Chapter 3:

Who Rolls the Dice?

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

“Hey, chief! I’ve got some new info.”Bookmark here

What did you find?Bookmark here

“Well, I went to talk with the nearby neighbors and they all said the same thing, but I did find out that according to Guy, there had been some beef between him and his brother. It sounded like some dispute regarding inheritance or something.”Bookmark here

So maybe this whole thing was out of a brotherly quarrel. Either way, Get this, the fire wasn’t an accident, they found that gasoline was used and that Mildred was knocked out. Guy looked like he was protecting her in that fire.Bookmark here

“At the very least, I’m that these good folk weren’t part of an insurance scheme. Before I forget, I also ran into one of the vendors from the farmer’s market and he told me that around midnight he picked up a hitchhiker. He told him that he was there to see his brother but found out the brother didn’t live there anymore. It might not be anything important but it’s not something we should just rule out.”Bookmark here

Did the vendor say anything as to where this guy was going?Bookmark here

“Told me that the hitchhiker asked for directions to the nearest inn.”Bookmark here

Then that’s where we’ll go next. It’s the only lead we have, might as well take a bite.Bookmark here

“What will you do if this is our guy?” Bookmark here

We’ll book him and get him processed. But we need to make sure that this is our guy and not some guy who got himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.Bookmark here

“What do you think he looks like? What if he’s like one of them old-timey fellows, you know? Dressed in a tuxedo, cape, and a top hat, and one of those mustaches that are super wide and thin with curls at the end.”Bookmark here

No, I don’t think so. Dressing like that would bring too much attention to himself. If I had to guess, he would most likely be running around in a get-up no different than that of any other man. Shirt, pants, maybe even some suspenders. Bookmark here

“Sure, but that’s such a lackluster description. Tell me more. What about his face?”Bookmark here

His face. There is a scar along his forehead and it ends just before it reaches his eye. He has a thick and bushy mustache.Bookmark here

“Does he have a beard?”Bookmark here

Nothing more than a stubble. Bookmark here

“Hey, wanna bet on it?”Bookmark here

You want to bet on the appearance of a man who may or may not be the killer of two people?Bookmark here

“Well yes.”Bookmark here

Sure, I’ll bite. What are the stakes?Bookmark here

“The one with the closest description wins. Let’s say forty dollars in the pot.”Bookmark here

Alright, I’ll do it. Just know that you can’t change your description now.Bookmark here

“Why would I do that? I have full faith that I am right.”Bookmark here

Well, when the time comes you’d better put your money where your mouth is. Now pull over we’re here.Bookmark here

“You go on inside, I’ll park the car ‘round back.”Bookmark here

“Hello, mister officer. What can I do ya for today?”Bookmark here

Hey, there sweetness. We’re looking for a guy right now, you wouldn’t mind letting me take a peek at your guest logs?Bookmark here

“You mean to tell me you’re not here for me?”Bookmark here

Of course not. Why would I?Bookmark here

“Humph, you’re too cruel. The logs are in the room behind me. Hope you find your guy, officer.
Bookmark here

Thank you kindly. My partner will be here in a bit. Could you let him know I'm back there?Bookmark here

“Sure sure.”Bookmark here

Guest logs, let’s see. Where could it be?Bookmark here

“Hey chief, Cindy out there seems all huffy, what did you say to her?”Bookmark here

Nothing really, I just asked her for the guest logs, now get over here and help me look for them. I can’t find anything in this messy room.Bookmark here

"Chief."Bookmark here

What is it?Bookmark here

What are we looking for exactly? Like I know the guest logs but what if he is using a fake name? What do we do then?Bookmark here

Here it is, I found it.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

What? Quit looking at me like that and tell me what time the guy got here.Bookmark here

"The vendor had told me he dropped our guy off in the middle of the night, so look for anything between late last night and early this morning."Bookmark here

Hey Bill, check this out. Someone under the name of Nem Hall checked in at 1:40 in the morning. There's no check-out time so there's a chance that may still be here.Bookmark here

"Well, would you look at that? What room does it say he's in?"Bookmark here

It says room 103, it should be to our right.Bookmark here

"Knock on the door. See if he's still here."Bookmark here

Hello, this is officer Dice. We would like to speak with the guest inside.Bookmark here

"Hey chief, back up. Someone's coming."Bookmark here

"Good day officers. How may I help you gentlemen this fine afternoon."Bookmark here

Mr. Hall, I presume.Bookmark here

"That is I."Bookmark here

Mr. Hall, are you related to either Guy Hall or Mildred Hall.Bookmark here

"I am. Guy Hall was my brother."Bookmark here

Was? Then you are aware of the event that occurred earlier this morning.Bookmark here

"If you're referring to the fire, then yes I am very well aware."Bookmark here

Mr. Hall this is a very serious situation. Would you come with us down to the station for further questioning?Bookmark here

"It doesn’t appear as though I have much of a choice."Bookmark here

Thank you, Mr. Hall. Bill put cuffs on him and take him to the car. Bookmark here

"You comfortable back there?"Bookmark here

"I can't complain."Bookmark here

Don't worry we'll be there soon. Where you from Hall? I've lived in this town for 40-something years and I've never heard of you folk.Bookmark here

"We Halls were pretty secretive people. In of no fault of your own for knowing who we are."Bookmark here

“Were”, as in your no longer secretive?Bookmark here

“Well yes, but I was mostly referring to the fact that I’m that last of the Halls. The lineage ends with me.”Bookmark here

That's some heavy stuff. Well, it’s no longer any of our concerns. We’re here. I'll let the people inside finish questioning you. Bookmark here

“Come on, let's get you in a cell. The detectives will get here shortly.”Bookmark here

You free tonight?Bookmark here

“Just about. But aren't you forgetting something?”Bookmark here

What are you talking about?Bookmark here

“Chief, I was closest.”Bookmark here

Like hell you were.Bookmark here

“He's got the cape and suit, the win is mine.”Bookmark here

He’s got a scar on his face, I called that one.Bookmark here

“Thin mustache with curls at the end though. That's two for three.”Bookmark here

Fine, take your twenty.Bookmark here

“Come on chief, don’t be like that. Here, drinks are on me tonight.”Bookmark here

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