Chapter 12:

The Odd Start

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

Nobaru, while in huge places, frequently had a bad sense of direction. Hence, he couldn't find the Advanced Class while he searched. He stumbled through the Basic and Intermediate classes, the gym, the infirmary, the armoury and still, couldn't find it. Finally, Kaeda found the location of the Advanced classroom. It was on the third floor of the building, next to the faculty room. The three finally reached the classroom and felt glad they weren't late.Bookmark here

"I am sorry for this." said Nobaru, as they walked "I have a bit of a terrible sense of direction..."Bookmark here

"It's alright." said Eri "You do realise this is our first day right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah." said Kaeda, who was still holding his hand "You will get used to it!"Bookmark here

As they entered the classroom, Nobaru was struck by an amazing smell that reminded him of air fresheners...Wait. Were they even a thing in this world? It had a relaxed, calm air around it. But the three stood still with tilted heads, not because the classes were filled with students of different races, but because each one had a different feeling...a different vibe to them.Bookmark here

And that's when Hugo arrived to see the trio standing outside and Nobaru and Kaeda holding hands.Bookmark here

He whispered to Eri "Hello. Are they going out together?"Bookmark here

Eri smiled at him "No but they might if this goes on. I'm so proud!"Bookmark here

He then turned to the class and realised why they were standing still.Bookmark here

"Weird." said Nobaru "They each have a different air around them."Bookmark here

As he said that, a dwarf literally crashed into him. Nobaru fell and Kaeda fell on top of him. Hugo and Eri survived. The two got up with red faces, completely flustered. But the moment was interrupted by a shout from the dwarf.Bookmark here

"What are you trying to do huh?!" he said "Standing in my way. Do you want a beatdown from me, Girad Giantfury? ‘Cuz I'll give you a hell of a beatdown"Bookmark here

Nobaru was startled. The dwarf had a battle-axe on one hand. He had a curly brown beard, hair and eyes.Bookmark here

"Hey Girad!" said a girl, she was an elf with blonde hair and gold eyes. She had an energetic smile on her face and a familiar appearance "You ran into them. And you know the rules, no weapons during classes except when we are training."Bookmark here

"If you say so, Harumi.." muttered Girad.Bookmark here

He looked intimidated but Nobaru didn't understand what's there to be scared by a cheerful gal like her. He looked towards Kaeda and noticed her smile.Bookmark here

"Haru!" shouted Kaeda.Bookmark here

"Aah Kaeda!" the elf shouted "How's my little cousin doing?"Bookmark here

"Cousin?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Yes." replied Kaeda "She is my first cousin, Shiro Harumi."Bookmark here

"I see..." said Nobaru. No wonder he felt Harumi looked familiar to him. They had almost the same facial features and build. The height and hair were some of the things that set them apart.Bookmark here

But Shiro...He had read about the clan somewhere. They were a very fine, powerful clan. The family had a huge influence on political matters and the like. They were even considered nobility by a few. But then something happened and they came to be remembered as intimidating scary people.Bookmark here

But Nobaru knew because of his time with Kaeda that the clan was nothing like that.Bookmark here

"Who is this good-looking boy?" asked Harumi, looking at Nobaru. Then she gasped "Is he...your boyfriend?"Bookmark here

Kaeda and Nobaru turned red all over.Bookmark here

"We are j-j-just childhood friends!" they said in unison.Bookmark here

"Eh?" Harumi was surprised "But it looked like you were a pair." then she laughed and turned to Nobaru "I'm Shiro Harumi. Nice to meet you."Bookmark here

"I'm Miya Nobaru," he said with a smile.Bookmark here

"Harumi!" said a voice from the back. Nobaru noticed another elf. This one looked like Harumi but with long red hair. A delinquent or maybe a tomboy. "Get back here. And let them get in too."Bookmark here

"'kay, sis!" responded Harumi "Take your seats. As of today, you are in our class now. Welcome!"Bookmark here

The four went into the room and as they went inside Nobaru figured it was going to be a long day.Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

A few minutes later, Ms Tabata, the Advanced class' homeroom teacher, skipped inside.Bookmark here

"Goood morning!" she said, happily "Hope y'all are doing good. I'm Tabata Natsumi. Today we have some fresh faces here. Now, these four were sent to the Advanced class due to performing well in the tests. Why don't you introduce yourselves." She pointed to Hugo "Let's start with you!"Bookmark here

Hugo stood up.Bookmark here

"I'm Hugo, from the Forest of Night also known as Noctis. Son of the wolf chief, Zegrath."Bookmark here

Sudden murmurs arose from the group.Bookmark here

"And why did you come here?" asked Natsumi "Your goal."Bookmark here

"My goal is the top." he replied "I want to be stronger. Stronger than anyone. As strong as him." Hugo pointed to Nobaru. Again came the murmurs "He's the son of the chief?... Isn't that the Silent Mage?"Bookmark here

A few looked at Nobaru. Nobaru was confused at the last part.Bookmark here

'Silent Mage?' he thought 'Who the...wait are they talking about me?'Bookmark here

"Ambitious." said Natsumi "I like it!"Bookmark here

Then she looked at Eri. She was excited but nervous as well. She stood up.Bookmark here

"Tell us about yourself," said Natsumi.Bookmark here

Eri nodded. She took a deep breath and started "I'm Miya Eri, Nobaru's twin sister. Healing and Ancient Magic are the only two things going for me at the moment but I want to be reliable and strong enough to support others. And that's why I want to study here."Bookmark here

Natsumi nodded with an approving smile and Eri responded with an awkward smile of her own while taking her seat.Bookmark here

Then Natsumi looked at Kaeda "What about you?"Bookmark here

"I am Shiro Kaeda." She said, "I wish to be a strong, dependable person so I can prove that I am not as weak and pathetic as people claim I am."Bookmark here

"OOh!" said Natsumi "We have got an ambitious bunch so far. Now, what does the star of the show want here? His name has been popping up everywhere today. He's even popular because of what he did. Yes, the first person in a veeery long time who can do chantless magic and helped the nation grow in the process." she pointed at Nobaru "You!"Bookmark here

Nobaru stood up. "I'm Miya Nobaru."Bookmark here

Cue the murmurs.Bookmark here

"You are the Silent Mage?" asked Harumi.Bookmark here

"Who might that be?" he asked, still confused.Bookmark here

"That's what people call you." said the elf who was Harumi's sister "The Silent Mage. The child who can cast chantless magic, a prodigy. His type of magic is being assessed and is slowly helping to develop the nation as a whole. It'll only be a matter of time until it becomes common everywhere."Bookmark here

"I see..." said Nobaru "Then yes, I am him. I just wish to be strong enough for one purpose..." he paused and took a deep breath "To stop the war between mages and dragons and to bring peace between them."Bookmark here

Everyone gasped with awe and disbelief. Eri and Kaeda were shocked. Hugo was concerned.Bookmark here

'Nobaru...' thought Kaeda 'You had a goal like this in your head?...'Bookmark here

Natsumi turned serious "My boy...To go after such a goal is just..."Bookmark here

"Foolish? Suicidal?" suggested Nobaru.Bookmark here

Natsumi nodded "The war has been going on for 10 years now. There is no way you can make them understand. You can't force a treaty. Nobaru, in three more years, you will be a man. Forget this. Look for something else. In three more years, this world will-"Bookmark here

Natsumi stopped before she said anything more.Bookmark here

"I've said too much." she said "But the point is, you don't have to do this."Bookmark here

"I know that you are trying to help me." said Nobaru "But please, I've had this in my head for a while now. I, I know that I am the only one who can do it."Bookmark here

'He knows he can do it.' thought Natsumi 'Normally people won't say that like that. I mean stopping a war? I don't think any child would be brave enough to try to do that. It's a hunch. But I think he knows something. And what better way to know than to ask?'Bookmark here

Then she went towards him and whispered "Do you know something?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean, ma'am?" he whispered back with a cold sweat.Bookmark here

"It seems you are trying to hide something." said Natsumi and held a laugh "You are so obvious. Come meet me in the faculty room after school. We need to talk. If you would like that."Bookmark here

"You are the teacher." said Nobaru "Oh I must've been a bit casual. But why ask me?"Bookmark here

"I don't care about formalities. I’m just old enough to be your big sister so..." said Natsumi "And you might not want to talk about it."Bookmark here

Nobaru thought about that "Okay sure I will." he said.Bookmark here

"Good."Natsumi grinned.Bookmark here

"Alright everyone!" she said out loud "You'll be training with weapons today. Then healing and you come back here for the normal magic spells. Those with no weapons can stop by at the armoury to get some after class. With that said, enjoy your day!"Bookmark here

Nobaru thought about Ms Tabata. What does she know? He recalled the vision he had.Bookmark here

'Well since she found me out.' he thought 'I guess I have no choice but to tell them....'Bookmark here

He was right.Bookmark here

This was going to be a long day.Bookmark here

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