Chapter 119:

Club in the Library (2)

My Demon Queen

"It seems the rules are lenient. That sounds like a good club to join."Bookmark here

"So you're joining the light novel club? Then count me in too!"Bookmark here

"Elly, you don't even read."Bookmark here

"There's no problem with that right? I can just read a random book when the time comes. I've always wanted to know what this light novel hype is about."Bookmark here

"There's someone stationed in the library to help out with club registration so I recommend going there to personally, list down your name rather than just filling the club participation form-- was what I heard from the club leader," Helia explained.Bookmark here

"Um.. so where's the library again? The third floor, right?"Bookmark here

If my memory proves correct, I don't think we were notified of the library's existence. The joy of reading whilst enjoying a cup of tea came to mind.Bookmark here

"Hah, simple. Helia, you lead these two there. Make sure your prisoners don't run away."Bookmark here

"Okay, let's go!"Bookmark here

"Oh, Helia, one more thing before you leave, borrow me your homework yeah?"Bookmark here

"Sure! C'mon, let's go.. huh?" Helia grabbed both my shoulders and tried to push me but I stood my ground, I look at her confused. Was she trying to topple me over?Bookmark here

"Liliath, it's supposed to be like this," Nine said, placing both hands on Noel's shoulders.Bookmark here

"Hey!"Bookmark here

Nine demonstrated the action using Noel as a proxy. Pushing from behind, Noel was forced upon a forward momentum. The two looked similar to that of a 'human train'-- a term I realized I knew.Bookmark here

"I see.."Bookmark here

"Liliath, aren't you jealous of them? You and Noel are you know.. that right?" Helia asked as she observed their banter.Bookmark here

"To begin with, I view Nine as a male despite her gender as female," I replied.Bookmark here

"Male?"Bookmark here

"Yes! I remember now! In fact Nine is--" a hand was pressed against Noel's mouth.Bookmark here

"Shut up!" Nine exclaimed, "This imouto is having a lot of fun now, don't you try and ruin it! Liliath, help me shut him up!"Bookmark here

I could only tilt my head in confusion. Though in the end, the issue didn't inflate.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"So this is the library, wow. It's huge."Bookmark here

Spread out in front of me was a forest of taller-than-me wooden bookshelves that housed an immeasurable number of books. The walls were decorated with white marble and dark concrete pillars, the wooden floor that reflected everything like a mirror, it gave off a grand yet comfortable air.Bookmark here

It took up half the fourth floor of the main building. I was surprised that I didn't notice this sooner. There's a library in school? And even a light novel club? This.. this can't just be a dream right?Bookmark here

I turned to look at LIliath who was trying her best to keep up with the human wheelbarrow thing. She basically just walked normally, Helia pushing from behind had totally no way of steering her. It became something like Helia following Liliath. So much for her super strength.Bookmark here

As cliche as it gets, entering the library, the first thing that greeted us was-- the librarian at the counter of course. Wearing a book badge on his tie rather than the two white pins, he placed his book down and asked us if we needed anything-- to which Helia replied:Bookmark here

"Morning Grei. I'm here to register the two new light novel reading members, do you know where Rishell is?"Bookmark here

I don't know if it's just me but I saw Liliath flinch. Rishell? RISHELL?!Bookmark here

"Um.."Bookmark here

"She's not in, but Eunice is here-- oh."Bookmark here

"Hm? Did someone call-- oh."Bookmark here

"Oh.."Bookmark here

Oh.. oh shit.Bookmark here

Rishell, holding onto her sketchbook, gold egg rimmed glasses that glittered under the light. She brushed her hair behind her ear and gave me a wonderful smile that made my spine freeze. Liliath stood beside me, gently pushing Helia aside as if preparing for battle.Bookmark here

"What a coincidence. Here to join the light novel club eh?" A sneaky glint flashed across her eyes.Bookmark here

I snuck a gaze at Liliath, her eyes told me to 'handle this bomb carefully'.Bookmark here

Ugh..Bookmark here

Okay. Let's think through this rationally. Rishell is apparently someone who holds some authority in the book club right? Should be. In that case, should she be a reason why we don't join the light novel club? If I weighed in the merits and demerits, it's better to just join the light novel club because It's convenient and I genuinely want to join. It's unavoidable to not join any clubs so it's like the best option I have.Bookmark here

Though this contradicts my previous basis of not joining the art club because of Rishell.Bookmark here

Ugh.. this is heck confusing. But I think I got my decision.Bookmark here

"We're joining the light novel club."Bookmark here

"Why not the art club too? There's not many members there and we're certainly in need of more."Bookmark here

"I'm not into fine arts.."Bookmark here

"Me too," Rishell replied, surprisingly. She was overjoyed at the fact that we had something in common.Bookmark here

Yeah. No shit. Not my problem.Bookmark here

"So you three know each other after all," Helia muttered something like that as she nodded.Bookmark here

"Do you mind if you proceed with the registration? The discussion can be done amidst the process, it would be much more efficient that way," My childish banter with Rishell isn't getting anywhere so Liliath threw in a life line.Bookmark here

"You're right. Eunice is here right Grei?"Bookmark here

"Yup, she probably came to find another book to borrow."Bookmark here

"Did she bring the file with her?"Bookmark here

"I didn't see it so no?"Bookmark here

"In the end I still have to get the list from her."Bookmark here

Wow. I didn't think Eunice had already joined the light novel club and to have already become a member in charge of managing the newcomers..Bookmark here

I mean, it's kinda expected since you'd never find a day where you'd not see her holding a book to read.Bookmark here

"It's just writing down the name and signing it right? Eunice is from the same class so I can ask her for it."Bookmark here

Prune told me before that she signed her name and wrote her contacts on the baking club list. She's still an unofficial member. A list of estimated members joining the club would be created. The reason for this process is unknown since there was a separate club selection form handed out by the teacher during the start of the year, but my guess is that the seniors have a way to drag new members into the club at a moment's notice?Bookmark here

"Hm. Then we didn't need to come here after all.." Helia muttered.Bookmark here

"Exactly— Then I'll just return to class and ask Eunice for the list when she gets back later.." I was about to take my leave when Liliath held me by the sleeve.Bookmark here

"We are allowed to borrow books, correct?" Liliath asked me. "Could we have a look around the place?"Bookmark here

That's right. we just got here… but are you sure you want to do this with a bomb right in front of us?Bookmark here

"Alright then-- ah. Thanks for bringing us here Helia."Bookmark here

"No problem.. actually before that. Can I ask you what you meant about seeing Nine as a male?"Bookmark here

Oh.. that. I don't think I should talk about it? I want to— I REALLY REALLY want to but somehow my conscience is telling me to pity Nine.Bookmark here

"I suggest you go ask the person in question. I believe you will be surprised by what you will learn," Liliath answered her question, since it was directed to her to begin with.Bookmark here

"Can't you just tell me?"Bookmark here

"It's bad to disclose another individual's TALENT without first disclosing your own, isn't that how it works?"Bookmark here

"So it has to do with her TALENT then. Okay, thanks!"Bookmark here

Helia left.Bookmark here

Leaving the four of us-- or three of us. Grei went back to reading.Bookmark here

"So? Are you going to join the art club? Join the art club will you?"Bookmark here

Rishell's voice that seemed to grab my soul distorted mid way. I was able to catch my breath and steady my mind. Thanks Liliath.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but no. One club is enough.."Bookmark here

"Do you have anything else to ask? Else I will be taking Noel to accompany me." Liliath said with confidence, pressing herself closer to me. I couldn't help but feel my head heat up.Bookmark here

Oh, so that's how it works? If either one of us acts shamelessly, the other would retreat?Bookmark here

"Oh, my bad. I'm sorry to bother you two during your honeymoon period." Rishell said with a blank smile before walking past us and entering the library. There was a tinge of sarcasm to her words.Bookmark here

When her footsteps no longer resounded, a moment of silence fell upon the place-- though, there's still that white noise being generated by the PC at the counter.Bookmark here

A cough.Bookmark here

"Also, remember to keep your voice down."Bookmark here

Liliath and I turned towards Grei.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"Y-yeah," I replied.Bookmark here

Fucking seriously?Bookmark here

"We'll keep that in mind," Liliath hung her head-- it looked as if there was smoke coming out from her head.. Cute.Bookmark here

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