Chapter 106:

Common Sense (2)

My Demon Queen

Blare. Blare. Blare.Bookmark here

Shut up.Bookmark here

I turned off the bledgenous alarm as I got up and stretched my body.Bookmark here

Yesterday was fuck.Bookmark here

Quite literally. Liliath had a mental breakdown-- and it ended with a huge misunderstanding. We eventually did return to school, albeit missing half of the class. Teacher Glib gave Liliath a quick counseling session-- which didn't really work out as Liliath was reluctant to say anything. And for recess, Liliath didn't go anywhere and only kept clinging to me like a koala. Luckily she was generous with the degree of her presence concealment spell, turning us quite literally-- invisible-- going to the male bathroom was a pain.Bookmark here

I spent the afternoon accompanying Liliath as she continued to cling to me. She eventually calmed down saying that she wanted to join Prune to buy groceries-- I thought it was alright since she genuinely looked better than the blood-thirsty and clingy expression she had before.Bookmark here

When they were out-- I took a nap.Bookmark here

I was worn out after everything after all.Bookmark here

During the latter evening, Liliath came to my room and asked if I could pet her head-- and so I did without really thinking too much. After a few minutes.. she fell asleep on my shoulders. Very cute.Bookmark here

I actually got to play around with her silky smooth velvet hair. Yeah I know.. I'm being a dick to fool around with a sleeping beauty but I just couldn't help it. And I found that it's a good stress reliever. Liliath is just that cute you know? Plus, I almost lost my chastity that day… Liliath can sure be scary sometimes-- really, really scary. So why not? It's within tolerable limits right?Bookmark here

Then again.. it's mainly because I trust her. I realised that her words-- those words she told me. It wasn't meant for me. It was meant for her. She doesn't trust herself. That's why.Bookmark here

And as for myself? I won't say I'm all good in fact. Learning that I'm the one responsible for bringing Liliath into existence-- and having seen the bloodcurdling past that made her current existence. My comment would be this: It's a freaking nightmare.Bookmark here

I dont think it's right to attribute this as anyone's fault, that includes the likes of me as well. I had no control over Liliath's past despite being the one who brought it to reality. Yes, I was naive, a fool. But what matters is what I do after this. I already know I'm responsible for Liliath, so better buck up and face whatever shit happens in the future head on.Bookmark here

Well, enough of the depressing stuff, I'll have more time to ponder about these things later.Bookmark here

Now I should talk about the system updates. I realized that Liliath wanted head pets not only because she wanted head pats, but because the system was back online. It's a quest-- for the points.Bookmark here

There are 3 new unread mails but-- I thought I should leave it off until Liliath wakes up after a night's rest. I wanted to read the contents with her.Bookmark here

The system had a major overhaul-- everything moved to the convenient UI panel. There wasn't a need to use the phone anymore. There were more items in the store and the new categorization and search function made it a lot more intuitive. I could run multiple panels at once.Bookmark here

The 'unknown-developer' kept the chibi Liliath that was previously walking on the update progress bar like a treadmill on a separate panel I could pull up to check on Liliath's condition. Well-- it's pretty much for stalking. The fuck do you have to do that developer?Bookmark here

The best part about it was the item gacha and discount system. Item gacha-- no need for an explanation there. It's legal gambling. The discount system is-- to put it simply, items in the shop would get a percentage off at random. So I could save cost-- or manipulate to buy useless stuff.Bookmark here

To summarise:Bookmark here

Gacha function. Character gacha, item gacha.Bookmark here

Shop function. Discounted stuff every now and then. Most probably also affected by celebratory events.Bookmark here

Quest function. Special quest, Normal daily quests.Bookmark here

Chibi mirroring function. Allows me to see a chibI Liliath and how's she generally doing-- Liliath's UI probably has a chibi me in it.Bookmark here

Conveniently packaged into a status window-- or UI. Yup, 'user interface' sounds way better than 'status window'. Oh, there's also a function to hide the UI from people so only I can see it. Or I can tag a selected number of people so they would not suspect that I'm developing hysteria as I finger the air-- not so for everyone else though.Bookmark here

Taking a generous mouthful of water from the bottle beside my bed and texting a 'good morning' in the family group chat, I got up and proceeded to the bathroom. There I greeted Nine who was wide awake, up and ready.Bookmark here

Wearing a black uniform with a square blue tie, a legal lolli with a triangle pin holding her shoulder length hair in place. It was a known fact that this girl here is in fact-- a guy, so don't be fooled by her cuteness. He-- she just prefers to be transgender. It's part of her TALENT. She can change her genders at will.Bookmark here

Yes, her private area also changes along with the corresponding sex-- from what she said. How does she live like that? Makes me wonderBookmark here

"You okay?" She asked without turning to me, still rinsing her mouth.Bookmark here

"Yeah, better."Bookmark here

"How's Liliath?" placing her toothbrush back on the rack and wiping her face, she turned to me.Bookmark here

"Let me check."Bookmark here

I brought up Liliath's chibI in the UI. It's nice how I no longer need to say 'status window' every time I want to view the UI.Bookmark here

And the ultra cute chibi Liliath is-- crying?Bookmark here

"Thanks for the heads up Nine."Bookmark here

"Huh? What?"Bookmark here

"Liliath isn't doing well," I made my way out of the bathroom and proceeded towards Liliath's room.Bookmark here

"Wait? You and Liliath can use psychic abilities?!"Bookmark here

"Well.. no. Look," I toggled the UI display and tagged Nine so that she could see the panel in the air.Bookmark here

"A status screen?! No way! How?!"Bookmark here

"My TALENT."Bookmark here

"Doesn't that mean you could keep tabs on Liliath 24/7?"Bookmark here

"I guess-- Liliath? Are you alright? I'm coming in?" knocking on the door and saying some useless greetings, I pushed open the door.Bookmark here

"Wow, a stalker," I heard Nine's mutter as I took a step into the room.Bookmark here

In the dim room, Liliath's silhouette could be seen on her bed-- rolled up into a ball. A whimper would leak in between her sobs.Bookmark here

Sigh.. I should've known.Bookmark here

I walked up to her and sat on her bed. Placating her by stroking my hand down her back, I spoke.Bookmark here

"You had a nightmare?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded in response.Bookmark here

"Ah-- that's too bad. How are you feeling Liliath? It's just a nightmare, nothing to worry about right?" Nine came into the room and started petting Liliath's head, consoling Liliath down in her own way-- or that Nine only wanted to mess around with Liliath's hair.Bookmark here

"You can't trust me Noel.."Bookmark here

"Huh? Why not?" to Liliath's soft whisper, Nine looked up at me in surprise. She must be confused why Liliath said that huh?Bookmark here

Liliath only shook NIne's head away and sat up straight.Bookmark here

I could tell, even in this darkness that Liliath had been crying for quite awhile now. Casting an obvious furtive glance at me before averting her gaze again with tear ridden-eyes. She nibbled on her lips as if troubled by something.Bookmark here

And as if she had found an answer to her contemplation, she placed both her hands on my shoulders-- and pushed me down onto bed.Bookmark here

"WOw! What kind of development!" Nine yelled in excitement-- which I ignored.Bookmark here

Liliath's velvet hair cascading down from above, enveloping my vision like a curtain. The weight of her hands caused my shoulders to stiffen up. Tears fell from her eyes as she tried hard to endure something.Bookmark here

"A-aren't' you scared?" She asked, her voice quivering.Bookmark here

"A little?"Bookmark here

Hell. Rather than scared, I'm downright embarrassed. LIKE HELLO? We have a spectator here that's watching our every movement.Bookmark here

"I-if I wanted to kill you.. what would you do?"Bookmark here

"I'll fight.. if not I'll die. That's it."Bookmark here

Eh? WTF. Did Liliath just say that? And did I just say what I said?!Bookmark here

I mean.. she could kill me a long time ago so why now?Bookmark here

Still confused, Liliath finally let go and sat quietly on the bed.Bookmark here

"Awh darn! It was just getting to the good part! You should've initiated the attack Liliath!" Nine puched Liliath with her tiny fists.Bookmark here

"No.. I shouldn't attack Noel.." Liliath shook her head in desperation.Bookmark here

"That's not what I mean.. by attack you should've kissed Noel! It would've become the perfect sugary scene!"Bookmark here

Well… there's someone who doesn't read the mood.Bookmark here

"I-is that so?" Liliath's voice seemed to lighten up a bit-- bad news?Bookmark here

She turned to me with an hesitant but anticipating look on her face, she moistened her lips-- ah yup. Looks like it's true. IF someone wants to kiss you, they would subconsciously lick their lips.Bookmark here

Ah shit. I did the same.Bookmark here

I scowled at Nine who showed me a wonderful smile. This bitch.Bookmark here

Kiss or no kiss.. damn fuck. Why is this so hard? Ah yeah. because of the b.i.t.c.h., that's why. Why did she have to drag me into this situation? Corrupting Liliath with these sorts of knowledge..Bookmark here

Wait a second-- yesterday. Ah right.. Liliath took away my first kiss right? I remember waking up from Bleu's domain feeling an incredibly wet sensation in my mouth… crap.Bookmark here

"Nine, can you go out?"Bookmark here

"Eh? Why? Because your face is red as a tomato? Ah-- I see. No thank you."Bookmark here

Bitch, you..?!Bookmark here

"I-it's alright Noel.. I-I had my fill yesterday already.. I don't mind enduring," Liliath took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.Bookmark here

"What?!" Nine looked at LIliath in utter shock. "And here I thought I would be able to witness a couple's first kiss-- hold up. What else did you do to Noel.. don't tell me that's a hickey?!" Nine who looked as if donned a revelation pointed at my neck.Bookmark here

"Huh? What!?" I pulled back the collar of my pajama to take a look but-- I could see my neck directly. Ah shit.. seriously? On my neck? I need to check it with a mirror later.Bookmark here

"Oh my god Liliath, you're a feisty one alright. Be sure not to let Noel escape," Nine giggled jokingly.Bookmark here

"I'll take heed of your advice."Bookmark here

Yeah fuck. Don't listen to her Liliath-- please..Bookmark here

Crack. Rumble. Boom.Bookmark here

A streak of lighting lit up the room in white before everything fell into darkness once again. Looking out the window, rain drops dotted the glass, water started pouring from the murky orange-purple sky.Bookmark here

It's been awhile since I've last seen it rain so heavily so early in the morning.Bookmark here

"I saw you jump there."Bookmark here

"I did not," Nine turned her head away. After which she promptly left the room.Bookmark here

Hahaha. Very cute-- oh crap. She's a boy, whoops. Anyways--Bookmark here

"Well, that's that. You feelin.."Bookmark here

My words stopped when I felt a soft warm sensation on my cheek. I turned to Liliath who appeared in front of me all of a sudden, blushing. Ah.. she kissed me.Bookmark here

"Well.. I suppose it's alright," I muttered to myself before pulling Liliath close.Bookmark here

"N-Noel?"Bookmark here

I brought her face close to mine and-- kissed her forehead.Bookmark here

"This should do for now right?"Bookmark here

"Thank you Noel.." nodding, Liliath leaned on my chest and whispered.Bookmark here

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