Chapter 109:

Common Sense (5)

My Demon Queen

Special Quest:Bookmark here

Wash Liliath's hair. 250PBookmark here

RULES: Liliath cannot find out about the specifics of the task. If found out, the quest will be terminated. Special quests cannot be removed and will be refreshed weekly. Special Quests completed before the week ends will only be refreshed the following week.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I opened the door, a strong chilly wind blew in. Looking out from this height, a realm of grey-black greeted me, it was pouring incessantly. The shrill of the wind, occasional lightning and thunder, deafening impact of the cumulative rain drops and the flickering dots of faded lights in the distance amidst the darkness.Bookmark here

And because of the light droplets that hit me, I realized something.Bookmark here

"Noel, we don't have an umbrella in the apartment do we?" Prune caught up to it too, adjusting her bag on her shoulders.Bookmark here

"Now what.." Nine groaned.Bookmark here

Yes. There isn't a single umbrella in the apartment-- nobody realized this point until now. And because we commute to school by walking, the only shaded path along the way was the sky bridge and a small canopied walkway building at the school gates, that lead into the compound.Bookmark here

"Noel, should I recommend the shop?" Liliath brought up her own UI. Oh wow, she's a pro at this.Bookmark here

"You're right. By the way, you should just buy whatever you want if you see anything that interests you," Liliath isn't the kind of person who splurges, so I believe that she wouldn't get an unnecessary items. Not to mention, we have soo many points to spare, I'm getting itchy just seeing the number.Bookmark here

"In this case, how about we get 3 umbrellas?"Bookmark here

"Why three?"Bookmark here

"Yes, three! Don't get any more than that!"Bookmark here

So it's that reason huh, Nine? Oh, right the daily quests-- right. I have to walk under the rain with Liliath or something like that. Makes sense.. I'm really just coming up with excuses to share an umbrella with Liliath aren't I?Bookmark here

"How about this discounted one. 90 percent off looks like a ridiculous deal to me," Prune, who was browsing the list of items on Liliath's UI suggested.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I think that's good."Bookmark here

Random Umbrella.Bookmark here

Price: 10P (90% discount, originally 100P)Bookmark here

Description: an umbrella of an unknown design will be exchanged for points.Bookmark here

90 percent off a randomly generated umbrella that would have otherwise cost 100 points. So 10 points per umbrella. For the second cheapest choice in store at 20 points-- an umbrella STICK. I mean it in the literal sense, I don't mean the compactable umbrella.Bookmark here

Who in the hell would want an umbrella missing the top part? Maybe that's just a fancy name for a one-time-use beating stick?Bookmark here

And poof, three umbrellas of different colours came into existence. Obviously, Liliath chose the one with the red and black design. Prune chose the light blue one while the orange one was left to Nine.Bookmark here

""Thank you.""Bookmark here

"No problem. Let's go then."Bookmark here

We went to the ground floor via the elevator. Exiting the building and standing under the apartment, the roar of the rain only became crisper to our pitiful ears.Bookmark here

"Oh, it's a duck," opening a surprise, Nine got a duck designed umbrella. The cuteness kinda washed away the gloominess of the sad rainy ambience.Bookmark here

Prune on the other hand, got a simple blue umbrella. Nothing too fancy.Bookmark here

And Liliath--Bookmark here

"HIKH?"Bookmark here

-- made such an unusual sound when popping it open. What appeared was an extremely fancy heart shaped umbrella with all the frilly pop tarts and such. WHAT THE HELL! Looks like something a gothic lollita would use..Bookmark here

"I think we should get a different one," I opened up the UI and muttered without a second thought.Bookmark here

"Nay way! Not happening. Right Liliath.. Liliath?" Nine held my outstretched wrist to stop me while looking at Liliath.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" Prune asked warily.Bookmark here

"W-why does this feel wrong?" Liliath spoke in a barely audible voice, most of it drowned out by the rain. Her hands were shaking as she kept the open umbrella pointed to the ground.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"I-I don't know?" Liliath turned to me.Bookmark here

What the hell is this?! I see! SO this is what it means to experience Cuteness Overload! Her hair tied to the back swaying in the wind, accentuating her slender neckline. Rosy cheeks and teary eyes, it looks like she was pouting slightly? OH FUCK.Bookmark here

Hey.. don't tell me this is the effect of the skill book? No way. So this is Liliath when she's embarrassed? And here I thought the only way Liliath expresses embarrassment is by rolling up into a ball. Wow. This is really a novel and fresh experience. She's SO DAMN CUTE.Bookmark here

"Hey Prune, I think we should go first, these two are gonners," Nine tapped her shoulder.Bookmark here

"I agree.." Prune replied with a dejected sigh.Bookmark here

The two left. Leaving just me and Liliath in this staring contest where it doesn't matter if you blink or not?Bookmark here

Liliath finally broke our gaze after a full half-a minute. Her ears were without a doubt, red as a tomato. Say what?!Bookmark here

I'm melting-- my mind is melting to her absolute cuteness--Bookmark here

I think I short circuited. Lemme reboot. Beep. Beep.Bookmark here

"Why do I feel like t-this, Noel?" Liliath took a step backwards, staggering.Bookmark here

"Calm down Liliath, calm down.."Bookmark here

No way? She doesn't know this feeling? It's obviously embarrassment.Bookmark here

I held her shoulder in place, she visibly jerked. Her gaze swam around before meeting mine, and yet again, she subconsciously sucked on her lips.Bookmark here

Her soft, delicate red lips.Bookmark here

I swallowed my saliva instinctively.Bookmark here

"Noel.. c-can I.. just a bit," She tried to look at me but kept looking away.Bookmark here

To that cute reaction, my heart started to race.Bookmark here

"Ye--"Bookmark here

HONK. HONK.Bookmark here

Liliath and I both turned to the source. A car parked at the shaded area, light spotlighting us-- and the driver was.. teacher Glib? TEACHER GLIB?!Bookmark here

Liliath quickly shrugged off my hands.Bookmark here

"I-i'm sorry," she said with a quivering voice.Bookmark here

"Sorry.." I replied back.Bookmark here

Fuck. How long has her car been there? Is she telling us to get in or something?Bookmark here

The window pulled down, and with another honk.Bookmark here

"Are you getting in or what?" she asked, pressing her finger against her glasses.Bookmark here

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