Chapter 4:

The Mother, Martha Rainglow (1)

Battlefield Restart: Mortal God

In the lands of Sphera, that considered to be the purest form of Mana imparted by the Gods…Bookmark here

…was once exclusive to Druids and Fiends alike.Bookmark here

However, after the 'Divine Sword Disappearance Incident', the Mana residing in the bodies of both Druids and Fiends became more scarce. Mages had confirmed the 'Saturation Rank' had dropped.Bookmark here

This was a devastating blow to everyone, but it was also an opportunity for those malignant creatures.Bookmark here

It didn't really matter much to Fiends much. They only had to their strong physiques and traits. Bookmark here

The ecosystem of Fiends devolved into one filled with 'Beasts', but this change was without danger.Bookmark here

They never had to worry about coping with change.Bookmark here

However, for Druids, who had mostly relied on their intricate Magic Spells, it became a fatal weakness.Bookmark here

The Druids at the time of the incident were stronger and more intelligent than the Fiends.Bookmark here

They came up with a reason to resolve their various conflicts with the Fiend Race prematurely.Bookmark here

Of course, this was in order to buy time for them to recover from their loss. Their method was by creating a near 'ultimate' magical contract. It had forbid both races from starting any full-scale wars. Bookmark here

The Fiends accepted the contract unwillingly, but the condition that they put forth before signing the contract was that those of the Druid Race were forbidden from ever entering their Holy Lands.Bookmark here

This condition was gladly accepted by the many Druid Kings ruled that era. They had no choice.Bookmark here

It was either that, or to die in a weakened state…Bookmark here

Now, after hundreds of years, society had become less reliant on 'Spells' and more reliant on 'Arts'. Bookmark here

A new form of Mana Manipulation was crafted by a genius Heroic King of the new 'Human' Race.Bookmark here

Humans were starting to replace the ancient Druids of the past, and their numbers only increased.Bookmark here

Even though the 'Saturation' Rank of your Mana dropped from the fourth level to the second level.Bookmark here

From having 'Sun Mana' to 'Light Mana'…Bookmark here

The intelligent Sword King of the past created a technique now known as 'Burst Manipulation'. Bookmark here

At first, it was created to make up for his Mana's lack of purity, but one day… this godly technique was publicised for all to learn. No one had ever expected their to exist such a generous person.Bookmark here

He truly was our 'Hero'…Bookmark here

The Burst Manipulation technique became the stable foundation that the current human society was built upon, and this is all due to his overwhemingly generous heart! I love him so much!Bookmark here

It's thanks to him that humanity finally 'recovered'.Bookmark here

We had finally adapted to our weakened abilities…Bookmark here

In the Civilised Lands of Gaia, I myself am merely a servant of Duke Swordwick's noble household. Bookmark here

A thirty-year-old maid who was born with a childish-looking face. Someone who loved history.Bookmark here

My last name was once known as Greenlock until I married my husband named Fredrick Rainglow, the Head Butler of the Swordwick Household and former companion in my days as a mercenary.Bookmark here

Hah... Just remembering those days of great adventures made me feel really nostalgic.Bookmark here

I could imagine myself at the time in the past…Bookmark here

…fighting with a rapier in one one hand and an emerald glowing Magic Circle in the other. Bookmark here

The speedy style of combat that was unique to Wind Specialists was still ingrained deeply into my muscle memory~Bookmark here

As an adventuring Mercenary with a Silver Rank Adventuring License, my days as a freelancer was a lot better than most. Even after I left my family to pursue my dreams, my life had been colourful.Bookmark here

At least, when I ignored certain traumas…Bookmark here

The cage of responsibility my family had trapped me in was something I ripped apart myself.Bookmark here

It was so I could experience the wider world. Bookmark here

However, I now knew that perhaps staying would have been a better option… Then maybe… maybe…Bookmark here

…'that' wouldn't have have happened to me.Bookmark here

Forget it. It's better to live for the present.Bookmark here

There were times I was put in danger while wandering the world as a Mercenary, but my it wasn't all bad… There are happy moments filled with bliss I wouldn't have had without leaving.Bookmark here

I don't regret my decision.Bookmark here

It was because every action I made from that point on were all born from my own decisions!Bookmark here

I had never felt there was anything missing in my life until I found my soulmate, Fredrick. Bookmark here

To think… we hated each other at first due to a Hunting Request that went terribly wrong. Bookmark here

The amount of injuries we received because of our terrible cooperation was enough to almost take our very lives. However, it was only after the incident did I realise that it truly was my own arrogance that got in the way of our teamwork. I was too extreme.Bookmark here

I had once thought myself to be untouchable in combat, but reality was really cruel.Bookmark here

The opponents we faced had a deep understanding on how to counter those who used Wind Arts to boost their speeds. Bookmark here

Oh just remembering how my handsome knight in shining armour saved me from death… really makes me fall for him all over again~!Bookmark here

We experienced so much together after becoming life partners, to the point we were one day willing to settle down and become a 'normal' family. Bookmark here

Well, I might say that it like we were the ones who made the choice to stop adventuring, but the truth is that the Duke of the Noble Household we now serve is the ACTUAL reason we settled down.Bookmark here

If it weren't for him, we would have all be long dead rather than getting off lightly with internal injuries. Bookmark here

Us still living is all thanks to his grace.Bookmark here

Not that I'm complaining though. Bookmark here

I may have experienced many joys in my time as an adventuring Mercenary for the Guild, but nothing in the past has ever made me as happy as today: The day I gave birth to my precious son~Bookmark here

It was a painful process, but everything was well worth it… because now I can see my adorable child's lovely smile~ How cute~!Bookmark here

My heart was filled with surprise when I first saw my tiny, little baby son open his eyes. Bookmark here

It's strange, he wasn't fidgeting or crying straight after waking from his sleep. He was staying quiet.Bookmark here

He looked at me in wonder in his eyes. My baby opened his mouth to make cute noises and sounds. Bookmark here

A smile was on his face as he played with my hair.Bookmark here

I found his every action to be extremely adorable! Bookmark here

However, after he fell back asleep, I found that there were a lot of strange things about his behaviour. It's strange... The other maids said infants were more mischievous and fickle.Bookmark here

I don't know if I was imagining it or not, but… I remember that deep in his eyes was a unfamiliar kind of calmness, as if he was watching my each and every movement with a hawk-like focus. Bookmark here

The kind of eyes that would belong to a grown-up rather than a just recently born infant child.Bookmark here

He didn't pull on my hair while he was playing with it, nor did he try to move his entire body to crawl out of my grasp. It's strange how he just quietly laid in my arms like an obedient child.Bookmark here

All while speaking incoherent gibberish.Bookmark here

Maybe I'm just thinking too deep into this, it isn't like all children were full of mischief in their lives. Bookmark here

He might be just tired. I held hin in my arms and softly sung him a lullaby from my youth. Bookmark here

One that slowly but surely let him fall asleep.Bookmark here

I looked at his sleeping face and gently kissed his forehead once more… before putting him in his own little bed. I felt a warm and fluffy feeling within the deepest parts of my heart. Especially thinking of the future of my cutest child in the world!Bookmark here

"Martha, what will you name your child?" A maid l I was most familiar blinked in my child's direction. Bookmark here

I turned back and saw a tanned and rough-skinned beauty waiting at the door. Her eyes filled with great expectations for my answer.Bookmark here

"We've decided beforehand that the name of our child would be named Simon it was a boy, didn't we? The name would be Merilin if it was a girl." My weakened self said joyfully with a blushing face. Bookmark here

I couldn't look away from my son's sleeping face for too long after all. My heart feels so emotional...Bookmark here

This is the happiest day in my life!Bookmark here

"My child's name will be Simon Rainglow from this day forth. It's nice name right, Anna~?" I spoke towards the slightly muscular maid in front of me. Bookmark here

Whenever I looked at her well-proportioned figure, my mouth couldn't help but let out a sigh in envy. Bookmark here

Unlike my somewhat skinny figure, Anna's was strong and robust, but that still didn't cause her to lose any of her natural womanly charms.Bookmark here

"It's a nice name." Anna said with a sincere smile.Bookmark here

I couldn't help but feel emotional again after seeing her full of joy. We have been part of the same Noble Household for a long time but it was only in recent years that Anna had warmed up to me.Bookmark here

I remember how detached her personality was when we first met.Bookmark here

How she slowly opened up to me in these peaceful days of working together. Bookmark here

The cold yet hardworking maid I could remember from back then, and the Anna of now standing before me, seemed like entirely different people if one only judged entirely by her attitude alone.Bookmark here

I never knew Anna could be so fond of children... Bookmark here

Of course, I let her hold Simon for a moment.Bookmark here

She seemed like someone who wanted to spoil him but didn't know how someone would do that... Bookmark here

My heart secretly amused by her antics. Bookmark here

It was funny and adorable to see how she was trying to play games with Simon after he woke up~Bookmark here

Time passed slowly…Bookmark here

I affectionately raised dearest son with all the love and affection I could give. Fredrick also took time off from work to be there for Simon in these precious years of his childhood. Bookmark here

When Simon reached the age of three, he was blessed with a beautiful little sister. Bookmark here

I was worried inwardly that he would be jealous due to me not giving him as attention I did when he was younger. Bookmark here

However, to my and Fredrick's surprise, he never once uttered a single word of complaint. Bookmark here

Our boy even helped the two of us take care of the young Merilin by bringing her over to us whenever she started to cry.Bookmark here

"I want to treasure my sister and spoil her to my hearts content!" Was what my son said at the mere age of four. His voice was so high and cute~ To think that he'd day something so heartwarming!Bookmark here

Kyaaa~! He's such an cutie~Bookmark here

I couldn't help but give him a big hug for his keen perception and mature understanding~Bookmark here

Now that I think about it, Merilin was a lot more 'normal' as an infant amd while growing up.Bookmark here

She cried like any other child her age would whenever she was upset and pulled on my hair.Bookmark here

Huh...? What am I saying...? Calling my own child abnormal... There must be other reasons I haven't seen him cry ever since he was born. Maybe that was the natural personality he formed over time. Bookmark here

I mean, it's not like all children are the same while they're growing up from their childhood… Right...?Bookmark here

At first I thought he wasn't as smart as normal children his age.Bookmark here

After all, even the Duke's daughter was able to speak fluidly at the age of three. Bookmark here

I was worried that my son wouldn't be able to keep up with the children of his age, but it seems that those worried feelings were for naught. He was able to quickly surpass those his age in terms of formal etiquette and mathematical studies. Bookmark here

By the time he finished learning how to speak, he became as fluent as others his age without needing much support.Bookmark here

My child is so adorable! Bookmark here

Yet... still… why do I always find his actions to be a little more mature than his actual age? Bookmark here

He never even once argued when I asked him to help with chores. Not once, even if it was difficult.Bookmark here

I even felt he keenly understood who were the people he could be willful towards and who he couldn't... Even the Young Miss wasn't as mature as my dearest son~ Was he a genius?Bookmark here

He never cried when he hurt himself after accidentally falling really hard. Hmmmm, I'm sure I would have thought he was a young-looking old man if I hadn't been the one to give birth him. Bookmark here

Just look at that mature expression he always makes sure to have on! Bookmark here

But is he as mature as he seems, or is it all just an act? Bookmark here

After all, he did 'feel' like a regular child sometimes.Bookmark here

"Merilin, you have to remember that you must walk if you cannot run. Don't make me worry needlessly. Bookmark here

Oh, and at least try to be more independent by putting on your own clothes. You CAN do that.Bookmark here

What…? It's hard for you?Bookmark here

I don't care if you can't do it right now, but you must at least try practicing doing it by yourself for the future. You can't always have Mother helping you." Simon nagged many complaints like this to the only two-year-old Merilin every morning. Bookmark here

I'd think he was serious if it wasn't for that mischievous light in his eyes.Bookmark here

He played with her cheeks.Bookmark here

"Stop acting like an old man. It's creepy." I pretended to put on a face full of disgust…Bookmark here

…then berated him while brushing his teeth. Bookmark here

A luxury like brushing teeth could only be reserved for nobility like Barons and those well off people with high income like us. Bookmark here

I mean, as a Head Maid that keeps charge of the once mercenary servants, my pay is quite good. Bookmark here

That's not mentioning the pay from Fredrick's job as Head Butler. We had a good amount of savings.Bookmark here

"Mother, can't you be more gentle? You'll break my weak little heart~" My dearest son casually lied through his teeth after I finished brushing them.Bookmark here

This habit of his must be from his father! Bookmark here

...Lying without even blinking!Bookmark here

"You're almost five years old. It's almost a good time to start training swordsmanship with your father. So stop nagging Merilin and acting like an old man." I reprimanded strictly-Bookmark here

This is rare! It's the first time I found a reason to reprimand Simon twice! Bookmark here

It must be my lucky day today~Bookmark here

Though... I do hope my luck rubs off on Simon since the hardship he's going to experience from now on will be more torturous than others.Bookmark here

Why is it I think that way? Well, it has to do with my son's poor innate magical talents despite being both my own and Fredrick's son. Bookmark here

In this magical world where Beasts and Humans had to form a cooperative alliance to resist the invasion of the Blood Nation, weakness is itself a sin! Only the ignorant played around shamelessly.Bookmark here

We needed our child to be strong. That way, he would never suffer like I did on my adventures.Bookmark here

He'd never go through… 'that'.Bookmark here

Is it my fault that my son was born with a poor innate aptitude...? That his Magical Talent was low?Bookmark here

I didn't really know the answer to that question myself... The only thing I could give is hardships.Bookmark here

That way, we could stimulate his potential.Bookmark here

It wasn't just personal emotions. There were a lot more reasons to make him stronger than just fears.Bookmark here

All I knew was that the enemies me and Fredrick made in our time might catch up to us one day.Bookmark here

If we did get caught, then we needed him to be strong enough to protect himself independently.Bookmark here

After all, the first lesson everyone learned as members of the Mercenary Guild… is that only the most competent are eligible to control their own fate. Laws couldn't be enforced without strength.Bookmark here

If that is true, then there's no need to hold back on training my son. He needed to become someone who could one day independently stand on his own feet... To stay strong even if we aren't there.Bookmark here

I did my duty as a parent.Bookmark here

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