Chapter 5:

Misfortune Always Found Them

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

“Hey Dracula, how’d you get yourself caught. Couldn’t you just turn into a bunch of bats and fly away?”Bookmark here

You wouldn’t happen the be referring to me, would you? Bookmark here

“I don’t see anyone else who looks like they’re about to take a bite out of me.”Bookmark here

To your relief, I’ll have you know that I harbor no such intentions.Bookmark here

“You speak funny. Where you from Dracula?”Bookmark here

My name is Nem, it would best behoove you to learn it.Bookmark here

“Sure thing Dracula, tell me where you’re from.”Bookmark here

Cease your ill speaking before I can no longer assure the safety that has been provided to you when they placed me in a cell opposite to yours.Bookmark here

“Hey cool it Nem, it was just a joke.”Bookmark here

A joke. How amusing.Bookmark here

“Well, I found it funny. Now tell me where you came from. What’s your story?”Bookmark here

I killed my brother and his wife in a fire.Bookmark here

“That’s messed up man. Do you regret it? I mean he they were family after all.”Bookmark here

‘Regret? What's there to regret? What I’ve done was out of my own volition, what’s more, is that I’ve done what needed to be done.’ such were the words of a fool.Bookmark here

“You need help man, like mentally. I don’t think you’re all quite right upstairs. But tell me more, what do you mean ‘needed to be done?’”Bookmark here

The night before he had tried to drown me.Bookmark here

“So it was a thing of pride? But why did he try to drown you?”Bookmark here

Do you really wish to know?Bookmark here

“I’ve been in here for quite some time and it’s not as though I’m leaving soon. Any story is one I want to hear, even if it comes from someone as screwed up as you.”Bookmark here

Very well, it looks like I’ll have to cancel my plans for later.Bookmark here

“All right, now that’s what I’m talking about. Start from the beginning, I want to know it all.”Bookmark here

There’s a fair amount to unlade. It will take quite some time.Bookmark here

“I already told you, I have nothing but time. Come on, get on with it.”Bookmark here

We Halls once tried to lead a peaceful life, but it was our benevolence to provide assistance to those who participate in futile wars that vexed us. The very souls who we once protected had scorched our lands and killed our own. We dwindled in numbers and were forced to go into hiding. Filled with hatred, we sought revenge on those who have wronged us. Ambushes, assassinations, nothing was beneath us anymore. The war soon ended but our tendencies did not. When soldiers were no longer a commonplace sight, ordinary civilians took their place as our targets. Bookmark here

“Did you guys ever try to go back to the way things were?”Bookmark here

That we did. There were some who tried to leave from the way we were living, but misfortune had always found them. For one reason or another, they never found the happiness they rought for.Bookmark here

“You guys must be cursed or something.”Bookmark here

You could call it a curse, but I think it to be their ambitions clouding them. Their desires brought them to make foolish choices. Their foolishness was what brought an end to them.Bookmark here

“Okay enough with your family history, what about your history? What things did you do? Where did you come from?”Bookmark here

I was born not too far from here. At first, it was just me, my parents, and-Bookmark here

“What have we here? Have we made a friend Mr. Hall?”Bookmark here

This fellow has taken an interest in my past, detective. Is there something you wish to discuss?Bookmark here

“As a matter of fact, there is. I’m here to tell you that your court date is scheduled to be on the fifth, just under a month from now.”Bookmark here

A month. Then I’ll continue to enjoy your hospitality until then. Bookmark here

“Enjoy it while it lasts, after then, I’m sure you won’t see the light of day for some time.”Bookmark here

“You’ve got less than a month. How can you be so calm?”Bookmark here

I’ve no reason to worry. That is why.Bookmark here

“But you killed two people. They’re not going to let you off with just a slap on the wrist.”Bookmark here

I’ve killed far more than just two people, let me remind you that you’re speaking to a true Hall.Bookmark here

“Then are you planning on escaping?”Bookmark here

Escape? How absurd. Escaping would mean that I have been captured. What imprudent thinking, my halfwitted fellow. There isn’t anything on this earth in which could keep me ensnared.
Bookmark here

“But you’re here with me.”Bookmark here

Of course. Bookmark here

“You’re here because you were arrested.”Bookmark here

That is correct.Bookmark here

“Therefore you’ve been captured.”Bookmark here

Not at all. I chose to be here of my own volition. Bookmark here

“Then why haven’t you left yet?”Bookmark here

Have you forgotten already? You’ve asked a favor of me and I gave you my word. What kind of man would I be if couldn’t even uphold my own promises?Bookmark here

“The hell are you talking about, what favor?”Bookmark here

You’ve asked for my history.Bookmark here

“Huh, I guess I did. Wait, could I have asked for anything.”Bookmark here

If it were within my power.Bookmark here

“Then can you get me out of here?”Bookmark here

Afraid not.Bookmark here

“What, why?”Bookmark here

You’ve already asked for a favor. What sense would it make for you to ask for more from the man you owe?Bookmark here

“Come on Nem, don’t be like that. Please Nem, help me out here. Do me a solid. Nem. get me out of here, Nemie-”Bookmark here

Don’t push your luckBookmark here

“Alright, jeez. At least finish your stories. If I’ve used up my favor then I might as well get as much out of it as I can.”Bookmark here

As I was saying, I was born into the Hall family. We resided within the bounds of the forest. The Hall name was beginning to go extinct. At the time it was only me, my parents, and my grandfather. My upbringing consisted of hunting, thievery, and everything else it meant to be a Hall. Bookmark here

“What happened to the rest of the family?”Bookmark here

We weren’t many to begin with and our way of life wasn’t best suited for those who couldn’t keep up. Bookmark here

“Huh, well alright continue.”Bookmark here

Even though I was but a young child, my father would carry me around when he went out. It was later explained to me that seeing how to kill and steal would help form me into a true Hall. by the age of four, I was already set out to provide for my family. Conventional weapons were too unwieldy for my little hands, so my father gave me a knife he had fashioned out of a staghorn.Bookmark here

“Heh, imagine that, a tiny Dracula... I mean Nem, running around with a blade.”Bookmark here

Amusing. Bookmark here

“Sorry please go on.”Bookmark here

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