Chapter 0:

Chapter 0

Tokyo Junkie

Tokyo BayBookmark here

23:45Bookmark here

“Heh heh heh,” Nao chuckled as she wandered through the old abandoned warehouse, “Well, what do you guys think? This is Kuri Kuri Warehouse; it was said to be abandoned because a bunch of construction workers died when a girder fell on them. It’s definitely haunted!” She said as she moved her camera around, showing the warehouse. Nao was the infamous online Ghost Hunter Naokai! She explored places that people reported “haunted” to seek the truth! “There doesn’t seem to be anything here at the-“ she then gasped and spun around as the sound of a splash was heard, “What was that?! Could it be a ghost?!” She then gave a soft giggle, “No, ghosts can’t swim, it was probably a fish.”Bookmark here

The rattling of chains went off, followed by a swoosh sound. She spun around to where the sound came from before she slowly turned back around. She screamed when she saw a single glowing eye, “What the hell is that?!” The eye started to move towards her. It blinked before it then stopped and looked up as the ceiling suddenly crashed in. Nao screamed and lunged aside before turning to see a creature standing in the middle of the warehouse. She screamed, causing the strange beast to turn to her. It went to approach her when a massive kunai flew from the dark and stabbed the creature in the chest. The creature roared before a young man suddenly warped over to the creature. He grabbed the kunai’s handle and kicked the creature with his foot causing it to go flying and crash into the wall.Bookmark here

The creature got up and charged the young man. The young man smirked and gave a battle cry before he slashed the creature twice across the chest. He then performed a backhanded upward slash causing the beast to stand straight up before its body turned to ash. The ash then turned to a light blue glow, and it flew into his face. He then turned and looked to Nao; Nao froze in place the moment her eyes met his. The glowing eye from before belonged to him. His left eye had three irises, the one around his pupil was yellow, the one around that was purple, and the one around that was orange. His right however was normal with a brown color. He had bone-colored hair and was about average height. He glared at her before he then approached her.Bookmark here

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” He said to her as he grabbed her arm and pulled her off the ground. “This isn’t a place for kids!”Bookmark here

“K-Kid?! We look to be the same age!!! How old do you think I am?!?!!!”Bookmark here

“I dunno,” he said before he looked her up and down, “Five.”Bookmark here

“Five?!” Bookmark here

“Anyways, you should probably leave here.”Bookmark here

“What?! Why?! That was-“ she then gasped, “Please tell me I got that!!!” She pulled up her video camera to look at the past footage; there was nothing except for her screaming and a shot of the ground, “No way!!!”Bookmark here

“Even if you got something, there’d be nothing. Ghosts and Yokai don’t appear on camera.”Bookmark here

“How would you know?!”Bookmark here

“I am one,” he said to her, she looked at him and paused for a second. Bookmark here

“Uh...what?” She then looked at his multi-colored eye, “Actually, that explains the eye….so what are you exactly?”Bookmark here

“I have a human body because I was born from a human, but I’m Half-Ghost and Half-Yokai. My mother was a Ghost, and she possessed a woman’s body long enough for her to have me; afterward, she left the woman’s body and took me with her.”Bookmark here

“O-Oh...I see…”Bookmark here

“Oh well, I’ll see ya.” He said resting his hands behind his head as he turned to walk off,Bookmark here

“W-Wait!” She said, “What’s your name?!”Bookmark here

He stopped and turned around to look at her, “Tokyo,” he said, “Tokyo Junkie.”Bookmark here

“Tokyo…” She said, “I’m Nao.”Bookmark here

“Cool, whatever.” He said as he went to walk off again,Bookmark here

“Hey! Wait! Um…” he groaned as he stopped again, “What kind of Yokai are you?”Bookmark here

“Trust me when I say you don’t want to find out. I’ll see you around Tiny Tits.”Bookmark here

“T-Tiny Tits?!?!!!!!”Bookmark here

“Yes, you’re a genetic failure because your chest is flat.”Bookmark here

“I-I’m not a genetic failure!!!!”Bookmark here

“Then invest in silicone.”Bookmark here

“No way!!! I don’t want people to see me as fake!!!”Bookmark here

“Whatever you say, Tiny Tits.”Bookmark here

“Stop calling me that!!!”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry,” he said, turning around to face her, “Would you prefer Chibi Chest?”Bookmark here

“U-Uh….n-no….”Bookmark here

“I see. Anyways, see you around.” And with that, he vanished. Nao gave a slight growl as she turned to her camera again. Bookmark here

“I might as well go home…” she said with a sigh.Bookmark here

ShibuyaBookmark here

11:30 AMBookmark here

The following morning Nao sat at her computer desk, trying to splice and edit her video from last night. She kept going over the footage from when she fell and screamed. She then paused when she saw Tokyo show up on the camera, “Hold on…” She leaned forward as she played the video back and forth, “If Yokai and Ghosts don’t show up on camera…” she then paused, “Oh! That’s right! He said he has a human body! That’s why I can see him!” A knock then came from her apartment door, she turned in the direction of the door and called, “I’ll be there in a second!!!” She then looked to her computer and saved the progress she made before she ran to the door and opened it, “Hello?”Bookmark here

“Yes! Hi!” A young woman said, “You’re that Ghost Hunter, right? Naokai?”Bookmark here

“Um, yeah, who are you?”Bookmark here

“I think there’s a ghost or something in the building where I work! Can you investigate?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, sure, what’s the address?”Bookmark here

“Here!” The young woman reached into her purse and handed Nao a business card, “This is it!”Bookmark here

“Thanks,” Nao responded, taking the card, “So um, what kind of ghost are you dealing with?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know! But it, or they are in the bathroom! Several employees go in there and none of them come out!”Bookmark here

“I see, I’ll look into it tonight.”Bookmark here

“Thank you so much!” The young woman said bowing to her, “I should get going!” She then turned and walked down the hall. Bookmark here

“Hmm...the bathroom? Maybe it’s one of those urban legends or something.” Nao said as she shut the door to her apartment.Bookmark here

Office BuildingBookmark here

23:30Bookmark here

Nao walked around the office building with her camera out. “Hi, everyone! Naokai here again! I’ve gotten reports of a mysterious bathroom ghost! Maybe it’s one of those urban legends!” As she wandered around, she eventually came to a bathroom, “Okay, here’s a bathroom!” She walked inside and looked around, “Hmm…nothing seems to be in here.” She turned and left and went into the women's bathroom, “Hello? Anyone here?” She looked around before she gave a disappointed sigh, “Nothing in this one.”Bookmark here

She went up the numerous floors before she came to the top floor. She came down the hall slowly approaching the bathroom, “Might as well take a bathroom break.” She went into the women’s restroom and did her business. As she went to wash her hands, she heard a faucet go off, followed by footsteps. She paused and washed her hands before she went back into the hallway. More footsteps were heard, and she panicked slightly and hid behind a shrub, “Someone’s here!” She slowly poked her head and camera from around the bush to see a person walk out of the bathroom, “’s a person; it’s probably just the night guard.” She stood up and stepped into the hall. The person froze and turned and looked at her.Bookmark here

“My my,” the person said, “You’re quite the looker.” He then started to approach her; Nao swallowed heavily.Bookmark here

“Oh...uh, I’m really not all that-“Bookmark here

“No, you actually are.” As he got closer to her, his face came into view from the moon and city lights. He was a man with shaggy dark green hair and white and gray, almost silver, colored eyes, “Hmmmm,” he reached his hand out and grazed her shoulder, “Interesting…”Bookmark here

“Oh...uh...I should probably get going,” she said, turning around and trying to walk off. He then wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to him.Bookmark here

“Why the rush? You and I could have a lot of fun.” Bookmark here

“F-Fun…?” Bookmark here

“Yes, come with me.” He took her hand, and the two walked through the hallway. They eventually came to the stairs and he brought her onto the roof. She looked around at the city and the moon above her, “Yes, this spot will do nicely.” He then wrapped his arms around her again causing her to gasp slightly, “Now then, I want you to take off all your clothes.” Bookmark here

“Wh-What…?! Wh-Why?!”Bookmark here

“Oh come on, you have such a cute little butthole, and you really didn’t expect me to play with it?” Bookmark here

“I...Wh-What?!?!!!”Bookmark here

“You heard me,” he smiled, “I was there when you-”Bookmark here

“Hey, you,” a voice came, the man gave a slight growl before he turned to see Tokyo standing on the edge of the building, “Leave Tiny Tits alone.”Bookmark here

“T-Tokyo…?!” Nao said, Bookmark here

“Oh? You know her?” The man asked,Bookmark here

“Not entirely, she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Tokyo said, Bookmark here

“I see, well since you don’t know her, and you certainly don’t own her, she’s mine. Her cute little butthole and all.”Bookmark here

“I see, so you’re one of them.”Bookmark here

“One of what???” Nao asked rather afraid, Bookmark here

“Ssssh, don’t worry yourself. I wouldn’t want that butthole of yours to be soiled.” The man said as he pressed the tip of her nose with his finger,Bookmark here

“C-Can we stop talking about my butthole…?!”Bookmark here

“He can’t,” Tokyo said, “It’s just what he is.” Bookmark here

“Wh-What he is…?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Tokyo responded as he folded his arms, “Should you tell her, or should I?”Bookmark here

“I don’t care,” the man said, “There should be no more beating around the bush.” He then looked to Nao and gave her a rather creepy grin, “Congratulations, your first Yokai is a Kappa.” Bookmark here

“K-Kappa?!?!!!” Nao said,Bookmark here

“Yes, they’re dangerous Yokai, especially to humans. They often hide under bridges or in toilets. Once a human uses the bathroom, they shove their arms so far up your ass so they can either pull you inside out, eat your soul, or rip you in two.” Tokyo said, Bookmark here

“Wh-What?!?!!!” Nao looked at the man, “ were in the bathroom when I-“ her eyes widened and she suddenly fell to her hands and knees in utter despair, “H-He saw…” Bookmark here

“Come now,” the man said kneeling beside her and placing his hands on her shoulders, “Just because you know what I am, doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun with that cute little butthole of yours.” Bookmark here

“If anyone is going to do anything to Tiny Tits, it’s me,” Tokyo said, the Kappa looked up to Tokyo and grit his teeth. He stood up and clenched his fists,Bookmark here

“You’re going to stand in the way of me and my precious meal?!” He smirked, “Fine then!” He then fired lasers from his eyes; Tokyo effortlessly moved his head, causing the lasers to soar through the air before they struck Tokyo Tower causing it to fall over.Bookmark here

“Too slow,” Tokyo said as the Kappa’s eyes widened, “Way, way, way too slow.” Zero said as he rolled and popped his neck, “Tell me, what’s your name?”Bookmark here

“Me?” The Kappa chuckled, “My name is Zero! And I’m going to destroy you!” He then screamed as he opened his mouth and shot a massive fireball. Tokyo quickly raised his hand in the air before bringing it down to the roof of the building, sinking his fingers into the concrete. He then started to stand up and raise his hand as his massive Kunai came from the ground. The instant the fireball reached him he quickly backhanded it with the Kunai sending it flying through the air before it crashed onto the ground destroying over a third of the city. Zero then ran towards Tokyo with his fist raised. Bookmark here

Tokyo quickly sidestepped as Zero threw a punch, Tokyo then slashed Zero down the back before he then spun and performed a roundhouse kick causing Zero to fall off the building. Zero hit the ground before he slowly stood up, he looked up to Tokyo diving towards him, sword first. Zero jumped and kicked Tokyo in the chin before he spun and kicked Tokyo in the side, causing Tokyo to fly across the street. Tokyo quickly flipped and landed on his feet. Zero smirked as he opened his palm, conjuring a Naginata which he spun a few times before he held it behind his back, “Bring it!” Zero said with a slight growl in his voice. Bookmark here

Tokyo then sped towards Zero, and the two clashed weapons causing the street beneath them to crack, and the windows and lights around them to shatter. Zero thrust his blade towards Tokyo who smacked it away with his own blade before he threw a punch. Zero quickly dodged, the air pressure from Tokyo’s punch caused the ground to shake followed by a massive fist-shaped crater to appear on the building behind Zero. Zero grit his teeth and quickly punched Tokyo across the face before he went to stab him. Tokyo moves aside completely dodging the blade before he struck Zero in the face with his elbow. Zero slid across the street before his heels hit the curb and he fell onto his back. Bookmark here

Zero groaned as he slowly started to get up, his eyes widened as Tokyo dashed towards him and stabbed his massive Kunai through his chest. Zero grits his teeth as he grabbed onto the handle of Tokyo’s blade. Zero then smirked, “You won’t take me out that easily!” Zero then kicked Tokyo in the gut, causing him to fly into a car across the street. Zero stood up and removed the Kunai from his chest before his eyes flashed a purple color. He let out a massive roar that caused the air to shake and buildings to level. His skin turned green, and he began to bulk up, his mouth then changed to a beak, and his fingers became webbed and gained claws. His arms lengthened with spiky protrusions coming from his elbows and knees. An armored shell appeared on his back, followed by a small tail as he grew slightly in size. His eyes had now become more flame-shaped and were now a fiery orange. Bookmark here

“Now then,” he said as he chuckled and flexed and closed his fingers, “It’s time for me to make you go home in a body bag!!!” Zero then dashed towards Tokyo at high speeds before he palmed Tokyo’s face in his hands before he threw him down the street and into an oil truck, causing it to explode. Zero then fired numerous fireballs, only causing more and more substantial explosions. Zero stood there watching the massive flames burn. He then had a look of confusion as he saw Tokyo slowly walk from the fire unharmed. “Wh-What the hell…?!”Bookmark here

“I see, so you want to play rough.” Tokyo then smirked, “Fine then, let’s play rough.” He suddenly grabbed his face before he quickly pulled his hand away, striping his head of its skin, hair, and muscle, leaving nothing but his skull. He looked to the clump of flesh and muscle in his hand before he dropped it. He then looked to Zero as his skull then erupted in a white flame-like aura. The two dashed at each other and began to engage in quick hand-to-hand combat. Zero threw a punch, and Tokyo stepped back before he vanished. Zero’s eyes widened as he started to look around. He was then struck across the face and sent flying into a building. Zero laid in the building’s lobby before he got back to his feet, only to be knocked off them moments later. Bookmark here

“What kind of insane speed is this?!” Zero growled as he stood up.Bookmark here

“It’s not speed,” Tokyo said as he suddenly appeared in front of Zero, “It’s just invisibility.” Tokyo then threw a hefty punch, which Zero quickly caught causing the entire building to shake before it came down on top of them. The two then flew from the top of the debris and began to fight each other in the air. Zero struck Tokyo across the face causing him to crash through the city and into the underground mall area. Bookmark here

Zero quickly caught up with his opponent, who had landed in a clothing store. Zero looked around before he saw Tokyo. Zero threw a punch causing Tokyo to shatter and have shards of a mirror fall. Tokyo smirked from inside the falling pieces before he lunged from the shard and drove his knee into Zero’s face sending him crashing to the surface. Tokyo caught up with Zero as he placed his hand at the base of his neck as he moved it side to side, popping the bones. “Are we done yet…?” Tokyo asked, “I’m getting a bit bored.”Bookmark here

“B-Bored?!?!!! Wh-What the hell are you...?!” Zero asked, he then shook his head, “Doesn’t matter!!!” He then took off at speed too fast for eyes to register and appeared behind Tokyo, “It’s now time for my ultimate move!!!” He then knelt down and clasped his hands together pointing his middle and index finger making a gun shape, “Death Kappa Death Kancho-“ His eyes widened as Tokyo quickly spun around and looked him dead in the eyes, “Oh crap...I’m screwed!” Zero thought just before Tokyo then punched Zero in the face. The impact from the punch was strong enough to cause a large chunk of the planet to fly off and hurl into space. Zero laid in the crater gritting his teeth, “D-Damn it…!” He then was grabbed by the collar and thrown into the air.Bookmark here

Tokyo then punched Zero in the chest before uppercutting him into the air before he punched downwards, causing Zero to crash into the ground. When Zero hit the ground, Tokyo swung his leg kicking Zero’s jaw, sending him flying from the crater before Tokyo performed a roundhouse kick sending Zero flying from Shibuya clear to Abashiri in not even less than a second. Zero crashed into a neighborhood with several houses. He coughed up blood as he slowly got onto his hands and knees before standing up, “Wh-What is he….why is he so strong…?!” He turned to see Tokyo suddenly standing in front of him,Bookmark here

“You want to know why? Are you really that stupid?”Bookmark here

“Wh-What…?!??!!”Bookmark here

“The moment before you fired the lasers at me is when I brought you and me to my Yokai Space. I recreated Earth down to every detail and we’ve been here this whole time.”Bookmark here

“Y-Yokai Space…?!?!!! But that would mean-“Bookmark here

“Yes,” he said, “When a Yokai is in their own Yokai Space, they become Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. I’ve never once had to use my own Yokai Space, but since you’re a Kappa, I made you a special case. You Kappa sicken me!!!”Bookmark here

“B-But….wh-what type of Yokai are you?!”Bookmark here

“Me? I’m the last of my kind,” he chuckled, “And you won’t be alive long enough to tell your friends. That is,” he then raised his hand and grabbed onto his skull, “If you had any.” He then tore the face off his skull, causing blood and marrow to spray into the air. As it did it grew in size and began to solidify,Bookmark here

“N-No….! D-Don’t tell me….!!!!” Zero said as a massive skeleton formed in front of him, “H-He’s a Gashadokuro…?!?!!!” Tokyo’s enormous skeleton body looked down at Zero. Zero then turned and went to run off only for Tokyo to grab onto Zero’s foot and drag him along the ground before lifting him into the air. Tokyo flipped Zero through the air before he caught him. Zero tried to break from Tokyo’s grasp as he was lifted to Tokyo’s mouth. “N-No…! W-Wait! F-Forgive me…!!! I-I’ll never touch another butthole again…!!!” Bookmark here

“That’s a lie,” Tokyo said before he pulled Zero to his mouth and bit his head clean off. As Zero’s blood sprayed, Tokyo drank it, causing it to form in a small ball near his stomach. Once Zero’s headless corpse was drained of blood completely he dropped the limp corpse to the ground before he then shrank and reverted to his human form. Bookmark here

ShibuyaBookmark here

8:35 AMBookmark here

Nao sighed as she sat at her table, eating her toast and eggs. “The past few days have really felt like a dream….” She said to herself as she continued to eat, “I mean, Kappa aren’t real...right? Ghosts and Yokai aren’t real either, I mean it’s all a prank. It has to be.” After she finished breakfast, she went to her computer and turned it on to see the video she was working on. There was Tokyo clear as day. Bookmark here

“That’s a bad image of me,” Tokyo said as he walked through the walls and into the room. Nao screamed as she fell off her chair,Bookmark here

“Where did you come from?!?!!!!”Bookmark here

“The other side of the wall,” he said before he looked to the computer, “Naokai, I looked you up. You’re a Ghost Hunter for fun, but everything you do is fake.”Bookmark here

“F-Fake…?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he said, “If you want to know about Ghosts and Yokai, I can tell you.”Bookmark here

“W-Wait...are you serious?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he said, picking up her chair before he sat in it, “Let’s start with me. You know my name, Tokyo Junkie. My father was the last Gashadokuro, and my mother was a ghost named Bloody Mary.”Bookmark here

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