Chapter 4:


The Netherworld : Awakening

"So, have you made your choice."Bookmark here

There is no way I am gonna choose any option. They both lead to the same result, and when you give someone a choice you make sure that both the choices lead to a separate result.Bookmark here

"No. I don't want to choose." Bookmark here

I say it loud with anger in my voice.Bookmark here

If both the choices lead to the same result then can it even be called a choice? I don't think so. It's just forcing a judgement upon someone but also at the same time showing that you are kind enough to give them a choice. Even though you choose an option, it can't be said that you made that decision.Bookmark here

No, you are just playing on someone's palm thinking that you made that decision even though that decision wasn't yours.  

Bookmark here

Every demon reacts toward my response, which didn't even take a second. Except for 

Demon King. Instead of getting surprised or angry, he starts laughing.Bookmark here

No matter what you choose you will always come to the same result. It means you will always regret thinking that you, yourself made a wrong decision.
Bookmark here

"What's funny?"Bookmark here

"Nothing. It's just you are saying no to a Demon King. Don't you feel fear? I can get you killed right here, right now."Bookmark here

"Huh? Why would I be fearing you? I will cease to exist no matter what I choose or what I 

do. So, there is no point in me getting cold feet now."Bookmark here

Yes, there is nothing left for me after this. So, there is no need for me to listen to him or 

fear him. If I am going to die anyway then I prefer to die with a boom.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This is the heaviest laugh I have ever heard in my entire life.Bookmark here

"You sure are interesting. Never in my entire life, I came across someone like you. Okay, I have decided for you, live in Hell for the rest of your remaining life."Bookmark here

"Wait. Why are you---"Bookmark here

"And find a way for yourself."Bookmark here

"Find a way?"Bookmark here

"Yes, find a way for yourself, so even after your death, you don't cease to exist. How about that? Think you will accept this offer."Bookmark here

"Demon King offering me my own life. Doesn't sound good at all but at least it's better 

than getting cease to exist. I will accept it." Bookmark here

"But, your majesty. You can't do that again. At least this time you should---"Bookmark here

I don't think he will ever get a chance to complete his lines.Bookmark here

"I already made that decision and I am not going to take that back, and Satori I want you to assist him until then."Bookmark here

"Huh?" Satori clears his throat and then continues. Bookmark here

"Ahem, I mean, yes your majesty."Bookmark here

"But why are giving me this treatment?"Bookmark here

"Why? you ask. It's obvious. I want to see how things will turn out from here for you and 

everyone."Bookmark here

"I don't quite understand that."Bookmark here

"It's okay even if you don't understand. Actually, you don't need to understand that."Bookmark here

Now it's even more confusing somehow."Bookmark here

"Let it be confusing, some things aren't meant to be understood but are better as a mystery."  Bookmark here

Somehow what he said just now feels like I have heard it somewhere before. But where did I heard it before I can't recall it?Bookmark here

"Then it's decided." Bookmark here

He then turns toward Satori and saysBookmark here

"Satori give him a tour of this place and also tell him about the rules."Bookmark here

"Yes, your majesty."Bookmark here

"And what about the other person who came before me."Bookmark here

"You don't have to worry about him. He already made his choice."Bookmark here

"Is that so."                                                                                 Bookmark here

I wonder what option he chose?Bookmark here

Then Demon King asks me for something weird.Bookmark here

"Touch my horns with your horns."Bookmark here

"Wait, what?"Bookmark here

"Just do it."Bookmark here

"O-Okay."Bookmark here

He leans towards me and then I touched his horns with my horns.Bookmark here

"Okay! From here on, I accept you as one of my fellow Demon."Bookmark here

After saying that he starts walking towards the gates which leads to the hall from where we entered this hall. I turned toward Satori to ask what it was?Bookmark here

"What was---"Bookmark here

Satori is shocked and it's not just him but the rest of the Demons are also shocked. Vassago is more shocked than anyone else. His mouth is opening and closing non-stop in confusion as to what to say. Bookmark here

And there is one more demon who is shocked, but the least. Since the moment I came here I never once heard him say anything.Bookmark here

I don't know what it was but I can tell it is not something a Demon King do very often. 

The Demon King turns back as if he forgot something.Bookmark here

"Since I accepted you as one of my fellow demons, can you tell me your name?"Bookmark here

"It's Yukio Ichiro."Bookmark here

"I will remember that name."Bookmark here

"And yours I still don't know your name."Bookmark here

"You are crossing---"
Bookmark here

Okay, he can't complete his lines. Yes, Vassago is again interrupted. 'You are crossing 

your limits, you human.' maybe that's what he wanted to say.Bookmark here

"It's Beleth."Bookmark here

"Ah! Your Majesty, it's time we have to---"Seriously, he can't complete his lines.Bookmark here

"I know. I know. I know. Let's go."Bookmark here

After that everyone leaves the throne hall except for me and Satori.Bookmark here

"How long are you going to stay like that?"Bookmark here

I directed this question toward satori.Bookmark here

"Maybe for the rest of my life."Bookmark here

He says it with no life in his words.Bookmark here

"I don't have that much time. I mean I still have 35-40 years or maybe more but still I 

don't have time."Bookmark here

Satori ignoring me starts murmuring.Bookmark here

"Even I never got a chance to---"Bookmark here

SmackBookmark here

"Just shut that crap. Were you even listening to me? You idiot demon."Bookmark here

"You can't call me an idiot when you, yourself are an idiot. And who permitted you to hit me?"Bookmark here

Satori grabs my collar and I grab his horn. Both, ready to murder each other. But are stopped by someone.Bookmark here

"Both of you. How long are you planning to stay here?"Bookmark here

"Huh? Who the hell are you bitc---"(×2)Bookmark here

Smack(×2)Bookmark here

"Sorry."(×2)Bookmark here

The one who just smacked us is Luemon.Bookmark here

"Okay, that's good."

"Wait why aren't you surprised seeing him alive?"Bookmark here

Seeing Luemon not reacting to me still alive Satori asks Luemon.Bookmark here

"Because I already knew that he is defective."Bookmark here

"You already knew about it? May I ask how?"Bookmark here

He asks her in a normal tone.Bookmark here

"Before coming to summoning chamber I was with her. She told me everything." Bookmark here

She knew from the start that I was defective. So, she was just messing with me in the summoning chamber.Bookmark here

"Her? Who do you...Ah! You mean that bitch."Bookmark here

"Just stop calling her a bitch already."Bookmark here

"Why? I am calling her who she is, so what's the problem?"Bookmark here

"Fine. Do as you feel like."Bookmark here

She crosses her arms and averts her gaze from him while saying it.Bookmark here

"W-Who are you talking about?"
Bookmark here

Seeing the silence spreading moment by moment I ask this question to Luemon with a 

forced smile on my face.Bookmark here

"Ah! You don't have to worry about that. By the way, what happened here? Give me the details."Bookmark here

She asks me with great interest in her voice.Bookmark here

After that, I started explaining everything that took place inside the throne hall.Bookmark here

"I knew from the start that even though you are defective, you are no ordinary human." Bookmark here

And that's a lie.Bookmark here

We were walking don't know where but we were walking. Confused about where we were going I asked.Bookmark here

"You see, we have been walking for who-know-how-long and we are still walking. Can you tell me where are we going?" 

"No. It's a secret."Bookmark here

Luemon replies.Bookmark here

"I hate secrets."

I say it in a low voice but Luemon still hears me.Bookmark here

"Wha-"Bookmark here

"You don't have to act that surprised."Bookmark here

"Seriously? I thought humans love secrets."

"I am different from those kinds of insects who keep secrets."Bookmark here

"Not even 1 hour passed since you became a half-demon and you abandoned your 

human side that easily."Bookmark here

"It's not like that. I just hate those kinds of people."Bookmark here

"Oh!"Bookmark here

"Well, speaking of insects how are we able to communicate easily. I thought you inse---demons have different language?"Bookmark here

"Did you just called us insect? You ass."Bookmark here

Satori who up until a few moments ago was silently ignoring us raged out.Bookmark here

"Sorry, my tongue just slipped."                                              Bookmark here

 I apologized immediately  Bookmark here

"No, you did it on purpose."Bookmark here

He grabs my collar.Bookmark here

"Leave him. He said his tongue just slipped and he even apologized."Bookmark here

"Just because I was ordered to assist you I will let it slip this time. Don't you dare say something like that again."Bookmark here

"Okay-Okay. Now leave me."Bookmark here

He then takes his hands off my collar.Bookmark here

"Okay. I Luemon will explain it to you. Do we have the same language? Hmm-hmm, no, 

we don't use the same language."Bookmark here

She starts explaining it to me. But in a little weird manner.Bookmark here

"Then how are we able to communicate? It's very simple. It's because we...we."Bookmark here

"We...demons use...use..."                                                          Bookmark here

She starts thinking. I understood that she doesn't know but still, she is trying her best to remember it.Bookmark here

"I don't know."                                                                               Bookmark here

And she gives up. Bookmark here

"It's because we demons use a language known as ' Tenetur '."Bookmark here

Seeing Luemon unable to explain, Satori answers the question.Bookmark here

"Tenetur?"Bookmark here

"Yes, Tenetur. It is a language humans don't use, they can't speak this language but can 

understand this language."Bookmark here

"There is no way what you are saying is true. I mean forget about being taught this language I haven't even heard of this language before. So how is that even possible?"Bookmark here

"It's true that you haven't heard of this language. It's a language your mind can understand even though if you can't speak this language." Bookmark here

"Why don't you just admit that you don't know? There is no way I can understand a language I have been taught?"Bookmark here

"Okay then. can you explain to me how is a newborn baby able to cry and laugh even though no one teaches the newborn baby how to cry or laugh?" Bookmark here

"Okay. For a second I believe you on this, then how are you able to understand my language? It can only be possible if we are speaking the same language."
Bookmark here

"It's simple. Let me explain to you from start. This language 'Tenetur' is the language humans and demons used to speak, this was the first language of humans and demons. This language is special because both humans and demons weren't taught this language but everyone knew it by birth it's in our genes. Thus, it is also called blood bound ability."

"Blood bound ability? What is that?"Bookmark here

Sounds like something from a fantasy book.Bookmark here

"Just forget about it for now."Bookmark here

"O-Okay."Bookmark here

"So where was I? Yeah, Demons never created a new language and kept on using it. But humans started creating new languages like Greek, Latin, Japanese and many more languages. You humans now use different language but every language has the same origin 'Tenetur'. Because of having the same origin of your current language you use and since this language is in your genes you can understand this language. Your brain is translating this language for you and because of that, you are thinking I am speaking the same language as yours. And as to how I can understand your language, it's because even though your language has changed but it once was the language we demons still use now. And since I am a demon my blood bound ability helps me to understand your language. Same as yours, my brain instead of thinking of it as a foreign it is translating it for me. Now, do you understand?"
Bookmark here

"Well, that's complicated considering what we were taught. Okay! teach me everything, from the start."
Bookmark here

"I don't care what you were taught and I can't teach you everything from the start, so just 

this much information is all you will get. That's all, thank you and bye-bye."Bookmark here

"You sure are useless."
Bookmark here

"Call me whatever you want, but that's not gonna change anything."Bookmark here

"Who should I ask? I don't even know anyone here."           Bookmark here

 I started murmuring to myself in the confusion as to whom should I ask. Luemon seeing me murmur to myself says.Bookmark here

"Don't worry. I will---" Bookmark here

"No thanks. I have seen how knowledgeable of a demon you a---st-stop."Bookmark here

She started strangling. Don't know why? I just said the truth. Maybe, that's why.Bookmark here

"you don't have to remind me of that. I wasn't going to teach you anything and it's already embarrassing, so don't touch that topic again."Bookmark here

"So--huff--so."Bookmark here

I was trying to get my breathing in control.Bookmark here

"Sorry, you wanna say. Okay, I accept your apology."Bookmark here

"No, I was saying ' so who is going to teach me '. Why are you angry? Don't stra---ngle m---me."  After a moment she loosens her grip and then leaves my almost dead body. It was only for a moment but felt like several minutes.Bookmark here

"Let's go."Bookmark here

Luemon orders us.Bookmark here

"Are you..."                                                                                   Bookmark here

 Seeing me almost dead Satori asks.Bookmark here

"Huff---huff."Bookmark here

"Tch. He is alive." Satori murmurs.Bookmark here

"Why do you sound disappointed?"                                        Bookmark here

I said it loudly with a little anger in my voice.Bookmark here

"Are you idiots planning to live there? Start walking."          Bookmark here

Luemon shouts at us. After that, we started following Luemon.Bookmark here

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