Chapter 13:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Balance. Why haven’t I heard about it before? And why is it so valued? These and many more questions stacked themselves to a nauseating height as spaceships descended, not solely in speed and altitude, but also sound.Bookmark here

I want to leave it for later, or maybe I should just forget it. An ethereal force. Sounds like something way beyond me. Dabbling in that would be quite the problem.Bookmark here

The ships came to a standstill, opening themselves up for the beings of Bokel to come out and display who they really are in the flesh. This species was the substitute for the Makupuu. They were calm, much too calm for the situation. Long legs that would worry a giraffe, a main body that is a puffy sack with rows of canines at its underbelly and peak and a shade of red that would compete with blood. This is who they were, towers of an ominous presence. Bookmark here

The Gloup could not come at this time. The public perception towards participating in a war so soon and the current state of their armed forces made it clear they were not in an ideal position to provide the assistance they would like to give. It was fortunate they could send some of their less noteworthy research teams – part of the backbone of their scientific and technological advancements – to offer their skills in Me’blenxclan’s most dire era. This was crucial. Without the armour they created for me, I don’t know if I would be able to throw a punch at any point in this conflict. And what they did for the Gloup in general with their small technical staff cannot be measured. They were kind enough to uphold their side of the agreement even when it meant major challenges on their end. The Makupuu saw them as equals, and for them to shake that foundation wasn’t something they desired. The Xaltos – the conservative Makupuu faction - in their military campaign against the Radicals must be thanked for their support in the least reasonable of times. With the intra-species war engulfing around fifty per cent of the worlds the Makupuu inhabited for much of its length, it proved to be even more impressive when this is taken into account.Bookmark here

The Bokels’ were incomprehensible, but they switched to Makupuu in an instant, permitting an easier communication stream between both parties. All I did was stay back and let them discuss the list of topics they had to get to. Up ahead, I see one of the Gloup glancing back at me. I didn’t pay much attention. But then, a Bokel walked towards me until I was enveloped by it, blocking most of the light except for a ray that went through its tunnel-like mouth and graced all my being like a spotlight in a stage play.Bookmark here

“You are the one from another world, correct?” A wise sage is what this lifeform exuded in its utterance.Bookmark here

“Yes,” I stare into the sunlight. My anti-glare protection allowed me to do so without me going blind.Bookmark here

“That suit… It looks filthy. Clean yourself.”Bookmark here

“Really? That’s why you came over here to tell me?”Bookmark here

“We are a kind that prioritizes cleanliness. Your suit bothers us greatly.”Bookmark here

I am beyond embarrassed. If this were humans and not freaky-looking aliens, I would think this is the butt of a joke. Good thing none of these beings is obsessive over appearance. I would’ve been clowned on to no end. Taking a quick look at my composite armour, it seems to have gotten even nastier. How that happened is obvious. All these missions without rectifying the filth can only lead to this result. I just hope that Waityuix can come to Tememanda soon so it can deal with these stains. It’s been bugging me without cease. And now it’s been amplified tenfold due to a being that’s part of a group that’s here as a stopgap until the Makupuu can sort themselves out. No big deal. Not at all.Bookmark here

With one of them calling me out on my poor ‘hygiene’, I can’t help but become hyperaware of any of their physical flaws. The chips and tears visible on their ships were these said flaws. Noticing them means that the Caxhels were gunning them down. They clearly got some hits in. There were some that were bigger than me even if I stretch to the maximum at all five ends like a starfish. But for spaceships that gigantic, this should be no problem. How the ship hasn’t come into issues with all these tears is something worth questioning. On the other ships I’ve ridden in, we would’ve been sucked into the unforgiving coldness that is space and left to float until one of two things happened: you either get rescued or die.Bookmark here

It could be the damage in relation to the total surface area of the ship as the reason why. But if so, there had to be another factor: The Makupuu Ship Guard. That had to be the reason they hadn’t suffered casualties from their encounter. Those beings up there truly do need some of the support they’ve requested in many instances. To stretch what little they have on a regular basis while protecting the planet and its allies is well above impressive - it’s phenomenal, that’s what it is. After that, there isn’t a compliment grander for organisms as diligent. Maybe I do speak too badly of them. But as long as the Caxhels have their way on the surface, I don’t think that will stop.Bookmark here

The ships’ mammoth tops and rears raise themselves on hinges while the lefts and rights pulled themselves down to become ramps for the off-loading of an assortment of oddly shaped items, containers of varying colours and a couple of units of heavy machinery. The slanted front regions were unhinged as well but this was for a separate reason: this was where the Bokels would stay during their flights to other planets and star systems. For each ship, the insides of this front area were sectioned off by thin walls of metal – about ten in total. None had their own door. Rather, it was one large stretch from end-to-end that opened automatically once they have arrived at their destination. They gave the impression of humongous steel lockers. To be stuffed inside one of these must be uncomfortable for organisms of that general size. I can only imagine being in here while warping from one place to the next. The kind of turbulence must be dreadful to live through; certainly a drain on the body and the mind.Bookmark here

Everyone got in gear to build up what will be the first major structure on Me’blenxclan. When finished, this will be history for all to see.Bookmark here

“Metal suit,” A Bokel called out to me. “Come lift this.”Bookmark here

I inspect the huge piece and in one heave, I lift it up and carry it to the spot designated.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This was the start of my assistance in the construction of the first mega-structure seen in this world. I can’t wait to witness the conclusion of our hard work. Bookmark here

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