Chapter 4:

A Mote in The Eye of God

Planetary Guardian

Alex’s planet was a planet in perpetual war. Cat-People, Dog-People and Mouse-People can’t decide on a social hierarchy and believe that each Theocracy is the one destined by the true god.Bookmark here

“When you made first contact, what happened?” Johnny asked.Bookmark here

“Well. We need to backtrack a bit. Going first contact is difficult, especially for a planet in a crisis every two days. So, I really had to wait until the whole world realized that their battles don’t matter anymore and they’re at the brink of a full scale extinction regardless of the ‘winner’.”Bookmark here

“That probably took a while.” I said. According to the files that I’m looking at, these Cat-Dog-Mouse-People only look like their animal counterparts. They’re mostly human in their appearance and manners, so things are always complicated. It’s the human way.Bookmark here

“It took its damned time,” Alex sighed and took a large bite of her macaroon. “I had to push it at one point because the population size was getting smaller, and some of them are still fighting.”Bookmark here

“How did you do that?” Johnny was looking at their tablet, probably the same file.Bookmark here

Alex seemed to have difficulty swallowing the big bite she took, I twisted open a water bottle from the mini fridge and gave it to her. She took big gulps.Bookmark here

“Thanks Patrick. Well, it needed to be really dramatic and jarring so that people would pay attention. My plan was to jam all communications and open them to each other. No secrets.”Bookmark here

“Wow. That’s insane!” I gasped.Bookmark here

“Yeah, the planet computer was battling with any broadcasting and communication equipment, recording everything from the major players and sharing them with everybody. It took a lot of the operating system.”Bookmark here

“After a few months in their time, they stopped fighting and everybody started talking with each other. As expected the rich and powerful didn’t even bother, but the regular people started talking with each other a bit more, so there wasn’t much of a national unity going on. I started blasting The First Contact Information.”Bookmark here

“Sounds like smooth sailing from there.” I said. First Contact Information is only the first step. The species in the planet might consider the wealth of information as some kind of joke or a sci-fi novel broadcasted to the entire planet. The rationalizations of the mind can go to insane places, so you have to follow up with…Bookmark here

“With Johnny’s help I was able to meet with all the primary players of this planet. All in one room. Unfortunately —“Bookmark here

“One faction used this event as an attempted mass asssasination.” Johnny said. “We made it our alive, and the very very very important people are safe, so there’s not much loss except for time.”Bookmark here

“The population was still declining at a double digit rate on a daily basis so I went ahead and saved some DNA samples, but saving what’s remaining is still the best option. We put them all on the Arc by political factions and all at the same time. Like some symbolic truce.”Bookmark here

“Sounds like a forced kind of truce.” I drank some water.Bookmark here

“Well,” Alex shrugs, “their whole race is dying, what else do they got?”Bookmark here

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