Chapter 116:

Charlie Charlie Challenge (1)

My Demon Queen

Oh man-- a power outage. Now, what can I do about this? Are the girls alright? Girls-- is that the right way to address them? Nine's isn't just a girl right? Dunno.Bookmark here

I got up from my table, grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight. Hm? Even the reception is down. Is this a large-scale power outage? If this happened during winter everyone would freeze to death.Bookmark here

The current temperature is undeniably low but it isn't enough to kill us, it's still the beginning of autumn after all.Bookmark here

"Liliath! Prune! Nine! Are you alright?" I got out of my room and yelled.Bookmark here

"Hey Noel.. I almost hit the money shot when the outage happened.. can I kill someone?" Nine got out of her room totally out of it.Bookmark here

"Yeah-- no. What happened?"Bookmark here

"I was about to ram an enemy tank with a unicycle when my PC blacked out.. my viewers were so eager to see the glitch. Uwuwuwuww.. What should I do? Even the internet is down-- is this fate?"Bookmark here

What the fuck? Okay.. I don't get gamers but alright. A unicycle against a tank-- I learnt something new today.Bookmark here

"I can only say this-- great timing. Actually, even if the power outage happened, doesn't that mean-- nevermind.."Bookmark here

If the game was online then the unicycle would've successfully hit the tank but since the streaming service requires Nine's PC to be running, even if the hit was successfully, it wouldn't be captured live.Bookmark here

"What are the two other girls doing? They are awfully quiet."Bookmark here

"Yeah, we should probably check on them."Bookmark here

The room was pitch black if not for phone lights. And with the heater down, it was eerily quiet asides the sound of the howling winds outside due to the rainstorm was still audible. It actually made it even creepier.Bookmark here

With two hand held phone flashlights, it felt like Nine and I were part of a horror game.Bookmark here

"Noel, what if we were transported to a horror game? What should we do if that were the case."Bookmark here

"Don't talk nonsense.."Bookmark here

"I'm scared onii-chan," Nine held my arm.Bookmark here

I glared at her-- which was a bad idea because the moment I saw her grin she turned and pointed her flashlight at me. Rendering me temporarily blind. Ouch.Bookmark here

You bitch.Bookmark here

"Operation to find the onee-chans that disappeared go!"Bookmark here

"Hey! Hey! I can't see!"Bookmark here

"Noel. It's so quiet though.. Liliath and Prune are supposed to be in their own rooms right?"Bookmark here

"Maybe they slept already?"Bookmark here

"Maybe.. but it's really weird."Bookmark here

The apartment is divided into two parts. On the left wing was Prune and Nine's room while the right wing was where Liliath and my room is. In the middle was the living room and kitchen. One of the toilets was close to the kitchen, the other one at the left wing.Bookmark here

Since Liliath and Prune's room were separated by the living room--Bookmark here

"Should we split up?"Bookmark here

"I think we should."Bookmark here

"Hey, where did the 'I'm scared onii-chan' go?"Bookmark here

"Owh, so you want me to stick myself even closer to you?" Nine pressed her breast on my arm. I could feel the fact that she's not wearing anything underneath through her pajamas. I regret asking that.Bookmark here

"Let go, you pervert."Bookmark here

"Says the person who's totally entranced by my breasts!"Bookmark here

"Says who!?" bitch.Bookmark here

I forcefully pushed her away and went separate ways. Nine to Prune's room, me to Liliath's room.Bookmark here

It's really, really quiet. Normally shouldn't they have left their rooms in search of someone to accompany them? That should be the natural response.Bookmark here

"Liliath."Bookmark here

I called out, I could hear Nine doing the same for Prune. But no response..Bookmark here

"Hm.. Liliath?" I called out to her a little louder this time. Is she trying to prank me or something?Bookmark here

Finally, I knocked on her door.Bookmark here

"Liliath, are you there?"Bookmark here

No response. Dafauq?Bookmark here

Okay, calm down Noel. There's no such things as ghosts-- goddesses exist but not ghosts.. wait. Doesn't that mean my TALENT could practically invent ghosts? If that's the case the ghost would fall into the category of being approachable, cute and a potential harem candidate which I'm absolutely not looking forward to meeting.Bookmark here

I held the knob and pushed open the door without resistance. Again, it wasn't locked.Bookmark here

Peering over the edge I ran my flashlight over the room. I could see my figure and light reflected on her mirror. Her room was-- for the most part, neat and tidy. Different from yesterday when she assaulted me.Bookmark here

"Liliath?"Bookmark here

I pushed the door open wide and swept the flashlight across the place.Bookmark here

Nothing.Bookmark here

"Seriously now? T-this can't be right? Nine, how's it on your end, Liliath and Prune aren't here.. Nine?"Bookmark here

I blinked in the darkness. Slowly, I brought my flashlight over to the corridor. A pitch balck vortex in the furthest back, a minimal amount of light shone through and it felt as if the darkness was expanding. The reach of the light, growing shorter and shorter.Bookmark here

"Um.. guys? I mean, girls?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Shit. The fuck kind of sitaution is this? No, no, no, no.. Like hell am I going to accept this situation? I didn't knock my head and fall off somewhere right? I'm not unconscious right?Bookmark here

"Nine? LIliath? Prune?"Bookmark here

I took a step forward.Bookmark here

Better go check Prune's room. There might be a chance that they're there. Maybe Liliath went to Prune's room, I heard footsteps pass by my room previously-- or was it Prune that went to Liliath's room? I don't know.Bookmark here

At the living room, I gave a quick sweep of light to check for anything out of place before proceeding.Bookmark here

Please tell me this is just a prank?Bookmark here

Swallow my saliva, I knock on Prune's door.Bookmark here

Nothing.Bookmark here

Shit. Do I open it? I know that Nine went in and then everything became quiet after that. Okay, steel my heart for a jumpscare.Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open and stepped inside. My eyes shot to a suspicious spot.Bookmark here

There was a bulge on the bed-- a wiggling bulge.Bookmark here

"Hey Nine, that's you right?"Bookmark here

Shuffle. shuffle.Bookmark here

The sound of the blanket rubbing against the fabric was the only reply.Bookmark here

"Nine, please. I'm scared as heck here. Just stop the prank already, Liliath and Prune disappeared."Bookmark here

The thing beneath the bulge emerged from the blanket, her back facing me, long black hair cascading downwards. I felt my spine freeze.Bookmark here


Slowly, the figure in white turned around.Bookmark here

Two jet black pupils that gleamed in the dark, hair that seemed to flow endlessly-- It was Nine wearing a wig. A grin spread across her face.Bookmark here

I caught my breath and heaved out a sigh.Bookmark here

"YOU BITCH!"Bookmark here

"BUahahahahaha! Noel is a scardy cat! Noel is a scardy cat!"Bookmark here

I took in deep breaths to calm my racing heart. Damn it, fuck that was so damn scary.Bookmark here

"Prune is not here is she?" I asked in a serious tone.Bookmark here

"Eh? That wasn't a prank?" Nine removed the wig and jumped off the bed.Bookmark here

"It's not a prank."Bookmark here

"What?!"Bookmark here

"I'm serious. Where was the last time you saw them? I checked LIliath's room, no one was there."Bookmark here

"I don't know.. seriously? They're g.."Bookmark here

The sound of running water echoed through the halls. Nine and I reflexively straighten our backs with a grim expression.Bookmark here

"H-hey, Noel. This isn't some crazy shitty game right? You're really not pranking me right?"Bookmark here

"Like hell I am.."Bookmark here

You're the one shitting me.Bookmark here

The running water was coming from the bathroom in the kitchen. Peeking from the room, a dim light could be seen illuminating the living room.Bookmark here

"Maybe that's them."Bookmark here

"B-but.."Bookmark here

"You're scared now huh?"Bookmark here


"Fuck."Bookmark here

Gritting my teeth I proceeded towards the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. The light grew in proportion the closer we got. Two dot moulds pushing against my arm. Before I reached an angle where I could see the inside of the bathroom I turned to Nine and asked in a whisper.Bookmark here

"Nine, can't you act more male-like?"Bookmark here

"I'm a girl!" she hissed.Bookmark here

"You were originally a male!"Bookmark here

"Doesn't matter! It's best to just stick together.."Bookmark here

Then the creaking of the tap pierced the silence, the sound of running water came to a halt.Bookmark here

"N-Noel.." Nine pressed her chest against me even harder. The light became brighter as two shadows became visible--Bookmark here

I held my breath, feeling Nine's body tense up.Bookmark here

However, the real cause of the shadow was Liliath and Prune. A light orb swirling around them. Nine and I heave out a sigh.Bookmark here

"Where have you two been? You gave us quite a scare."Bookmark here

"We were doing something so.. it just ended up this way," Prune showed an apologetic smile. Liliath looked crestfallen for some reason. From the minimal information I was able to glean-- they had apparently washed their faces.Bookmark here

"Okay.. everyone's here-- now what?"Bookmark here

"Could it be that you two hold affe.." before Liliath could finish her sentence, she was silenced by Prune's hand gag.Bookmark here

"Nine?" Prune, acting like Liliath's mother for some reason, gave Nine a bloodshot glare. Heh? Her eyes were red for some reason.. how scary.Bookmark here

"Ah! RIGHT! I'm holding onto Noel aren't I? It's nice, warm, secure and comfortable, you know? Wanna have a feel?"Bookmark here

And instead of your typical: Kyahh! I'm sorry. Nine literally wrenched her breasts against my arm. Gross-- I struggled to pull it away.Bookmark here

"HEY! HEY! It's them who pranked us! Time to prank them back! It's called tactical retaliation!"Bookmark here

"Yeah. But don't do it in a way that reduces my sanity to dust!"Bookmark here

"Oh, so you're saying you're aroused by me, is it?"Bookmark here

Prune and Liliath could only stare silently at our exchange. Please don't misunderstand.. Nine's a bitch, it's not what you're thinking!Bookmark here

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