Chapter 4:

Unfortunately I've Got plans for the Morrow

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

“Mr. Hall, I’d like to make this quick, and I’m sure you don’t want to be answering questions all day.”Bookmark here

I don’t mind, really. It’s not as though I have much else to do this afternoon.Bookmark here

“Well then, let’s get started. Where were you between the fourth and fifth of this month between eight P.M. and four A.M.”Bookmark here

A fair bit happened on that night. Around the crack of dusk, I found myself in the trunk of my late brother’s car. I had woken just as-”Bookmark here

“Hold on. Why were you in the trunk?”Bookmark here

You’ve only asked for my whereabouts within the given time frame, nothing more.Bookmark here

“Okay let’s forget the original question. Please tell me of the events leading up to you being in the trunk.”Bookmark here

Very well. That morning, on the fourth, Guy had shown himself to the entrance of my home.Bookmark here

“Your home being located, where?”Bookmark here

I’ve built a lodge in the forest. I’ve been living there for well over fifteen years.Bookmark here

“I see, we’ll need to ask more about that later. Please, continue.”Bookmark here

Guy had told me that he had wanted to make amends. He had come squabbling about a plan he’d put together to be our ”last and greatest hit”.Bookmark here

“By ‘hit’ you are referring to something along the lines of a heist?”Bookmark here

That is correct, Guy and I were what you would call “highwaymen”.Bookmark here

“Highwaymen huh, I’ll make sure to ask more about that later as well.”Bookmark here

I was immediately made suspicious of Guy, he wasn’t a forgiving man nor was he one to ask for forgiveness. But of course, I decided to humor him. After he gave me his half-assed plan, we got into his car and drove out to look for the supplies he called for. Do you mind bringing me some water? I'm beginning to feel parched.Bookmark here

“Yeah I could get you a glass, just wait here and don't go anywhere.”Bookmark here

By all means, take your time. This room has but one exit. The walls meet corner to corner without so much as a window to let fresh air in. walking in I saw a couple policemen posted outside, and now the detective is there too. I’m fairly certain I could escape from these handcuffs rather easily, the room itself may pose a challenge. The light fixture above me doesn’t seem very secure. Shattering it would give me something to use on the detective when he gets back. But blood, how filthy it is. For now, I will comply until a better opening presents itself.Bookmark here

“Mr. Hall, here’s your glass. Coming back I heard some mumbling, do you mind explaining to me what it was about?”Bookmark here

Pay it no mind, I was simply reviewing my evening plans.Bookmark here

“Sorry to break it to you, but you’re going to be here for quite some time.”Bookmark here

I see. Well, then I’ll postpone them for the morrow.Bookmark here

“Yeah sure, how about we put our focus back onto the hit.”Bookmark here

The target was a transport car holding, as Guy put it, "enough dough to take us to the moon". We’ve acquired enough supplies, now all that was left was to get to the location and set everything up. We parked on a hill overseeing a small road where our supposed target was meant to drive over. Guy went ahead and placed traps that were meant to stall our target. I was to be a lookout.Bookmark here

"Did this vehicle ever appear?"Bookmark here

Of course not. This plan of Guy's was never made to make him rich, at the very least not from a transport cart, it was to get rid of me.Bookmark here

"Okay, I'm assuming this is when you were put into the trunk."Bookmark here

It was. After Guy had set up his traps, he had come back to me. I asked him when the target was getting here and he told me "just before nightfall". Soon after he bashed me over the head, knocking me out.Bookmark here

"So now we're caught up. Please continue with what you were doing in the trunk."Bookmark here

I was woken up just as the engine had cut out. I knew he was coming towards me so I decided to feign unconsciousness. Bookmark here

"Where had Guy taken you?"Bookmark here

We ended up by a river. His plan was most likely to throw me in and have me drown.Bookmark here

"How did that turn out?"Bookmark here

Well, considering I'm here answering questions, I believe it went fairly well for me.Bookmark here

"I was mainly referring to how exactly you escaped."Bookmark here

Guy was an extremely careless fellow. He didn't take any precautions after knocking me unconscious. All I had to do was sink to the bottom and wait for him to leave.Bookmark here

"So what did you do once Guy left?"Bookmark here

I made my way towards Guy's home. Bookmark here

"So you were there on the night of the fire."Bookmark here

Of course. I was the one who started it.Bookmark here

"You were the one responsible?"Bookmark here

Why yes, I was.Bookmark here

"Tell me about what happened."Bookmark here

Gladly. I drew attention to the entrance then shortly after broke the window to Guy's garage and entered. Bookmark here

"Did they not hear the glass shatter?"Bookmark here

If they had then I would not have the right to call myself a Hall. Bookmark here

“Okay, so you enter the garage, now what?”Bookmark here

At this time, I heard Mildred making her way to me. While she was frantically throwing her luggage into the car I struck her over her head. All that was left to do was to pour the cans of gasoline that had been lying around. I lit a match and made my way out of there. Bookmark here

“You beat a woman unconscious then start a fire that is responsible for killing two people. You are aware that you’ve confessed to two very serious crimes?”

Bookmark here

It’s not as though there is much importance in it. Bookmark here

“No importance? With what you’ve just told me you could be facing upwards of seventy years in the pen.”Bookmark here

Seventy years? That is indeed quite some time. However, as I’ve said, I have plans for the morrow.Bookmark here

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