Chapter 2:

Kenshi's On The Move

Deity Dweller Part One

Chapter StartsBookmark here

Kenshi: Dashes towards the deity beasts and has a frustrated expressionBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: WAIT ONIZUKA!!Bookmark here

Ugly Deity Beast #1 And #2: in unison !?Bookmark here

Yukime:?Bookmark here

Ajisaira: You're-Bookmark here

Kenshi: punches a deity beast one of them would get knocked down while the other would jump out of the wayBookmark here

Kenshi: pants attacking two girls with nothing to defend guys are nothing...BUT ASSHOLESBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: 😅 inner monologue I never knew Onizuka was so chivalrousBookmark here

Kenshi: walks over to the girls Yukime and Ajisaira you guys okay?Bookmark here

Yukime: yes...Bookmark here

Ajisaira: uhhh...yeah wait you're in our class right?Bookmark here

Kenshi: 😅 don't remember me?Bookmark here

Ajisaira: nopeBookmark here

Kenshi: I see....heart shatters then I would go cry in a cornerBookmark here

Ajisaira: heh...sorry I'm terrible when it comes to remembering people's names or facesBookmark here

Kenshi: sad faceBookmark here

Ajisaira: 😅Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: walks over to Ajisaira don't mind him Ajisaira I guess when he's forgotten it hurts his pride a bitBookmark here

Ajisaira: yeah maybe you're right...huh oh hey Pusillanimous BoyBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: wait...pusillanimous?Bookmark here

Ajisaira: yep! It just means cowardly or weakBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: stands there in shockBookmark here

Yukime: Ajisaira I think you killed them...Bookmark here

Ajisaira: hehBookmark here

Ugly Deity Beast #2: jumps back down then licks lipsBookmark here

Ajisaira: gets startled then looks behind and sees the deity beast licking its lips then I would shake then scream out of fearBookmark here

Ugly Deity Beast #2: here I come!! jumps at herBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: L- there would be a loud stab noise and it would be Kenshi blocking the attackBookmark here

Kenshi: the beast would have stabbed my heart as I jumped in front of Ajisaira y...o...u....o...ka...y?Bookmark here

Ajisaira: starts crying y-yesBookmark here

Kenshi: I'm.....g...l...a..d..falls and collapses on the ground not breathingBookmark here

Ajisaira: crying K-KENSHI!!Bookmark here

chapter endsBookmark here

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