Chapter 13:

No More Dope, Man


We sat in a temporary tent, I was playing with a toothpick I found in my hands. Bookmark here

"Dopeman," Sera said. She was next to me in this tiny tent. I didn't answer. I was trying to remember. Bookmark here

She started yelling. "Dopeman!" 
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I snapped out of my trance and slowly turned to face her. "W-what, Sera? Why do you want to know about Dani so much?"
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"She was the only woman to make you truly happy, right?"Bookmark here

I started to answer, but I choked on my words. For once, I didn't exactly have the answers. "I... Uh... Yeah. She was. Listen, Dani. Do you like me?"Bookmark here

She slowly nods. "Yeah, I do."Bookmark here

"You're just looking for somebody else to cling and take care of. You can't be Dani, hon. Sorry."Bookmark here

Tears started to escape Sara's eyes. "You're a real jerk you know that? Why would you even think I'm trying to..."Bookmark here

I don't say anything, I just move to hug her, having her weep in my arms. "I'm just scared."Bookmark here

She sniffed. "O-Of what?"Bookmark here

To love again. Bookmark here

After the bridge, we talked more and more. Eventually, I gained feelings for the woman. We went out on a date to this Italian restaurant. She smiled as she happily ate the food. Bookmark here

"Hey," I said after drinking my water. Bookmark here

Dani looked up with her crystal eyes. "Yeah?"Bookmark here

"I wanna be your boyfriend."Bookmark here

"Really? Is that how you ask me?"Bookmark here

"I-I mean I practiced all day! I couldn't think of anything to say without sounding dumb. You're perfect. I love the way you look, smell, walk, talk, everything! I can't stop thinking about you, I can't bear living my life any longer knowing you're not mine!" I stood up, face red. In hindsight, I was a bit dramatic. However, I still feel those words are true. "I'm in love with you, Dani Hikari!"  Bookmark here

The whole place turned to see our young adult drama. She stood up, grabbed my face, and kissed me deeply. I'll always remember feeling the sense that I will never feel this way again. Bookmark here

I think I'm correct. Bookmark here

A few months later, we started living together. I was smoking and washing the dishes until I get a flick in the back of the head. Bookmark here

I rub my head. "Ow! The hell was that for?!"Bookmark here

"No more selling dope!" She seemingly commands. She was angry, starting to cry. Bookmark here

I went in to hug her as she repeated the same sentence, letting her...Bookmark here

Weep.Bookmark here

"I promise," I muttered as I picked her up. "I won't sell any dope, I promise."Bookmark here

I didn't need a reason. She said it, and it was done. I loved her that much. Bookmark here

I don't think I ever will again. Bookmark here

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