Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 Devil in your heart

My new life in a death game from another world.

Hainley: So we’re only on day 3 now of judgement week. Bookmark here

Emilia: Yeah and I don’t think dilly dallying is going to get us anywhere. Bookmark here

Hainley: We should head to the next town Kresten should be around here a few hours from here. Bookmark here

Emilia: Well looks like we arrived in time for some festival of the sort. Bookmark here

Hainley: It looks like there is a performance coming soon for a ballerina. Bookmark here

Emilia: Oh my she really does look very pretty yet so fragile like a doll. Bookmark here

Hainley: Kyoka that sounds like a cute name doesn’t it? Bookmark here

Emilia: It certainly does and I can tell by the poster even just a glimpse of her and you can feel the elegant aura coming out. Bookmark here

Hainley: Indeed. Bookmark here

Emilia: That long flowing pink hair really does go well with her tutu. Bookmark here

Hainley: Yeah she sure certainly has this “Grace” to her so to speak. Bookmark here

Emilia: Anyways we should keep an eye out for the gatekeeper that’s around here. Bookmark here


Emilia: Whats he going on about? Bookmark here

Hainley: We should listen to this it may have something to do with the gatekeeper. Bookmark here

Hainley: Werewolves you say? Bookmark here

Galoer:Every night when the moon rises they always appear to terroize the village. Bookmark here

Emilia: How long have they been going on for? Bookmark here

Galoer: Ever since the festival has started the men who turn to wolves has been preying on the villagers and creating nothing but havoc and ruckus amongst the wake. And even with official warnings the festival still does continue on for whatever reason. Kresten was always a peaceful town but with these werewolf attacks no one is safe at all from them. Bookmark here

Emilia:Think the werewolves must be somehow connected to the performance? Bookmark here

Hainley: Most likely just a coincidence. Bookmark here

Emilia: Still lets keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Bookmark here

Gaoler:There’s even a contest raffle where the lucky winners could have 2 tickets to meet Kyokoa herself but that can be dangerous as well given the ongoing werewolf attacks. Bookmark here

Hainley: Backstage tickets this should be interesting. Bookmark here

Emilia: Where does one even enter the contest. Bookmark here

Hainley: Its randomly chosen but anyone from travelers to locales can participate in it. Bookmark here

Emilia: I see then well thanks for sharing the info with us. Bookmark here

Gaoler: Now you’re actually just in time for the contest winners so you may want to stick around to hearing this. Bookmark here

Emilia: If you insist. Bookmark here

Gaoler: Ladies and Gentlemen the moment you have all been waiting for, the winner of the backstage tickets to meet Kyoka goes too!!!! Hainley and Emilia!!!! Bookmark here

Hainley: We won? Bookmark here

Emilia: How did they even knew our names as well too? Bookmark here

Hainley: Also in the middle of a werewolf threat as well? Sounds too good to be true. Bookmark here

Emilia: We should follow along with this and see if this will get us anywhere actually. Bookmark here

Hainley: Sure I think that can work. Bookmark here

Gaoler: The concert shall start later on during the evening but beware of the wolves who prey at night. Bookmark here

Hainley: Well we best be on our way then. Bookmark here

Emilia: The concert should start any moment now. Bookmark here

(The curtains open and the spotlight appears on Kyoka, she twirls around and spins and jumps and lands with grace and the recital ends and the crowd goes wild for her.) Bookmark here

Hainley: Now that was a amazing performance. Bookmark here

Emilia: Indeed and I think its time we finally go meet leading lady. Bookmark here

Kyoka:HELLO!!!!! Bookmark here

Emilia: Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Bookmark here

Hainley: Well this is it it looks like we’re going to meet the leading lady. Bookmark here

Kyokoa: Did you enjoy the show tee-hee!!!? Bookmark here

Hainley: Why yes its very lovely. (He gets a flashback of seeing a vocaloid idol perform in concert on a computer) Bookmark here

Kyoka:I”M VERY GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT!!!! Bookmark here

Hainley: And it’s a very great pleasure to meet you in person. Bookmark here

Kyoka: Come follow me I got something to show you tee-hee!!! Bookmark here

Emilia: Well best follow her lead then. Bookmark here

(They follow Kyokoa to whats supposed to be her quarters but suddenly they enter a dark room and they can faintly hear some growling.) Bookmark here

Mysterious woman: To think innocence can be such a way to lure you from your shell. Bookmark here

Hainley who are you!!? Bookmark here

Emila: A trap!? Bookmark here

Mysterious woman: I am Bella and your soul is just one of millions I lured with my charms and my grace. Bookmark here

Hainley: You’re Kyoka. Bookmark here

Bella: That’s just a stagename for my character. Bookmark here

Hainley: So all of these attacks are connected to you!!? Bookmark here

Mysterious woman: The men here when they fall under my charm their “bestial” state comes out. Hence the wolf like appearance they all have. Bookmark here

Hainley: So you turn your fans into werewolves so they can carry out your bidding. That’s a real low brow move. Bookmark here

Bella: They mearly do my bidding which is keeping this wretched place under control and only by defeating me, you could really lift the curse. At the cost of their lives that is as well too. Bookmark here

Hainley: There isn’t any other way!!!? Bookmark here

Bella: No, as they signed their lives up for this as did all other players when they enter this realm and so far none were able to defeat me. Bookmark here

Emilia: Sweet people like you are why people are so distrustful of others because of the way you manipulate others. The pain they must feel I feel pity for the men you lured to being your slaves such a toxic monster you really are not the werewolves. Bookmark here

Bella: Join us as if you insist I am a monster why not really become one to see what its like being my slave. Bookmark here

Hainley: Never. Bookmark here

(Hainley then dodges a werewolf trying to attack him and quickly makes a counterattack taking down one werewolf. Emila casts some lightning spells taking down 5 werewolves and Bella tries to cast some darkness spells but Emilia dodges and she counter attacks right back with a lightning spell) Bookmark here

(Bella then summons dark spikes to attack Hainley but Hainley deflects them all with his sword and he manages to successful hit all at Bella and Bella’s weak core with her heart is exposed and Hainley delivers the final blow) Bookmark here

Bella: No not like this. (She then dissipates to dust after being defeated) Bookmark here

Emilia: Lets get going shall we? Bookmark here

(The werewolves then dissipate to dust as well too) Bookmark here

Emila: May all these lost souls find peace in the next life. Bookmark here

Hainley: So many lost souls loving a person who can’t really love them back. It’s a real tragedy and it looks like many players as well fell to this gatekeeper’s antics and now they paid the price for their actions. Bookmark here

Emila: Their hearts must have been very lonely so that’s why they chose that kind of path. Real shame their loneliness lead to this way. Bookmark here

(Hainley gets another flashback of him being alone in a bedroom with nothing but garbage surrounding him.) Bookmark here

Hainley: Yeah like you said you can only feel pity for these people. Bookmark here

????:So it looks like one of our gatekeepers has recently fallen. Bookmark here

????: One can only rely on such tricks for so long so no surprise her defeat was that swift. Bookmark here

????:That only leaves a few gatekeepers down and well its only a matter of time before they reach the boss soon. Bookmark here

????:But until then, we shall see what the cards of fate have dealt them. Bookmark here

Hainley then gets another flashback of someone talking on a computer online in a forum discussing about a recent idol release single coming out and everywhere has it sold out and the only place you can get it is a video store that recently restocked it only for a limited amount of time.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Hainley: Was that nah i shouldn't worry about it.  He says after the flashback is done and he and Emilia move on to the next location.Bookmark here

Chapter end.Bookmark here

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