Chapter 5:

Netherworld's Maiden

The Netherworld : Awakening

After few minutes of walking, we are here.Bookmark here

"Where are we?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Can't you tell by just looking at it?"Bookmark here

Satori questions me. The answer to any question should be another question. That's his mentality, I guess.Bookmark here

There is no way I can tell by just looking at some gates which are giving you-will-die-if-you-open-it aura.  But still if I have to guess then I would say execution chamber. 

"If I was capable of doing it then why the hell would I bother myself asking you?"
Bookmark here

"What do you mean by bothering yourself by asking me?"Bookmark here

"Nothing."Bookmark here

"No, tell me what do you mean by that?"

He points a finger towards me while questioning.Bookmark here

"Just like I said it's nothing."Bookmark here

"Both of you stop that or else I will smack you."

Luemon says those words in harsh manner. Bookmark here

"It's a library."

Luemon says it with dissatisfaction in her voice. Maybe, I know why?Bookmark here

"It's a library?!"I say it in a shocked manner.

"Why are shocked? Don't you humans have  libraries?"

Satori shouts at me.Bookmark here

"Yes, we do have. But what's with this gate?"Bookmark here

"Gate! What's wrong with the gate?"

Luemon asks. Bookmark here

"You are just overreacting."

Satori says.Bookmark here

"No way. Look at its size. It's even bigger than the apartment I was living in until a few hours ago which was a four-storey apartment. the gates are scary. And why it is giving an aura of don't-open-it-or-else-you-will-die-after-opening-it?"Bookmark here

"You are kidding, right? It's normal." Satori replies saying the gate is normal. Bookmark here

"Yeah, it looks completely normal. No matter from which angle you look at it."

Luemon also joins in the conversation of ' the gate is normal '.Bookmark here

"By the way from which angle are you looking at it?"

Luemon asks.Bookmark here

What do you mean by from which angle I am looking at it? The same angle as yours, you dumb. But I didn't say it.Bookmark here

"From inside."

That's my reply to her stupid question.Bookmark here

"Maybe that's why it's looking weird to you."

She is a gone case. Well, leave it.Bookmark here

Things normal to them aren't normal for us humans. It's the netherworld and not the human world. I don't know why but I keep forgetting this small thing. It's almost like...Bookmark here

"Step back."

Luemon orders me while placing both her hands on the gates.Bookmark here


I take a step back, then a thought passed through my mind ' She is a demon and there is a colossal gate plus her hands are on those gates '.Bookmark here

"What happened? why are standing that far?"

Luemon asks.Bookmark here

"Well, just to be, it's nothing."Bookmark here

"He is weird."

She murmurs.Bookmark here

"Leave him and open it."

Satori says to Luemon.Bookmark here

"You don't have to tell me."

Luemon says it angrily and then pushes the gate with some force. Bookmark here

"She is having trouble it seems...or maybe not. Damn, she is strong."

She opens the gate easily, I guess.Bookmark here

"Don't just stand there and get in."

Luemon shouts those words towards me because I was standing at a distance from them.Bookmark here

I followed her inside and it turns out that it's a library---no, a colossal library. Its interior looks like a luxury castle you would see in movies. Bookmark here

It looks like a castle specially made for books and book readers. The gates were giving death aura's but the interior, it feels like I am not in the netherworld anymore. Bookmark here

Libraries on Earth are nothing compared to this library.Bookmark here

"Woah! It's a library."

I couldn't hold my excitement.Bookmark here

"Yup! It's a library."Bookmark here

"So, why are we here?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean by 'Why'? Isn't it obvious? If you are going to live here then you first have to learn about the netherworld. So here you will learn about the netherworld."Bookmark here

"You are right. So who is going to teach me about the netherworld?"Bookmark here

"They are going to teach you about the netherworld."Bookmark here

"Are you kidding?"Bookmark here

"No. Why?"Bookmark here

"These are books?"Bookmark here

"I know."Bookmark here

"There is no way I can read these books. In fact, I can't even read the name of this book.

By the what's even written on it, seems like a curse to me."Bookmark here

"Wait, you can't. Sorry, Sorry I forgot that being able to understand us is one thing, reading and writing are other things. There is no way you can read these. What should we do? Looks like someone has to teach you, that's the only way." Bookmark here

"At least hold it correctly. You are holding the book upside down."Bookmark here

Satori says it with a what-an-idiot-can't-even-hold-a-book-correctly look.Bookmark here

"Does it even matter? I can't read it anyway so holding it upside down or correctly changes nothing. You idiot demon."

"What did you say? You imbecile."

Satori gets angry.Bookmark here

"Who the hell are you calling an imbecile?"

He made me angry.Bookmark here

"Who else? You."Bookmark here

"How many years do you have to spend in jail for killing a demon?"

I asked Luemon.Bookmark here

"Kill? Jail? What are you saying?"

She is confused. Bookmark here

"Do you think you can kill me? First, learn to read and write."

"I don't want to hear that from some who-know-if-he-is-even-a-demon?"Bookmark here

"Please keep it down. This is a library and not some battleground."

Someone says it in a cute voice. Everyone looked behind at the same time and a woman was standing there. Actually If I have to describe her a cute maiden will be the precise word for her.Bookmark here

"If you wanna fight then go to the training ground."Bookmark here

"Oh! Le'en. Long time no see."

"Luemon! Satori is also here."

Then she looks at me keenly.Bookmark here

"Wait. Why is a human here? Don't you have a no-human-in-the-netherworld policy?"Bookmark here

"Who is he? Never saw him before."Bookmark here

"A lot happened and because of that we are here."

Luemon replies.Bookmark here

"What happened?"

Ignoring my question. Recap of what happened until now starts.Bookmark here

Luemon explains everything with a lot of plot holes, that Satori had to interfere in between and correct her. In the end, she said this.

"So in short, a lot happened." Bookmark here

She says it with a forced smile on her face.Bookmark here

Well done. You confused her to the point of no return and if you start explaining her again, then I don't think she will be able to keep up. Bookmark here

Maybe she will get even more confused after that.

"Excuse me! But no one has answered my question."Bookmark here

"Oh! That. Actually, she is not a human but she is a human. She is a demon but at the 

same time she is not a demon." Bookmark here

Luemon tries to explain me but confuses me even more.  Okay, I lost her. I don't know what she just said.
Bookmark here

"I don't know what that means?"Bookmark here

"Let me explain. I am a Cambion."

Le'en says after hearing Luemon's explanation.Bookmark here

"Cambion? What is that?"Bookmark here

"A cambion is a half-human half-demon offspring of a demon and a human."

"So that's why you like a human."Bookmark here

"Yes. But I do have horns right here."

She leans towards me to show me those horns. Bookmark here

"See. They are small but I do have horns."Bookmark here

She touches her horns to show me where they are .Bookmark here

"I also have horns like yours or maybe smaller than yours."Bookmark here

"No, they are plenty big."

She says it and then gives me a smile. I Got to admit she is cuter when she smiles. Bookmark here

"B-By the way I haven't introduced myself. I am Yukio Ichiro. Pleased to meet you."

I say it all flustered.Bookmark here

"My name is Le'en. I am a librarian in this library. Pleased to meet you too."Bookmark here

So she is a librarian. Oh! It will work. Since I can't read the books of the netherworld, I should ask her for help.

"Hey, Le'en. I want to ask something?"Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"How much do you know about the netherworld?"Bookmark here

"How much? I know most things about netherworld after all I live here and I am a librarian."Bookmark here

"Then, can you teach me about the netherworld?"

She looks at me with the expression of what to say.Bookmark here

"You are the only demon I can rely on right now."Bookmark here

"Okay. I will teach you about the netherworld."

She responds immediately.Bookmark here

"T-Thank you."Bookmark here

"No. You don't have to thank me it's my work."

Now, I don't have to worry about how will I learn about the netherworld? At least, that problem is solved. Maybe I should also ask her to teach me how to read and write demon language. Bookmark here

No, I don't think there is a need for that because Satori will assist me anyway so,he will handle all the writing and reading things.  

But considering his nature I don't think I should count on him. When I would need him the most he will definitely become useless. I am sure about that it, no doubt. Bookmark here

After all, that's how his nature is.Bookmark here

"Okay! After this is over I will come here to pick you up."

Luemon starts to leave after saying it. Bookmark here

"This is a good chance for you. Maybe you should also learn about the netherworld too?"Bookmark here

Satori blocks her exit.Bookmark here

"W-Why me? I-I am an honorable demon of the netherworld and I already know about the netherworld. I don't think I need to learn anything."Bookmark here

"Then can you tell me in which direction 'Ars Goetia' is?"Bookmark here

"O-Of course I know that. It's...It's..." 

She tries to maintain her composure.Bookmark here

"It's that direction."

She points her index finger towards the windows on her right.Bookmark here

"Okay, sit down. You need to learn about the netherworld."Bookmark here

"Wait a minute, I was joking. It's that way."

This time she points her index finger toward the gates which are on her left.Bookmark here

"No matter whichever direction you direct your fingers you will always get it wrong."

Satori bursts out with anger and started shouting at her. Bookmark here

"What does he mean by whichever direction she direct her fingers she will always get it wrong?"Bookmark here

"Oh! Well, you see the place we are at right now is Ars Goetia."

Well more or less reasonable for Satori to react that way.Bookmark here

"Now sit here and concentrate and don't you dare to run away"

Satori ties Luemon on the chair beside me with a black rope which he produced out of thin air.Bookmark here

"Okay fine. I won't run away."

Luemon says it in irritated tone.Bookmark here

"So, from where should I start? If I start from the beginning then it will take a lot of time. what should I do?"

Le'en starts thinking.Bookmark here

"You don't have to tell them everything just the basics will be enough."

Satori suggests her.Bookmark here

"Maybe you are right. Okay! Then I will start with the basics."Bookmark here

After that, she started explaining to us about the three layers of the netherworld, the 

current Demon king and many more things.  Bookmark here

Everything she tells me about the netherworld is nothing I have learned on Earth. It's like a different story with the characters more or less the same.  
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