Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Tokyo Junkie

E.X.O.R.C.I.S.T.Bookmark here

EternalBookmark here

XenosapienBookmark here

ObliterationBookmark here

RescueBookmark here

CommandBookmark here

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Founded well over 330 years ago, E.X.O.R.C.I.S.T has been mankind’s number one defense against the supernatural. Ghosts, Spirits, Yokai, Demons, Aliens, and the even greater unknown. Since its creation, the military organization has only grown larger and larger since its debut. The militants were often men and women who sought to make a difference and save the human race. Bookmark here

The Supernatural have done nothing but oppress the human race and seek to wipe out its very existence! Possessing, mutilating, and destroying the human race to the brink of extinction. Without a hope in the world, mankind nearly perished, if not a brave few who revived the E.X.O.R.C.I.S.T. group. They grew in power and were able to save humanity! They did this very action by hunting to extinction mankind’s most dangerous threat, the King of the Supernatural which made its first documented appearance in 1900 and ever since has been the greatest threat to mankind. They call them…Bookmark here

Tokyo JunkieBookmark here

The motorcycle raced down the highway chasing after a flaming vehicle. Shortly after the motorcycle, two heavily armored vehicles followed shortly after. The person on the motorcycle started to pick up speed. He then touched the side of his helmet as the earpiece inside of it started to ring like a phone. “Yo,” he responded,Bookmark here

“Tokyo! Hurry up! E.X.O.R.C.I.S.T. is right behind you! They’re literally everywhere! They could cut you off!” A female voice saidBookmark here

“Not if I have a say in it.” He responded as he gained speed. He held his right hand out to the side and flexed his fingers. A pentagram appeared on his palm before a pointed edge came out. He swung his right arm across his chest causing a massive kunai to come out. He grabbed onto the handle of the kunai and soon massive chains appeared around his arm. He then slowly looked over his shoulder slightly, “Damn pests…” he then quickly activated the brakes on the motorcycle before he spun around and landed on the back wheel of the bike before he slammed it in reverse at full throttle. Bookmark here

A hatch on the roof of the armored vehicle opened and a soldier came out. He grabbed onto the gun on the roof and pointed it at Tokyo. He then began to fire the weapon which resulted in silver beams of light being rapidly fired. Tokyo swung the kunai in different directions deflecting the light before throwing the Kunai. The Kunai landed in the engine of the vehicle, once this happened Tokyo grabbed onto the chains and yanked them to the side which resulted in the vehicle flying and crashing into the other one before exploding. “WAS THAT AN EXPLOSION I JUST HEARD?!?!?!?!?!!!!”Bookmark here

“Shit!” Tokyo responded, “I didn’t know you were still on the line!”Bookmark here

“OF COURSE I AM I NEVER HUNG UP!!! WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!”Bookmark here

“Nothing,” he said as he hit the brakes and spun his bike around. As the front wheel touched the street he then took off at full speed, “So what am I chasing?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know! It’s on fire!!! OH!!! Maybe it’s like that one comicbook character!!! He’s got a flaming head and rides a fiery horse, or motorcycle, or mustang or something!” Bookmark here

“This isn’t a comicbook Mini Mounds!!!”Bookmark here

“WHAT?!?!!! MINI MOUNDS?!?!?!?!!!!”Bookmark here

“Would you prefer Negative Nubs???”Bookmark here


“Literally grow a pair and I’ll stop.”Bookmark here

She then growled, “I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!”Bookmark here

“Focus Chibi Chest, what is this? I’ve been telling you all about the supernatural.”Bookmark here

“Okay, um, well,” she paused for a second with the sounds of keyboards going off, “Okay! So it’s likely a Wa-nyūdō or even a Katawaguruma!!”Bookmark here

“Exactly,” he said as he started to gain on the flaming vehicle, “I’m not seeing a naked body so it’s likely a Wa-nyūdō.” He eventually caught up to the flaming object. It was a wheel with a head in the center of it. “It’s a Wa-nyūdō,” Tokyo said looking over at it before he sped up. He performed a sharp turn on his back wheel before he accelerated towards the yokai. The two drew closer before a blinding light hit them and sent them crashing onto the road below. Bookmark here

“HELP HELP HELP HELP, HELP!!!!” The yokai screamed as it tried to get back up and roll away. Bookmark here

“Calm down,” Tokyo said as he painfully got back to his feet and walked over to it. Bookmark here

“NO NO NO NO NO, NO!!! IT’S TOO LATE!!!” Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” Tokyo asked as he removed his helmet. He then turned to a bright light coming from the highway. He saw a figure standing in the center of the light. They had a helmet on and seemed to be wearing a robe. “What the hell…?”Bookmark here

“RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN, RUN!!!” The yokai spoke as it was able to get itself up and then speed away. Tokyo watched it run off before turning back to the person in the light. The being rolled their neck before stepping off the ledge and walking down the beams of light before they came down to the ground. Once he was within view Tokyo looked the person up and down. Due to their build, they were male, he had armor pieces on his forearms, chest, and shins. His undersuit was black and made of leather, and two coat tails hung from his belt, they had a silver outline as well as silver flames on the bottom. His helmet was solid black, with the front part of it being a visor with the E.X.O.R.C.I.S.T crest in the center of it.Bookmark here

“Who the hell are you?” Tokyo asked,Bookmark here

“You may call me,” the man started, “Purge.” He then thrust his palm into Tokyo’s chest, sending him flying. Tokyo fell onto the street before he rolled onto his feet. He painted heavily before he looked down to his chest to see it slowly heal. Purge reached back and grabbed onto a ray of light before he swung it around in front of him and formed it into a polearm weapon. He spun his weapon before he held it tucked under his arm. Bookmark here

Tokyo then swung his fist out to the side causing the air to crack. He pushed his hand through the cracks and reached into a dimension as he pulled out his large Kunai. He swung it over his head before he held it down in front of him. The two then accelerated towards one another before their weapons clashed. Purge then quickly pulled his weapon away and struck Tokyo upside the face causing him to stumble backward. “You’re the one I’ve been trained to hunt,” Purge said as he walked towards Tokyo, “You’re the one I’ve been longing to kill, ever since I was a child I’ve been looking for you in particular, the last Gashadokuro.” Bookmark here

Tokyo groaned as he rubbed his face, “He must be using Holy Light,” Tokyo said to himself. Purge then accelerated toward Tokyo again and threw a heavy punch. Tokyo raised his forearm to block, but he was suddenly surprised when Purge’s fist traveled through his arm and struck him in the face. Tokyo grunted as he stumbled back a few feet, Bookmark here

“It’s no use,” Purge said as he continued to approach Tokyo. “As long as there is light, you cannot harm me.” Tokyo panted heavily as he began to think. He looked around before he saw the light on the highway. He then looked back to Purge before he closed his eyes before quickly opening them shortly after. A massive ringing shook the area around them and the light behind Purge began to flicker. Purge groaned as he placed his hand on the side of his helmet before he looked back to Tokyo.Bookmark here

Tokyo accelerated and performed an uppercut to Purge’s gut the second the light flickered off, as a result, Purge was struck and sent flying through the air. The light flickered on and off rather quickly before Purge then crashed into it as it turned off. This then destroyed the light which was mounted to a large pole. Purge rolled on the highway before he growled and got onto his hands and knees. He turned as Tokyo leaped onto the highway and started to walk towards him. Purge then turned to a car and held out his hand draining the lights from it. His body purified the light before he turned to Tokyo and said, “Piercing Light of Amun-Ra!” Bookmark here

Tokyo then stopped dead in his tracks as a spear of light shot from Purge’s hand and stabbed him through the chest and out his back. Tokyo growled before he reached forward and grabbed onto the light burning his hands in the process. The orange and purple in his left eye then shrank and focused into his pupil. His pupil started to glow before he shot a massive beam from his eye that shot through the highway. The light in his body faded as he then fell onto one knee. He panted heavily before he looked up to the sound of footsteps. The smoke and dust were then expelled as Purge emitted a massively blinding light. Tokyo’s eyes twitched as he clenched his teeth as he saw Purge swing a Shinto charm back and forth. Bookmark here

“I hear Shinto Artifacts and Charms can kill your kind.”Bookmark here

“Don’t believe everything you hear son,” Tokyo said as he got onto his feet. “They can’t kill me, I just find them annoying,” Tokyo said as he backed up a bit as Purge continued to walk towards him.Bookmark here

“Then why are you backing away?” He asked as Tokyo clenched his teeth. Purge accelerated towards Tokyo and grabbed him by the collar before he held the charm close to his face. Tokyo closed his eyes as he turned away from the charm. Tokyo swallowed nervously before he then gave a soft snicker followed by a chuckle. He then opened his eye and looked Purge head-on, Bookmark here

“It’s simple, I was backing away to buy time,” Tokyo said as he raised his right hand which was wound tight with chains. He pulled his arm back and his Kunai shot through the air and stabbed Purge through the back. Purge groaned in pain as he fell to his knees. Tokyo then grabbed Purge by the back of his helmet before he turned his head upwards so he was facing Tokyo. Tokyo reeled his free hand back and thrust his palm into Purge’s helmet, completely destroying it. His eyes widened when he saw the person underneath the mask “What the hell…? You’re just a kid…!” Purge growled before he punched Tokyo in the gut sending him flying from the highway. Tokyo quickly uses the opportunity to pull himself, his weapon, and his bike into his Yokai Realm. Bookmark here

Purge groaned as he held onto his side and stood up. He walked over to the edge of the highway and looked down to see Tokyo gone. He screamed before he slammed his fists onto the concrete border. “Rookie,” a commanding voice came from behind. Purge turned to see a commanding officer walk towards him, “You lost him, happens to the best of us. No need to lose your head. You did well.” Bookmark here

Across the city, in Nao’s apartment, Tokyo laid on her bed trying to heal as fast as possible. “So, like, a cyborg wizard or something attacked you?!” Bookmark here

“I wouldn’t exactly say that,” Tokyo said as he painfully sat up and turned to her on his bedside, “He was extremely well trained unlike other members of the group. Not only that, but he was just a kid.”Bookmark here

“A kid as in like an actual child or-“Bookmark here

“A kid as in your age.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean my age?! We’re the same age!!”Bookmark here

“We’re not,” Tokyo said before he sighed and leaned back and placed his hands behind his head, “I don’t see why they’d put kids in a military group.”Bookmark here

“It’s a pretty common thing, at least in America. Kids can’t wait to join the military and some join in high school.”Bookmark here

“I see,”Bookmark here

“Yeah…” Nao then looked down a bit before she then said, “Hey, so, Tokyo, can I ask you something?”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“What’s your family like? I mean, I know who your mom is, but do you have other family?”Bookmark here

“Hm,” Tokyo said as he looked to the ceiling, “I have a baby sister. I also have a girlfriend.”Bookmark here

“G-Girlfriend?!” Nao said as her heart sank a bit. Part of her was hoping he was single!Bookmark here

“Yeah, she lives in Okinawa though.”Bookmark here

“Do you visit her?”Bookmark here

“All the time,”Bookmark here

“Oh...I see…” She said, “What does she look like?”Bookmark here

“Well, she’s rather tall, she also has red hair.”Bookmark here

“Really?” Red hair?! Nao might actually have a chance! “Interesting, so, um…” Nao then paused before she sighed and walked over to her desk, “I should probably get working on the cam footage from your helmet.” She then sat down and plugged in the camera from Tokyo’s helmet into her computer. “You know, I really would like to meet your family.”Bookmark here

“Mhmm…”Bookmark here

“Who knows, maybe they’ll like me.” She said, “Hey um…” she then paused as her face began to glow a faint red, “’s been a few months or so since we met, and I was wondering...could a human, well, could a yokai…” she then sighed before she turned around in her chair, “Could a human and yokai be-“ she then stopped talking when she saw Tokyo asleep, “ love?” She then sighed before she shook her head and went back to working at the computer.Bookmark here

E.X.O.R.C.I.S.T BaseBookmark here

Purge stood in his room at the military base. His hands firmly grasped the sink as he breathed in and out rather heavily. He shut his eyes as a faint ringing echoed in the back of his mind. Tokyo’s words echoed in his mind, “What the hell…? You’re just a kid!” Again, and again, and again. He then screamed as he spun and tore the sink out of the wall and threw it across the room. He panted heavily before he noticed that the sink had knocked over a picture. He walked over to the picture frame and picked it up. Dusting the broken glass off the frame he looked at the image inside, it was of a woman and himself as a young boy. Bookmark here

The sound of explosions and destruction filled his mind as he began to flashback to his childhood. He lived in a village that was no longer on the map. It was a very old feeling, the buildings were made of wood and paper and the doors slid open and shut. One night a massive fire had erupted. Itsumade flew about the sky hoping to feed on the dying people. A powerful Hōnengyo was tearing its way through the city. It roared terribly as it would topple the buildings and houses. “Kii-Tan!!!” A woman screamed as she ran after a young child, “Hurry! Run as fast as you can Kii-Tan!!!” The child began to run faster and faster. The child then stopped as he heard a loud stomp followed by the sound ‘gachi gachi’ which echoed through the valley. Bookmark here

The child looked up as lightning flashed in the night sky as the fuel to his ever-evolving nightmares propped itself upon some buildings. Gashadokuro. Hōnengyo turned to the massive skeleton before it roared, shaking the air and blowing over many buildings. The massive skeleton then leaned forward as it began to emit a high-pitched noise. The skeleton then crawled over the child’s head, the child turned and watched it walk over him before he froze from feeling blood being squirted on his face. He turned and looked down being completely traumatized to see his mother half-flattened. His heart began to soar as the two massive yokai battled in the background. As the rain began to fall the battle shortly ended. Gashadokuro, the victor, crawled back over to the child. It looked down at the child’s mother before picking her up and biting her head clean off. “MOM NO!!!!” The child screamed.Bookmark here

As the child screamed Purge flinched when he heard a knock from the door of his bedroom. He set down the picture before he walked over to the door and opened it. He then sighed when he saw his superior officer, “Commander, I was just-“Bookmark here

“You’re still in uniform,” he said, Bookmark here

“I need to be ready.”Bookmark here

“Yes,” he responded, “But, you need rest in order to be ready.” He then sighed and said, “I heard a crash, is something wrong?”Bookmark here

“Nothing’s wrong,” he said, “However, there is a few issues with the plumbing, so I’d get that checked out.”Bookmark here

“I see,” he said, “Well then, get your rest, I’ll want you wide awake for tomorrow.”Bookmark here

“I’ll do that,” Bookmark here

“Goodnight then, Private Kitori.”Bookmark here

“Goodnight.”Bookmark here

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