookmark here

Yes, please.Bookmark here

“Okay, MAAAMAAAA!!!”Bookmark here

“What is Oakley, keep screaming and you’ll wake your little brother.”Bookmark here

“Mister policeman is here, he wants to talk to you”Bookmark here

“The police? What do they want with us?”Bookmark here

Hello ma’am, we’re here on behalf of the Green Police Department. If it’s not too much of a bother, we would like to ask you some questions regarding your neighbors, the Halls.Bookmark here

“The Halls? You mean my little Oakley wasn’t making up stories?”Bookmark here

No ma’am.Bookmark here

“Please come in, make yourselves at home.”Bookmark here

Thank you, ma’am.Bookmark here

“So what happened to them, officer?”Bookmark here

This is material I'd rather not share with children. Bookmark here

"Oh, of course not. Oakley, would you be a dear and bring these two gentlemen something to drink."Bookmark here

"Uh-huh. Sure thing mama."Bookmark here

Alright, I'll make this quick as to not let little Oakley hear. The Halls were stuck in a house fire. What I'm assuming is their bodies were found in the charred remains of the house. We currently are unaware if the fire was an accidental occurrence or if it was purposely lit with the intention of burning the house down.Bookmark here

"My God that's is awful, but what is it you need from me?"Bookmark here

What we need is information on the Halls, if any. Personalities, family members, or any other information you can tell us would be very much appreciated. How about we start with their names?Bookmark here

"Let's see… their names are Guy and Mildred. They moved in just about two years ago. They never really talked about where they came from."Bookmark here

Bill you writing this down?Bookmark here

"Yes sir."Bookmark here

"Here we are Mister policeman, all we had was water was water."Bookmark here

Thank you, son. Give one of them glasses to my partner here.Bookmark here

"Sure thing"Bookmark here

"Thank you"Bookmark here

So what else do we know about Guy and Mildred?Bookmark here

"I don't know much about their family. Guy would mention that he had a brother."Bookmark here

A brother, do we know anything about him?Bookmark here

"His name is Nem. Other than that I know nothing."Bookmark here

Now we have some names. Could you tell us about the way they acted? Did Guy and Mildred ever seem hostile towards either themselves or others?Bookmark here

"Hostile? Heavens no. They were the sweetest people you'd ever meet. Whenever someone was in trouble they'd be the first to offer help."Bookmark here

They were good people, I see. Bookmark here

"That's about all I know about them, I hope I've been of help."Bookmark here

Very. Just one more thing. Would you happen to know of anyone else who could tell us about them? Bookmark here

"You could ask the neighbors just east of their house, but I doubt they'd tell you anything different from what I've just said."Bookmark here

Alright, then I think it's about time we head off then. Bookmark here

"Goodbye Mister policeman."Bookmark here

Take care, Oakley. Come on Bill get in the car.Bookmark here

"Right, where are we going now?"Bookmark here

Drop me off at the house, you head over to the neighbors and see if you can get anything else on the Guy and Mildred. Come back to me when you're done.Bookmark here

"To good people die in a house fire. This being an insurance scheme, I just don't see it. Maybe it was just an accident.?"Bookmark here

Maybe. Drop me off, I need to speak with forensics. Bookmark here

"I'll get back to you if I find something else."Bookmark here

Tell me, what have we figured out? Bookmark here

"We've identified the two bodies to belong to Guy and Mildred Hall. There are burn marks on the floor showing that gasoline was used as a catalyst."Bookmark here

So you're telling me that this wasn't an accident?Bookmark here

"Yes, what's more, is that there are signs of blunt force being used on Mildred, before the fire. Along with puncture wounds on Guy, most likely from falling rubble."Bookmark here

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