Chapter 19:

Chapter 19

Queen of Dodge!

Yakuza woke up as soon as the jet touched down in Okinawa. “Hey! Hey, wake up!” Minami said as she excitedly shook Yakuza,Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“We’re here! We’re here!” Minami said as she looked out the window at the Okinawa airport. Bookmark here

“Woah, it’s so pretty.” Ryusuke said looking out the window as well,Bookmark here

“I’ve always wanted to go on a vacation here,” Mitsuri added just as Didymus parked the plane. Bookmark here

He came into the cabin and said, “Alright! I take it you all had a nice flight?”Bookmark here

“Yeah! It was incredible! How can I repay you?!” Minami said,Bookmark here

“No need to you, I just ask that you all have the time of your lives.”Bookmark here

“Awesome! Let’s go!” Minami said as the group then left the jet. From the jet they went through the airport and eventually to a garage where they rented a van and started to drive towards Minami’s house. Minami watched everything go by feeling more and more excited to reunite with her mother. She then gasped as she saw a banner, “What?! No way!”Bookmark here

“What is it?” Ryusuke asked,Bookmark here

“The All-Fighters tournament is this weekend!” Minami said before turning to Didymus, “Quick! Stop driving! We should all get clothes for the tournament!”Bookmark here

“Are you sure?” Didymus asked,Bookmark here

“Yeah! Of course!”Bookmark here

“Alright then,” the van was then stopped in front of a shop which had clothes for the tournament. Minami and the others got out before they ran into the shop. On the way in a young woman bumped into Yakuza,Bookmark here

“Ah! I’m sorry!” She said as he turned to her, “I should’ve seen where I was-“ when Yakuza and the young woman made eye contact their eyes widened, “Woah…uh…”Bookmark here

“Do I know you?” He asked as he noticed that the girl looked a little similar to him,Bookmark here

“Oh, well, I don’t think so-“Bookmark here

“Hey! Yakuza, come on!” Minami said as she came out of the shop and took his hand. She pulled him into the shop where everyone was looking around the different clothes. “I wonder what I should get! Should we get matching uniforms?!”Bookmark here

“You can get whatever you want.” Yakuza responded,Bookmark here

“Come on, you have to get something too! Abs are you going to fight in the tournament?”Bookmark here

“Well, I-“Bookmark here

“Come on! It’ll be a lot of fun! I’m going to be in it and you might be able to fight me! Haven’t you always wanted to see what I can do aside from dodgeball?!”Bookmark here

“Well, I-“Bookmark here

“Come on, go pick something out!” She said as she gave him a gentle shove. She then started to look around for clothes for herself. Across the shop Mitsuri looked around at the different outfits. None of them really suited her. Bookmark here

“Hey, Mitsuri,” Rentaro said as he came out of the dressing room, “What do you think?”Bookmark here

“Oh, well, let’s see,” she turned to him before her face quickly went up in a red hot blush and her nose began to bleed. He was wearing jeans, a black tank top, and a red denim vest which had a moon on the back of it. Mitsuri turned and hid her face in the clothes, “H-His biceps look so delicious!”Bookmark here

“Well?”Bookmark here

“Well…uh…” she slowly turned and looked at him before saying, “I-It looks good on you, y-you should wear it.”Bookmark here

“You think so?”Bookmark here

“Y-Y-Yeah…!”Bookmark here

“Alright, what’re you going to wear?”Bookmark here

“I-I don’t know!”Bookmark here

“Oh, I see, well, whatever you pick I’m sure you’ll look beautiful.” He said with a smile. Mitsuri’s eyes popped open as her blush only darkened. She looked away from him as she folded his arms,Bookmark here

“Wh-Why do you have to be so darn cute…?”Bookmark here

Across the store Kujiko looked around at different outfits. She wanted to pick something that Ryusuke would think she’d look cute in. She looked at a Chinese style dress before looking at a samurai type outfit. She looked at Ryusuke who wasn’t too far away from her. She cleared her throat before she walked over to him, “U-Um, h-hey.”Bookmark here

“Oh, hi,” Ryusuke said, “What’s up?”Bookmark here

“U-Um…w-well…I-I….was wondering, what you think I should wear.”Bookmark here

“I don’t mind what you wear, I’m sure you’ll look nice in it.” Bookmark here

“O-Okay…” she said with a blush as she turned and walked away. She then thought back to the flight and the game that Ryusuke was playing. He really seemed to favor the Kunoichi girl Sai Miramui, so she looked around before she found a Kunoichi outfit and took it into the changing rooms.Bookmark here

Meanwhile Yakuza stood beside Didymus who said, “You’re not going to wear anything?”Bookmark here

“I’m thinking,” Yakuza responded as he raised his hand to his chin, “I bumped into this girl one the way in, she looked almost exactly like me.”Bookmark here

“Well, they do say that there’s at least seven people in the world who look like you.”Bookmark here

“This is different,” he said, “She had the same hairline, same eye color, and her eyebrows were definitely similar. The only difference being…”Bookmark here

“Being what?”Bookmark here

He looked at her before he moved his hand downward as if he were saying “short” before he moved his hands in in a circular motion away from his chest and down to his stomach as if saying “SUPER busty” Bookmark here

“Well, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.” He said, “For all you know she was wearing her hair back.”Bookmark here

“Maybe,” he responded as he folded his arms and leaned back, “Or maybe you’re keeping something from me. I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re avoiding a topic.” Bookmark here

“I assure you that I’m not keeping anything from you.” Bookmark here

“Hey!” Minami said as she ran over to them, “What do you think?!” Yakuza swallowed heavily as he looked her up and down. She wore her pigtails behind her shoulders instead of in front. And she wore a long sleeved red button up shirt, with a stand up collar and the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She wore a white cloth around her breast as she wasn’t wearing an undershirt so her abs were visible. She wore white martial art pants, which were tucked into cloth shoes which came up the the middle of her calf, with a blue cloth belt around her waist which was tied into a knot on the side with the excess cloth hanging off of it. “Well?”Bookmark here

“Well?” Didymus asked as he nudged Yakuza with his elbow,Bookmark here

“You look nice,” Yakuza said as he looked away with his eyes before saying,Bookmark here

“You look nice.”Bookmark here

“Really?! I’m glad you think so!”Bookmark here

“Mhmm.”Bookmark here

Minami then grinned before she leaned in close to him and said, “Why are you looking away? Is something wrong?”Bookmark here

“Are you sure you don’t want to wear an undershirt? People will see your abs.”Bookmark here

“I don’t mind if people look at them,” she said, “Unless of course, you don’t want people to look at them because I’m your girlfriend.” She then nudged him twice with her elbow before his eye twitched and he said.Bookmark here

“That’s not it at all. Now excuse me.” He then walked away from them to go find clothes. Bookmark here

Minami giggled and she said to herself, “Man, he really thinks people are gonna try and hit on me for showing too much skin. He’s such a dweeb.”Bookmark here

“He can be,” Didymus said to her, “Remember what I told you before we took off? About Yakuza’s mother?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, what about it?”Bookmark here

“It’s possible that he may have run into her before we came into the store.”Bookmark here

“What?!”Bookmark here

“He said he ran into a girl who looked similar to him. So after I drop you kids off I’ll do some investigating.” Bookmark here

“Will you be back in time for dinner? My mom is cooking tonight! You don’t want to miss it!” Bookmark here

“Of course.”Bookmark here

Rentaro sat outside the changing rooms as Mitsuri said, “Okay, well, what do you think of this one?” She then came out of the dressing room. The top half of the uniform was black and it looked like a girls sailor uniform with a collar of it looking either like a snowflake or a flower with the rest of the outfit being a skirt which came down to her knees. The collar and some highlights on it were silver, blue, red, yellow, and green. She wore her hair tied into a ponytail on the left side of her head. She twirled her hair with her finger as she blushed and said, “Well…do you like it…?”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Rentaro responded, “You look almost like that one magical girl PostRemedy Winter. It’s a good look on you.”Bookmark here

“Really?!” She said as her eyes dazzled and she began to blush even harder.Bookmark here

“Of course. You have a nice sense of style, and as such I like anything you’d wear. Plus I know you’re a huge fan of the character.”Bookmark here

“Th-Thanks…” She said with a smile as she placed her hands on her cheeks, “So, I wanted to ask you something…”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“W-Well, u-um…” She began to twirl her hair again as she said, “Well, we’ve been on a few dates, and…well, on the plane when Minami asked about me…I guess I was wondering-“Bookmark here

“Do you want to make things official?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes,” she said, “I mean…I don’t know…maybe.”Bookmark here

“I’ll need to think about it.” He said, “It’s not that I don’t like you, I actually really like you. I just need to ask what my mother thinks. It’s good that we’ll get to see her, I think you’ll like her, she’s very nice and super kind to me. She’s also very beautiful.” He then looked down at her before he smiled, “Just like you.” She looked down before she walked over to him and sat beside him before she started to speak softly,Bookmark here

“Can I tell you something…?”Bookmark here

“Of course.”Bookmark here

“Do you…” She sighed before continuing, “Do you mind that I’m so little…? On our first date I was mistaken for your daughter…and I don’t want people to stare at us because of me…”Bookmark here

“I don’t mind. Does it bother you?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” she responded before she looked at him with tears in her eyes, “I’ve been lying to you, I’m not 147 centimeters like I’ve been telling you. I’m actually three-foot-eight or 111 centimeters. The truth is, I have a condition. I have Turner Syndrome and about 1 in 2,000 women are diagnosed with it.” She then looked down as she started to wipe her face, “I’ll have heart and kidney problems. Plus I have underdeveloped ovaries and there’s a high chance I’m fertile, so even if we get married we can never have a baby and-“ She then froze as Rentaro placed his hand on the top of her head and began to pet it gently.Bookmark here

“It’s alright,” Rentaro responded, “Don’t worry so much about it. Even if you didn’t have it then I’d still like you all the same. I liked you long before I ever knew about your condition, and now that I know I still like you. If anything, I like you a little more.” Bookmark here

“Really…?” She asked as she slowly turned to him,Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “I’m glad I’m not the only weird one in this relationship.” Bookmark here

“R-Relationship….?!” She said as her face started to turn red,Bookmark here

“I mean as friends, and even when we become more than friends, I’m still glad I won’t be the only weird one.”Bookmark here

More tears swelled in Mitsuri’s eyes before she wiped her eyes and said, “This means so much to me Rentaro…!”Bookmark here

“Of course, don’t worry about it.”Bookmark here

Kujiko poked her head out of the dressing room before she looked around. She eventually spotted Ryusuke before she took a deep breath and left the dressing room. She walked over to him and said, “H-Hey…”Bookmark here

“Oh, he-“ Ryusuke said as he began to turn to her, “WOAH!!!!” His eyes popped open as he suddenly saw Kujiko’s breasts just inches away from his face.Bookmark here

“D-Do you like it…?” She asked softly,Bookmark here

“W-W-Well, I-“ he backed up a bit to take a look at what she was wearing. It was a sky blue sleeveless tunic with a decorative violet waistband which was tied into a large bow at the back. Trailing off the bow and down to Kujiko’s calves were nine golden strands of beads which had the tip of a fox’s tail at the end of them. Beneath her tunic she wore a black spandex undersuit which covered her arms and legs which had the sleeves cut off at her wrists and ankles. “I-I-It looks…!” He stuttered trying to look at the rest of her costume and not just her bosom which felt a little too close to his face even though he stepped back. “Y-Y-You look good…!”Bookmark here

“R-Really…?!” She said as she blushed and her eyes dazzled,Bookmark here

“Y-Yep! Very cute..!”Bookmark here

“Cute…?!” She thought to herself before she covered her bright red face with her hands, “Th-Thanks…!”Bookmark here

At the same time this went down Yakuza eventually returned to where Minami and Didymus were standing. “Well?” He asked as he folded his arms. Minami turned to him and looked him up and down. He was wearing black sleeveless Karate gi. It had silver lines and highlights on the shoulders, outside part of the thighs, and on the shins. It looked very futuristic and almost cybernetic. Beneath it he wore a blue compact shirt with long sleeves which came into a point on the back of his hands. Bookmark here

“It looks very nice on you!” Minami said with a smile, “However, you need a belt.”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“So you can at least show what rank you are, plus you’re gonna want to close the top of the gi.” Bookmark here

“Well I couldn’t find any belts here.”Bookmark here

“That’s fine, we’re all going to be staying in my personal family dojo, I think we have a few belts there. Do you know what belt color you are.”Bookmark here

“Black.”Bookmark here

“Okay, what degree of black belt?”Bookmark here

“In Shotokan it’s just black,” he responded, “However, in Kyokushin I’m 5th, and in Shito-ryu I’m 2nd.”Bookmark here

“Oh, okay, so seventh degree.” Bookmark here

Yakuza sighed as Didymus chuckled, “I quite like her sense of humor.” Didymus turned to the others as they all regrouped, “Ah, you all look nice, is everyone ready?”Bookmark here

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Mitsuri said with a smile,Bookmark here

Minami turned to Ryusuke and said, “Aren’t you getting anything Ryusuke?”Bookmark here

“Oh! Yeah! I got this shirt!” He said as he showed off the shirt he was wearing. It was a plain black shirt with a silver image of the island of Okinawa, Bookmark here

“That’s it?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m not participating in the tournament.”Bookmark here

“Neither is Mitsuri, and she got something pretty cool.”Bookmark here

“W-Well I’m not Mitsuri now am I?!” He yelled Bookmark here

“Fine, fine, a regular shirt will do.”Bookmark here

“Alright, you lot head out to the van, I’ll pay for your things and we’ll be on our way.” Didymus said as he opened the door for the kids and let them walk outside. Bookmark here

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