Chapter 6:


Absolute Reality: A Chance in Restoring a Foredoomed World

Dear Damien and Lisa, if you’re reading this, I’m likely somewhere very far away. Don’t worry, I’m feeling perfectly fine. You might wonder why I chose to do this. Well, for starters, there’s something I need to investigate. As much as I’d rather avoid this, I can’t particularly let this one slide. It looks like I’ll be missing quite a bit of senior year, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back. In fact, I plan on returning at all costs. I know, I know, I’m an ass for doing this in the first place… perhaps a bit selfish too. I sincerely apologize in advance. Believe it or not, this is all for the greater good, so please relay this message to an official that’s working under Queen Fiorain a convincing way if possible. Until then, I’ll be keeping my promises… take care and thank you for understanding! Your roommate, Syrus.


An hour went by since he left the bar. Resting above a community building, Syrus observed the quiet city view.

“Honestly, I should have thought about this phase more. How exactly do I leave Trestia? I’m just seventeen and a student to top it off. Without a permit I’ll be sent home immediately.”


“C’mon Syrus, think, think!” Knocking the side of his head, he squinted his eyes as he dove deeper into thought.

“Huh? H-Hwaaaah!”

Losing grip, he started to slip off the slanted roof, falling three stories downward.


To his luck, he landed onto a stall that had a garment tied above as shelter. Although the stand was no longer on its wooden legs, it didn’t look impossible to fix.

“Shit!” Taking no risks, the young one sprinted to a nearby alley after scrambling back onto his feet.

“For once, I actually appreciate these merchants.”

Just as he said this, he recalled a moment from the Queen’s ceremony.

“I'm one of them. I arrived from Benareth yesterday to market my goods on the low.” That line from the merchant gave Syrus an idea.

“Merchants… that’s it! If I find a trading caravan that’s leaving the city, I can sneak in and improve my chances of leaving unidentified—just like those Benareth smugglers.” He balled up a fist as his confidence skyrocketed.

“Sorry to whoever’s stall I damaged, I’ll make it up someday!” He said to himself as he sprinted deeper into the alley.

A few hours passed until the morning sun prepared to rise.

“Mmh…” leaning against a wall, he yawned after waking up from a nap. “Shoot! I have to move!” Springing up to his feet, he darted to the end of the alley and began to monitor the various caravans that rolled by. The chatter of merchants promoting their life away was the only audible noise aside from the rattling transportation.

Slowly slipping his hood on, Syrus observed various carriages. Many overflowed with goods, animals, workers and families.

“Here goes nothing!” Speed walking into the cluster of caravans, he leaped into the rear of one of them, sighing in relief as he noticed it was empty aside from some boxes.

Advancing to the front of the storage area, he slowly moved a curtain to see who was driving. It looked to be a couple... who was making out together. Raising an eyebrow, he slowly backed away to find somewhere to sit when something caught his attention.


Slowly turning around, he saw a little girl with green hair just like the lady up front, who was almost certainly her mother. She was perhaps around the age of six, staring at him in confusion as she stood in the middle of the caravan.

Immediately panicking, Syrus stumbled with his words. “W-Wait, it’s not what you think it is. Shhh!” Plunging a finger to his lips, he attempted to convince the little one to stay silent.

However, her puzzling expression slowly turned into a feared one. She looked seconds from breaking into a sob or a scream, both being an inevitable ticket for him to leave.


A light bump caused both to fall on their bottoms, giving Syrus a second to try something before she opened her eyes again.

“Heh?” The little one watched as Syrus slowly waved two shiny silver coins. Pursuing a warm smile, he lowered both of them, spinning them around each other in a circular rotation to put on a distraction.

“Whoa…” Somehow, she was impressed, joining both hands together in amusement. He then slid one coin towards her, nodding in approval.

“Here, you try now.” He whispered, slowly demonstrating how to spin the other coin with both index fingers. She nodded in return and smiled. It took various attempts, but eventually the child caught on.

“I should be out of the city by now.” Peeking from the back curtains, he noticed the open land followed the empire walls which looked to be at least half a mile away.

Standing up, he waved an arm to wish a goodbye to the little one. “I have to go now. You can keep the coin, okay? Thanks for being nice to me.” As he said this, she walked closer and hugged his leg and nodded.

Blushing a little, Syrus gave her a gentle headpat before leaping out.

“Lilia, is everything okay back there?” Quickly turning around, the mother immediately noticed the silver coin in her daughter’s hand.

“Yes mamaaa!”

“Whaa, is that a silver coin?!”

Syrus giggled as he hid behind a nearby tree, the carriage quickly disappearing into the distance.

Sprinting away from the outer path, he went past a few steep hills.

"This view... it's breathtaking. Nature is so much prettier when you experience it first hand. Why were we secluded away from this, Aunty? Hehe."

After ascending down another, he slowed down until pausing at the edge of a forest.

"Everdale Forest is it? According to the map, this should be one edge of it. These trees are huge!" Pausing abruptly, he sensed a presence that he expected, forcing a nervous smile on his face.

“Now then, I’m assuming you’re not here to ‘help’ me this time, are you?”

The sound of metal rang from behind. Turning around, he grinned nervously as sweat started to form on his face. There stood a familiar figure, only this time they had an oddly shaped armament drawn.

“Isn’t that right, Renae?”
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