Chapter 1:

It's Here

It's Here

Before I knew it, I was running away. my feet stomping heavily across the street, my chest heavy and aching, my head jumbled with emotions. I can sense it, that THING chasing me. I could only get a quick look at it but all I could see was a huge black mass, all jumbled and contorted into a failed human form, a mouth dripping with saliva and its stomach ready to receive its fill. I was alone. There's no one around in the streets or houses, no alerts on my phone and no signal. What do I do? What am I SUPPOSED to do?! There's no one around to help me, I'm LOST! I don't know what to do! What CAN I do? Its catching up, that THING is catching up with me! I don't know what it IS or what it WANTS with me but I'm not gonna find out, but its just- its EVERYWHERE! No matter where I look I can sense it there, always close behind me, and I don't know how much longer I can run, everything hurts, my legs, lungs, head, its just too much! It looks like its giving up and starting to slow down, but I know as soon as I slow down I'm done for! I can hide from it right? In one of the houses I can hide, just long enough to pull myself together and rest, then I can escape right? The house is unlocked and no one's inside anyway. I can just hide in a closet until that thing's gone. Bookmark here

Okay, so I was just walking and then it started to chase me, right? I can't even remember what happened before that! Was everyone already gone? Did it get to everyone? Am I just alone now? What does it want from me? Did I do something wrong that I don't remember? Shit! Shit! I think it's at the door! Something's banging on the door! If I just stay quiet and get ready to run then... I can escape, but.. where? Where can I go? What am I supposed to-Bookmark here

It's here. It's in my face, piercing my eyes with it stare. Its eyes are just blank. Its not smiling, I can't even see it's mouth... Do I run? Scream for help with the false hope someone will show up? No one's showing up, there's no where I can go for help. It's gonna eat me alive, but should I try to run? Fuck it I have no other option! I was able to push it to the side but it felt so weird, but I don't have time to think, it shrieked the moment I pushed it so I DEFIENTELY pissed it off! Just go, go, GO!Bookmark here

I've no idea how long I ran for, but I can't hear it anymore or sense it. Did I get away? Was that the right thing to do, or should I have confronted it? Or would that have been stupid? Probably. Its not like it matters that I got away. All that time I ran there was no one in sight. I guess I really am just gonna be left alone-Bookmark here

"I M  H E R E . . ."Bookmark here

. . . h o w ?  I was sure I got away, but its right behind me with its arms wrapped around my body tightly, but not in a rough way? It's just tight enough to keep me in place but not hurt me, like with a pet. The weird feeling, the heaviness yet lightness of it's body, the feeling is intoxicating. It's comfortable. I don't want it to let go, even though I know this isn't going to end well, I just... I can't. Bookmark here

" W H Y  D O N T  Y O U  S T A Y  W I T H  ME ? "Bookmark here

I can't say anything, I just grasped its arms tightly and rested my head. Why was I so afraid of it? I tried so hard to get away but it was just so much easier to give in, its less exhausting and I don't need help, its here for me, forever.Bookmark here

"Ashley? Are you awake now?"Bookmark here

Huh? Who's talking? I don't wanna get up, I wanna stay...Bookmark here

"Ashley you need to take your medicine, it'll make you feel better, okay?"Bookmark here

But... its too bothersome to take it. I can just stay here forever...Bookmark here

"Ashley! You need to get up, how else are you gonna-Bookmark here

"Don't wanna..."Bookmark here

"Huh? Ashley, you NEED to take it, you can't just stay in bed forever! You're just wasting your life away now!"Bookmark here

"I'm fine, I don't NEED any help, okay?"Bookmark here

I wanna stay here. Its comfortable and I don't need to bother anyone with anything anymore.Bookmark here

"Ashley..."Bookmark here

"I don't need it, I'll be fine."Bookmark here

"Ash...*sigh* fine, I'll leave the medicine here, just take it when you need to, and remember, you need to push yourself to help with your depression, the pill won't fix everything."Bookmark here

There isn't anything to fix. I'm fine here. There's nothing wrong with me, I'm just lazy and don't wanna be a bother. The pill is just another drug, it only makes me a bit happy, but then I don't know what to do. I rather stay here with it, it won't leave me alone anyway and running away is just a bother and is done in vain. It'll just catch up with me anyway, its always here, and it won't leave me alone. It never will. It NEVER will. Its just part of who I am now, and that's fine...right? Its not like anyone is here to help me. Its my problem, people shouldn't meddle in MY problems, they're just putting more on themselves and that just makes me feel worse. Bookmark here

I wanna go back. I wanna go back to the world where its just me and it with no one else around. It doesn't have a name, but it doesn't need one. I wanna go back to the world where there's no one around for me to burden and no one around to annoy me, to meddle in my business, and think its their job to FIX me, there's nothing to fix, just leave me be with it. I'll be fine as long as its here with me. Right?Bookmark here

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