Chapter 2:


Battlefield Restart: Mortal God

It was at that moment, the scenery changed once more.Bookmark here

The 'Knights' and 'Priests' that surrounded me turned to nothingness. A force similar to the one that pulled me over to this supposedly 'Royal' castle once again transported me somewhere else.Bookmark here

After focusing my eyes, I saw that there was a creepy-looking faceless man in a formal suit standing respectfully before me. The world around me seemed both dark and bright, just like the faceless man's clothing… and even his physique.Bookmark here

"And who are you?" I spoke.Bookmark here

It was the first time in eighty years something like this had happened to me, but I chose not to panic. Bookmark here

It's not like losing composure will help a deadman anyway... Bookmark here

I have nothing of value that could be taken from me!Bookmark here

I mean, just look at me! Bookmark here

I'm merely an elderly, decrepit old geezer waiting for death to call- Oh wait, I'm already dead. Bookmark here

Even if the faceless man in front of me was dangerous or even if my 'soul' is now a captive of some godly entity, there's no reason for me to worry about losing something now that I'm no longer alive.Bookmark here

"'I am a God from another world~'... Is what I wanted to say, but that summary of an explanation isn't quite right." The half-black and half-white faceless man said after thinking about it deeply.Bookmark here

I felt his 'gaze' sharpening moments before he glanced at the world around him. Bookmark here

It was almost as if he too wasn't sure on how to put my situation into words.Bookmark here

"You probably have a lot of questions for me, so I'll start my story from the beginning, but please be patient with me until I've done explaining." The faceless man was polite and direct with his words.Bookmark here

I decided to say nothing. It wouldn't make sense for me to anger this supernatural entity anyway...Bookmark here

My suspension of disbelief was already broken enough. Meeting this weird guy might as well happen.Bookmark here

"In a world completely different than your own. Two types of ceremonies are conducted every hundred years. One was named the 'Hero Summoning', while the other was named the 'Totem Summoning'.Bookmark here

I know you've read similar tales in your youth at the time you were still in your own world. Bookmark here

Tales of a Hero defeating a Demon King and saving the known world. Bookmark here

It may seem ridiculous to you, but the truth is that you were chosen. You were once a candidate to be summoned into this magical world many centuries ago. Just look." The faceless man gestured behind me. His posture and etiquette were perfect.Bookmark here

I turned my head to see that the light and dark world located there was suddenly transforming.Bookmark here

It distorted into something unexpected...!Bookmark here

What appeared before me was a lush world filled with forests and giant mountains. I looked down and saw old civilisations similar to the ones built in my own world. Bookmark here

This world is definitely different from my own.Bookmark here

I wouldn't be able to explain how I could see two suns, one big and one small, shining brightly in the sky otherwise.Bookmark here

The faceless man didn't interrupt me.Bookmark here

I somehow fell into a deep trance, and curiously observed the breathtaking world around me.Bookmark here

"It's a beautiful world." I spoke wholeheartedly praise after stealing a glance at the faceless man.Bookmark here

Now, I was the one in deep thought. Bookmark here

If he really wasn't a so-called 'God', why is he so respectful to me: A tool kidnapped to serve the foreigners of this world?Bookmark here

Not only that but there was a lot of inconsistencies in his words... How could he know my past? Bookmark here

And even if he did, I couldn't understand why he acted so familiar with me despite his high position. Bookmark here

He didn't introduce himself and instead decided to show me the beauty of these foreign lands.Bookmark here

Why is he going this far? Bookmark here

I can't wrap my head around it...Bookmark here

"Please tell me more about this alternate world." I said after seeing how magical this world was. Bookmark here

I almost felt like the liveliness of my youth had restored!Bookmark here

From what I could see in the 'Mirror' the godly entity made: Dragons and Phoenixes lived harmoniously on deserted landscapes. Bookmark here

Not only that, but they also seemed to have an amiable relationship with other mythological races and creatures. Bookmark here

I couldn't help but be surprised after seeing that there were many purple-skinned people. Some had these blue lightning tattoos on their bodies and built temples. They seemed to blend in with the varied ancient cultures of species around them.Bookmark here

Hah... This really is an another world alright~! Bookmark here

I may be unable to tell who those tattooed foreigners are, but they didn't seem to be of the same species as 'Druids'. Bookmark here

Nothing similar to those human-like beings I saw when I was first 'summoned' to this world.Bookmark here

Just look at their naturally stronger physiques...Bookmark here

It was only after taking a good look at the alternate world through this strange 'mirror' that changed its perspective constantly did I turn around to look at the man behind me.Bookmark here

"Informing you about the difference in society and common sense of this mystical world… probably wouldn't be able to help you adapt. Those type of differences are things that can't be explained.Bookmark here

Especially through a few mere words alone.Bookmark here

Instead, I'll inform you of your current circumstances. The reason you're here in front of me… is due to the fact that you can no longer return back to your original world called Earth." The faceless man said in a somewhat serious tone. Bookmark here

His 'face' showed no signs of mischief or falsehood, as deep within his tone of voice were emotions of pure sincerity.Bookmark here

It was strange how I could read his expression. This was especially true considering how the faceless man in front of me only had an outline of humanoid features... There were no features to go off of…Bookmark here

"I don't understand what you're trying to say." I glared at him with gradually furrowing brows.Bookmark here

My inquisitive nature didn't seem to bother him, nor did the anger I displayed to intimidate him.Bookmark here

"Let me clear up why these 'Druids' and 'Fiends' even bother to summon people from a different world through ceremonies. Only after that will you understand why you can't return to your… 'home'."Bookmark here

That last word of his made me feel a sourness in my throat. It was hard to call that place a 'home'.Bookmark here

Even without personal reasons, I hated unfamiliarity a lot. That was why it was better to go back.Bookmark here

Even if I didn't like 'home', it was better then this.Bookmark here

The world behind the man changed. It seemed to illustrate a story. He continued his explanation.Bookmark here

"I'll try to keep this simple enough for you to understand. In truth, the world you saw was the creation made by the joint effort of two Gods, the Moon Goddess and Sun God. Both these Gods created their own children based on their image. Bookmark here

The Sun God created the Druids, whilst the Moon God created those known as Fiends.Bookmark here

Everything was peaceful at first, both races were respectful to each other and cared for each other's wellbeing. Bookmark here

The Fiend Race offered their power to help the frail beings to build society. Bookmark here

On the other hand, the Druid Race returned their kindness by imparting their innate wisdom. Bookmark here

However, a change occurred after many years had passed, the Moon God and Sun God had a falling out due to the wars their children fought over petty squabbles.Bookmark here

The Moon God was angered by the Druid Race's greed. Bookmark here

Similarly, the Sun God was angered by the Fiend Race's savagery. Bookmark here

They fought, killing each other in the process, and left behind two Divine Swords that held traces of their 'Will' they decreed before death.Bookmark here

The Divine Sword of Eternal Darkness held the decree to eradicate the Druid Race.Bookmark here

The Divine Sword of Infinite Light held the decree to eradicate the Fiends. Bookmark here

The Fiend Race tried to let their Emperors (Chiefs) handle the Divine Sword of Darkness, but found that none of them had the required strength to lift it.Bookmark here

Those who attempted to do so forcibly had all died with shattered souls. They were sent to the Death God as punishment for their sins. Bookmark here

The Druid Race had similar circumstances on their side, but the solution their greatest Magician came up with was shocking. He planned to summon a strong being from another world to wield the Divine Sword of Light in the stead of their champions.Bookmark here

They used the magical energy within the Divine Sword of Light to summon a warrior from alternate world, but little did they know that their Magician's suggestion was overheard by Fiend Race spies. Bookmark here

This allowed Fiends to duplicate the ceremony and allowed them to summon a wielder for the Divine Sword of Darkness. Bookmark here

The ceremony done on both sides was a success, and a tradition was created from that day forth so that the almighty will of their Gods could be carried out completely.Bookmark here

The wielders were always summoned from your world called Earth. Bookmark here

Every time they appeared in this chaotic world, the great war between both races would intensify. Bookmark here

The summoned wielders would be imparted strength by their Divine Swords upon arrival to this world called Sphera, allowing them to become truly invincible warriors of the race they were summoned by. Bookmark here

The only drawback of this power was the lack of freedom brought by the decree of the two stubborn Divine Swords.Bookmark here

In every hundred years, the summoned Hero and Demon King would lose their right to possess their Divine Swords. Bookmark here

This was because of the restrictions placed on them by the ones handling their summonings. Bookmark here

It was most due to the fact that both races didn't want the wielder of their Divine Swords to weaken with age. After all, the swords only gave one enhanced physical limits, not immortality.Bookmark here

A 'wielder' could hold onto his Divine Sword for a long time and even have his/her lifespan augmented by the divinity within their respective swords, yet what it couldn't dispel was age. Bookmark here

This created a very long cycle of tradition...Bookmark here

A troublesome cycle repeated hundreds and thousands of times as countless eras passed... Bookmark here

That is... until the incident where YOU were summoned!Bookmark here

One man becoming both the wielder of the Divine Sword of Darkness and Divine Sword of Light took place." The faceless man stopped his words there and dissipated the realistic illustrations behind him.Bookmark here

The faceless man in front of me gave me a lot of information I couldn't digest it all in one go. Bookmark here

However, I was still able to instantly make some connections to what happened to me before I arrived here, then began making sense of the present situation I'm in thanks to his words.Bookmark here

It seems the people I met before really weren't humans, but mystical beings called Druids... Bookmark here

Really…? They seemed so… 'humane'…Bookmark here

Hmmm, that's strange because they looked too similar to me. They didn't look anything like the tree huggers I heard Druids were in my past as a knowledgeable Intellectual (In other words: Otaku).Bookmark here

Well, it's probably nothing special...Bookmark here

It might be that they looked identical to humans due to their similar history and culture. Bookmark here

The illustrations the faceless man showed couldn't have been fake. He had no reason to lie.Bookmark here

The Divine Swords drawn were also an exact replica of the ones I saw after being summoned.Bookmark here

Not only that, but the Gods who held the swords seemed to be the type who would stubbornly fight to uphold their beliefs. Bookmark here

Or so I'm told...Bookmark here

One sword seemed like it was glimmering in light, whilst the other sword was so dark that it seemed to devour light itself. What baffles me the most about what the faceless man said is that the two Gods actually fought over such childish reasons.Bookmark here

I understand that the Druids created by the Sun God may have been too similar to humans and thus incited war, but what is up with the actual Gods themselves getting caught up in a war?Bookmark here

He said it was due to different ideals? Really? Is it even possible for such powerful beings, that the faceless man illustrated with his world altering powers, to even sacrifice themselves this way!?Bookmark here

Did they even exist…?Bookmark here

If they don't exist, then why would the faceless man tell me this? The care he's showing towards me seems genuine, yet that in ITSELF is what makes me feel more suspicion towards him. Bookmark here

I've never had any close friends who HADN'T gone through life or death tribulations with me, so I'm unable to comprehend his reasoning...Bookmark here

Perhaps I'm just imagining it and the faceless man is only being kind. Bookmark here

You can't judge a supernatural entity like him with regular human logic, right?Bookmark here

My heart thumped wildly. Bookmark here

I took in what he said, not knowing how to respond. Bookmark here

My previously indifferent face became stern…Bookmark here

I looked at the faceless man in front of me. The fact that I couldn't return was something that didn't really affect me much as I thought it would, but what he implied in his 'tale' really put me on edge.Bookmark here

He said that the Gods of this world died...!? Bookmark here

If so, then who's this strange guy?Bookmark here

I think I should've pretended to not have thought of this question. Bookmark here

To wait until he started introducing himself was quite heart-wrenching... Bookmark here

Who knows what could happen if the faceless man has a weird temperament? Bookmark here

What if he could be easily incensed by such obvious questions of this nature?Bookmark here

Meh... It could be that he forgot to introduce himself as well, but that seemed unlikely.Bookmark here

The faceless man seemed to be a lot wiser than one would expect. Bookmark here

The fact that he has a lot of information regarding me didn't make me feel any safer. Bookmark here

His actions could mean he read through my thoughts... I could be an open book to him.Bookmark here

Hmmm... Now that I think about it: The faceless man before me never mentioned exactly 'why' he couldn't send me back to my homeland. Bookmark here

Is it that he can't send me back to Earth now that I died like the others before me, or that he won't?Bookmark here

I can't believe this to be the truth. I feel like he's insulting my intelligence... How can an entity that could bend reality to his will not be able to send me back to my homeland back on Earth?Bookmark here

If I'm going to die somewhere, I want it to be in the country I fought to protect all through my life! Bookmark here

Although those in power may believe me to be a threat even at this age of mine, that doesn't change the fact that I want my grave to be somewhere close to my fallen comrades-in-arms.Bookmark here

Fine... Let's say he can't send me back for now... Bookmark here

However, the problem still stood that the even I'm unable to comprehend how I was chosen twice out of the more than seven billion people of Earth in these two summonings. It doesn't make sense!Bookmark here

Was it really a coincidence?Bookmark here

Forget it. Thinking about that now had no meaning anyway. As of right now, I was totally at his mercy.Bookmark here

Let's see what this 'God' will do next…Bookmark here

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