Chapter 3:

Looks Like Corn

Demon Neighborhood Kid

The scream came from a girl. She was behind me when I was taking the book out. She was pointing at the bookshelf screaming: “GHOST! THE BOOK!!!” Followed by more screaming.Bookmark here

Everyone either crowded around the girl and moved away from the bookshelf as far as they could, some of their classmates got out of the room.Bookmark here

I was stuck in place until Toby took my hand and tried to get away from the scene. He whispered to me, “get on my back.” I climbed on him and ran out of the room. He squeezed through the small spaces between his classmates and bumped into them on purpose so they wouldn’t hit me, “sorry! I need to pee!” He kept running until we reached the restrooms. Tony caught up with us a few seconds after. Bookmark here

Tony looked out the door, and under the stalles one-by-one. With his smallest whisper, “Pull the plug on the experiment, you need to go back home Tommy.”Bookmark here

“Sorry.” I feel really guilty getting them into this mess.Bookmark here

“It’s okay, you did nothing wrong.” Toby said. Tony nodded.Bookmark here

I climbed down from Toby’s back. “Okay, looks like I’ll see you around.”Bookmark here

We talked about “contingency plans”, as Tony calls them, just in case this kind of thing happens. And I was glad that we had a plan like that in place. I don’t want anybody to get in trouble.Bookmark here

I got out of the school campus through one of the entrances from the back. I had to sneak past a security guard, and I was out. Bookmark here

I started to walk back to my house.Bookmark here

I looked to the sky and it was very cloudy.Bookmark here

“Ah, that looks like corn.” I told myself.Bookmark here

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