Chapter 121:

Dinner Gathering (1)

My Demon Queen

"I'm not falling in love, I'm not falling in love.." Clutching my head I repeated that mantra-- over and over and over and over...Bookmark here

I just realized Eunice wears a silver watch, the non-digital kind with the needles. Her height was slightly taller than Liliath. The hairband she wore today was black in colour, it would've been unnoticed if not for the blue gem attached to it. Her glasses were the normal squared kind with the edges rounded, giving her an honor student kind of look. She usually doesn't talk but when she does, her voice is the gentle mellow kind. Her smile is rare but when it appears, it's just like the gentle warmth of the sun.Bookmark here


"Noel, are you alright?" Nine tapped me on the shoulders.Bookmark here

I jumped-- nearly falling off the couch.Bookmark here

"A-AH.. No. No. No. I'm not fine.. Not fine at all!"Bookmark here

"So what's up with not falling in love?" Nine asked with a shitty smile. cutely tilted her head, her hair fell from her shoulder and increased the charm factor.Bookmark here

"Don't tell me it's not only her.. no way." I quickly drilled my face in between my palms.Bookmark here

FUCK?! Turn me into a zealot? Fall in love?!Bookmark here

"Noel, raise your head please?" Liliath called out gently. Raising my head, her lips pressed onto my forehead for a short second before pulling back to meet my eyes.Bookmark here

Liliath shone like an angel. The lights pouring from behind her outline her silhouette as she wore a simple white blouse, short pants combo. Her velvet hair cascaded down flowing down like an endless waterfall. Her soft pink lips glistened a little moist.Bookmark here

My eyes were drawn to her ethereal crimsons eyes and--Bookmark here

"Charm," she said softly, and hugged me.Bookmark here

I felt my vision come back to me-- the world stopped spinning.Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath. What's this about?" I asked, sounding perplexed. Actually, I should be surprised that I was even perplexed by this whole development.Bookmark here

"Have you returned to normal yet?" Prune asked.Bookmark here

"Yup, he looks normal alright. His eyes aren't heart shaped anymore," Nine supplemented, pointing to a floating UI which showed a chibi version of me. Is that Liliath's UI?Bookmark here

"What happened?" I blinked, sliding my hand through Liliath's hair.Bookmark here

I've returned to the apartment-- everyone was sitting in the living room for some reason..Bookmark here

"What happened? You seriously lost yourself, that's what happened."Bookmark here

"Lost myself.. oh yeah."Bookmark here

This entire morning the only thoughts I had was Liliath waging a war against Eunice. An epic battle where neither side was losing nor winning-- me caught in the storm, struck at by shockwave upon shockwave..Bookmark here

Liliath brought the final blow against the world and..Bookmark here

I don't remember?Bookmark here

But I think I get it now-- I became brain dead due to her TALENT. The effects didn't show instantly. It got worse after recess because I couldn't remember anything after that.Bookmark here

"Hey.. isn't Eunice's TALENT really dangerous then?" I asked.Bookmark here

If Liliath wasn't here-- or if she didn't have any magic to counteract Eunice's TALENT, I would've been a goner wouldn't I? What would've happened then?Bookmark here

"It was Eunice?!"Bookmark here

"Who's Eunice?" Nine was absolutely clueless.Bookmark here

"It's the bitch that tried to take Noel No, I didn't mean that!" Liliath replied to Prune and Nine just to realize she got caught up in her words and tried to cover up her cuss.Bookmark here

"Wow. I didn't think Liliath knew how to curse-- Congratulations!" Nine cheered.Bookmark here

"Noel, what did Eunice do?"Bookmark here

"What did Eunice do.. I'll have to divulge her TALENT but it's basically what you saw.." in the middle of my words, Liliath shoved me away and crawled up into a ball. Nine consoled and congratulated her for growing up.Bookmark here

"She can make people fall in love?" Prune wanted to confirm.Bookmark here

"I guess?"Bookmark here

Some TALENTS you just can't put into words. Falling in love is one thing, but I think it's much deeper than that. If her TALENT turns people crazy at her command, just like how it did me, she should've been swarmed by boys by now. If she held back using her TALENT, Eunice wouldn't have discovered eleven people resistant to her TALENT-- ten. I'm not resistant to it, the effect was only delayed.Bookmark here

I can't imagine the scene of Eunice commanding an army of zealots-- that's absolutely frightening. Which meant there has to be some sort of limiter or safeguard to her TALENT.Bookmark here

"Thank you Liliath," I said as I messed around with her hair. I didn't, however, fail to notice Prune's ears and tail droop. I guess I'll need to have a heart-to-heart talk with her when the time comes huh?Bookmark here

Liliath only shook her head, her head still buried in between her knees.Bookmark here

"Noel is a womanizer," Nine said aloud.Bookmark here

"Noel, is this really an effect of your TALENT.. getting involved with other people besides Liliath," Prune voiced her doubts.Bookmark here

"I'm pretty sure it is.. and no. I'm not a womanizer."Bookmark here

My TALENT is forcing me into a harem. It's a battle of wits here. Almost every person around me is female. Case exception: Voux, Kai, Wake and Nine. Yes, Nine is an exception.Bookmark here

"But you got embarrassed when I called you out though," Nine pouted. I felt goosebumps all over my body.Bookmark here

Buzt. Buzt.Bookmark here

I was about to retort when I heard such a sound.Bookmark here

"Hm?" Prune picked up her phone on the table. "Ah, dinner."Bookmark here

"What dinner?" Nine pressed her face against Prune.Bookmark here

"A gathering dinner to celebrate the coming of autumn-- this Sunday. At a ShinXian restaurant," Prune tapped on Liliath's shoulders and showed it to her before showing it to me.Bookmark here

A dinner to get to know each other better. That meant everyone's family was invited. The message also told Prune to ask Nine to persuade his parents about it. Why Nine? They should have her parent's contacts right?Bookmark here

"Oh, a gathering huh?" Nine seemed to show a faraway gaze.Bookmark here

"Well, is there something about it that's bothering you?"Bookmark here

"I can be honest but I think I'll keep it to myself for now. It's not a big deal," Nine showed a rare frown. The genuine kind of frown, not the one she usually makes when joking around.Bookmark here

"We're open to listen if you have anything to say alright?" Prune petted her head.Bookmark here

"Thanks. I'll see when the time comes."Bookmark here

"Nine, I believe this is a chance for you to ask for the preparation of the documents you wanted?"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah! There's that too.." her eyes turned dull. "Nevermind."Bookmark here

Surely it has something to do with the upcoming dinner. That said, leaving Nine out of it feels kinda.. wrong. It'll depend on oher. If she's adamant about not going then we'll probably respect her opinion but at the moment she's only reluctant-- or uncertain..Bookmark here

Liliath went over and started petting Nine's head too.Bookmark here

And so was how today came to an end.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

On the days leading up to the dinner gathering, Eunice got a piece of her own medicine when she herself became charmed by Liliath magic-- it was totally possible. She fawned over Liliath in the cutest ways.Bookmark here

The class no longer looked at the servant (Eunice) and master (Liliath) the same way again ever since then. Liliath is an S, Eunice is an M.Bookmark here

Liliath talked to Wall-san a few times-- I had no idea if there's someone there or what but I just accompanied her as she explained her actions to the wall-san which kept moving around.Bookmark here

Eunice was released from this hell of course-- she vowed never to mess with us again. But that didn't mean the two were hostile. They became friends-- in a normal sense.Bookmark here

I learnt that the reason why I went half insane was because Eunice stacked the effects of her TALENT. So it is proven I have resistance to it.Bookmark here

But honestly, realizing that all it takes for her TALENT to take effect is a glance at her target is nothing but unsettling. More so was the stacking ability.. the heck is up with that. I pray for the safety of her future husband.Bookmark here

Rishell didn't show up the rest of the week-- which was great.Bookmark here

We didn't strike up a conversation with KaI at all but from Eunice's gossip, we were able to learn that the girl KaI talked to back in Nine's class was called Lyndia. Those two probably have a thing for each other. But I can't help but feel a bad premonition. A flag is sure to be raised in the future, I can practically feel it.Bookmark here

We bumped into the student Council President a few times and greeted each other when we had the chance.Bookmark here

At the end of the week, teacher Glib mentioned something about joining some sort of demonstration next week. The students will be separated into groups and tested, then potentially recruited by the government depending on the utility of our TALENTS. I think it's to do with what Lieutenant Sanders said last time? I wasn't too sure.Bookmark here

Nine was alright but whenever the topic of the family was brought up, she would talk in an aversive manner. So we tried to avoid the topic if possible.Bookmark here

Prune looked like she was forcing herself. It doesn't happen every time but becomes quite obvious whenever Liliath and I are together or when she's tired. It's becoming obvious by the day. I'll keep that in mind.Bookmark here

As for Liliath, she was getting used to common sense. Her dense, innocent demeanor was returning but it's basically self destruction whenever she realized she said something she shouldn't have a beat too late.Bookmark here

Daily Quests were a pain but Liliath and I were able to do a few without being overly consciously about it-- that's a lie by the way.Bookmark here

Also, regarding her plans, there weren't any hints on that.Bookmark here

I've been browsing through the shop and stopping at the philosopher's stone section a good number of times now. My instincts are telling me it has to do with this-- but I don't know how.Bookmark here

Doing a little research-- aka reading light novels-- demons lords are usually demons or fallen angels with a philosopher's stone embedded inside them. Just like Liliath.Bookmark here

Reverse engineering the thought, the hypothesis I came to was: could I become a demon lord if I fused a philosopher's stone inside me? But I ruled out this possibility because, in the first place, my body wasn't built to accommodate something like this. I'm human, not a demon or angel. Not to mention, it's down right unrealistic, Liliath doesn't do surgery. Trying to insert a philosopher's stone inside me would probably only cause more complications...Bookmark here

More importantly, having said up to this point, I think I've been infected with eighth-graders syndrome. Send help.Bookmark here

So what exactly is Liliath's plan?Bookmark here

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