Chapter 105:

Common Sense (1)

My Demon Queen

I'm in a dream.. this must be a dream..Bookmark here

Sitting on his bed and leaning against his body, I savoured this wonderful warmth. His fingers brushing against my hair, his shoulders perfectly accommodating my head akin to a pillow.Bookmark here

With half-opened eyes I observed as Noel scrolled through a list of items on the status window.Bookmark here

The system update had been completed, and Noel, whilst completing a task, that is to caress my head for 10 minutes, was examining the changes to the system.Bookmark here

I, with my eyes closed, snuggled closer to him. Wrapping my arms around his chest, his scent puts me at ease.Bookmark here

"Liliath."Bookmark here

"Nn?"Bookmark here

"Can I ask you something?" His caresses had changed to two taps.Bookmark here

I looked at him with upturned eyes. His shiny black hair and angular face-- some cute features to his otherwise striking face-- a blackish-blue gleam to his tranquil eyes.Bookmark here

"You wanted this-- right?"Bookmark here

Tracing his fingers, I saw that he was pointing at the status window at-- the Philosopher's stone.Bookmark here

I flinched, adn froze on the spot.Bookmark here

Without saying anything, he continued to caress my head.Bookmark here

"How did you learn of my past?" I asked in a soft voice.Bookmark here

He told me himself that he learnt of my past, just to what extent-- I didn't know. Just that I would've not believed that he would've come to this conclusion so soon..Bookmark here

What should I do? ShouldI confess? What would he think of me if he knew?Bookmark here

"My TALENT.. I actually travelled to your past-- to put it in a sense," Noel said as he let out a sigh.Bookmark here

"My past..." Leaning my head on his shoulders, I attempted to calm myself.Bookmark here

"I don't mind waiting, but I want to hear in your own words as to what had happened.. and sorry that you had such a past," Noel's voice was strained. I couldn't help but bite my lips. "Because of me--"Bookmark here

"No, it's not your fault."Bookmark here

"Well. Maybe.."Bookmark here

Whose fault was it then?Bookmark here

"I also met another person.. rather a goddess."Bookmark here

"A goddess?"Bookmark here

It sounded like something heroes would encounter. Noel met a goddess?Bookmark here

"Yeah. Bleu. She was the one who guided me through your past."Bookmark here

"Is that so.."Bookmark here

What an unexpected development.Bookmark here

Nevertheless, I didn't really know what to think. What was Noel's relationship with the goddess? Why did they meet? At a guess, the most probable explanation to the time Noel learnt of my past was when he was left in a tranced state under my charm spell.Bookmark here

"Well, so do you want the Philosopher's stone? You do, right? I'm also wondering if I could become a true demon lord using this."Bookmark here

"No. It's..."Bookmark here

Before I could finish my words, Noel had already made the purchase. A sparkling red gemstone in the form of a necklace was presented to me. My eyes glued to the jewel. A container of nearly infinite mana could be felt emanating from within.Bookmark here

Noel let loose a chuckle.Bookmark here

"Want me to put it on?"Bookmark here

I didn't reply to his question. I stared at him.Bookmark here

What did Noel's action imply? Was he ready? But I still lack information? Does he know about Javiel's plan?Bookmark here

Knitting my brows, I've come to regret never paying attention to his sermons on how one should transplant a Philosopher's Stone into another body..Bookmark here

What should I do?Bookmark here

Noel had already brought the necklace around my neck.Bookmark here

"There."Bookmark here

Blinking my eyes at him before turning to hold the pendent up to my eyes. Various shades of gold bent weaved into the shape of a heart. The red gemstone in the centre, emblazoned by other small white gems. I stared at it meekly-- to realize tears had come to fall from my eyes.Bookmark here

"Beautiful.."Bookmark here

"Glad you like it-- Liliath?"Bookmark here

His voice made me look up at him once again but-- I realized he wasn't looking at me rather--Bookmark here

"Darlin' Noel, how are you, you must be tired."Bookmark here

It was me.. the other me.. In my room? O-Other me? How?Bookmark here

"Two Liliaths?" Noel wrapped his arm around me and retreated backwards. However, we were stumped by the bed backed against the wall.Bookmark here

"Oh, how cautious."Bookmark here

"D-don't.." I pleaded.Bookmark here

The other me in her bewitching black dress, velvet hair flowing down her back-- her eyes glowing in a deadly crimson shade. She took a step forward.Bookmark here

I must do something-- I have to protect Noel… T-teleport.Bookmark here

W-why isn't it working..Bookmark here

"T-teleport!"Bookmark here

"Oh sweety, seeing your desperate struggle is a wonderful sight indeed. Try as you might, that's not going to work here," Liliath said with a gentle smile, sending chills down my spine.Bookmark here

"What do you want.." Noel asked, pulling close to the point where I buried myself into his chest.Bookmark here

"Oh, I want you of course Noel darling. It's the first time we've met personally, right?"Bookmark here

"What are you getting at.. what do you mean? You're still Liliath right?"Bookmark here

"Of course I am-- right Liliath?"Bookmark here

To her question, I whimpered.Bookmark here

I couldn't do anything. Spells don't work, there's nothing I could do.. nothing.Bookmark here

But I have to protect Noel--Bookmark here

From his quickening heartbeat, it's obvious he's putting up a brave front when the truth is that he's scared-- yet he's trying his best to protect me…Bookmark here

What a coward I am-- I have to do something. Noel had already done so much for me already...Bookmark here

Liliath closed in the distance.Bookmark here

If magic isn't possible, there's another option. I could use my strength to hold her down temporarily to buy time for Noel's escape.Bookmark here

"Noel, r-run.."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

Pushing Noel away, I rush towards Liliath. With my bare fist I initiated a punch.Bookmark here

But it stopped short, I hit a barrier.Bookmark here

"Oh, my sweetheart LIliath grew up! She finally has the strength to stand up against me-- ah! this is the power of love isn't it?"Bookmark here

"RUN! NOEL!" Despite the despair I felt, I threw punch after punch after punch. Ripples spread across the barrier, each impact generated a deafening noise. The cracking of the barrier could be heard but every time it broke, another would fill it's placeBookmark here

"Sweety, I think it's time you take a break. You did well, I'm very proud of you."Bookmark here

Liliath stretched out her hands and a shockwave sent me flying across the room-- causing my back to slam against the wall.Bookmark here

I-it's unless..Bookmark here

"Lil--"Bookmark here

"Oh no you don't. Be a good boy and lie down on the bed like a dog for me dear. You'll have your turn after I give plenty of affection to my sweetheart Liliath--" She giggled, forcing Noel to sink into the bed with the effects of gravity magic-- Noel didn't take the chance I gave him in the end..Bookmark here

"Please.. stop.. don't hurt Noel," I pleaded. Kneeling, I brought my head to the floor to perform a seiza.Bookmark here

"Raise your head Liliath, you know very well I'm not here to hurt Noel."Bookmark here

Liliath raised my chin with her blender fingers. Tracing my jawline, she licked her lips seductively as she peered into my eyes.Bookmark here

"P-please.."Bookmark here

Snap.Bookmark here

Liliath tore the pendant away from my neck.Bookmark here

"A wonderful gemstone isn't it? A treasure brone from your love with Noel."Bookmark here

"Give it back!" I tried to swipe it back, but was tossed to the floor by her might.Bookmark here

"Now, I only want to help achieve our goal sweetheart, You need not be so worried. Noel will be fine~"Bookmark here


"But nothing will work if you don't take risks? Isn't that right? Now be a good girl and watch."Bookmark here

A crushing pressure donned upon me, breathing became difficult as I found myself floating mid-air.Bookmark here

Liliath turned to Noel with a bewitching smile.Bookmark here

Please.. stop..Bookmark here

"I love you Noel~"Bookmark here

Holding the red gemstone in her claws, she slowly traced her other hand on his chest. She then drew close to his face.Bookmark here

"Be mine."Bookmark here

A soft enchanting whisper.Bookmark here

In the next moment, she brought her claws down to his chest and stabbed the philosopher's stone into his heart.Bookmark here

"NNOOOO!!!!"Bookmark here

I snapped up to a sitting position from my bed. Perspiration covered my forehead as my ragged breathing continued.Bookmark here

The diffused moonlight shining from the outside, shrouded by the misty black clouds. A contrast to the soft glow of the night lamp at the corner of my room.Bookmark here

"No.. I don't want this.."Bookmark here

Hugging the pillow that still had Noel's lingering scent on it, I brought my knees together and buried my head into it--Bookmark here

"I want.."Bookmark here

And cried.Bookmark here

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Author's Notes:Bookmark here

VOLUME 4 STARTO!!Bookmark here

You know. I didn't think college would be so heavy. Might just be me, but I don't feel the aforementioned 'freedom'. Ah well.Bookmark here

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