Chapter 10:

Chapter 5 Kidnapped

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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Splashes of water echoed as the heavy patter of feet moved throughout the cave. The murmuring of heavy voices filled the place with sound. A man walked through the dim lit cave, and followed after the others, for their job was to make sure that the entire area was clear, but he was given the job to locate the trespassing resident. This mission was supposed to be secret, nobody outside would find out that they were attempting to steal their greatest treasure.Bookmark here

A wide hole that must have been at least 7 meters tall suddenly opened up in front of him. He launched up off of his right leg and tumbled on to the ground, in instinct he flung himself away from the tumbling ceiling. Mountains of dust flew up into the air from the clashing of pebbles on rocks.Bookmark here

Then there was a silence, slowly the man got up, and stared at the opening in front of him. For a moment he saw a sudden glow, but as soon as he blinked his eyes it was gone.Bookmark here

"Almost getting crushed for this!"Bookmark here

Stepping forward he saw something in the darkness, he could feel the cold sweat sliding down his cheeks, his feet began to tremble, they were wobbling as if he was on stilts for the first time.Bookmark here

Slowly he began to move his feet forward, but it was no faster than the pace of a toddler who walked for the first time. When he got close enough to the thing in the shadows he stopped and turned his head towards the ground.Bookmark here

"I think we found her ser!" he yelled. He quickly swooped up what seemed to be a young girl, and threw her over his shoulder.Bookmark here

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As the soldier walked out of the cave a question did come to his troubled mind. The fact that a young girl could find herself in here was unusual, how was she not crushed by the rocks and pebbles? It had taken him and the other men at least 4 hours to find a path that wouldn't cave in from the drilling.Bookmark here

The soldier began to look around in fear as he noticed the devastation that surrounded him, large broken stones had surrounded the area, but nowhere near the place where he had found the girl... what a strange coincidence. The walls had crumbled into what seemed like pebbles, there was no way a mere girl could survive such destruction, and not be harmed by any of it.Bookmark here

He peeked back at the small person on his shoulders and shuddered at the mere thought that she was no ordinary girl. Maybe he shouldn't be bothering with something so dangerous, he slowly began to lift the small girl off of his shoulders.Bookmark here

His hands shaking as if he was trying to steady a delicate piss of glass, he lowered her towards the ground. She was just three inches from when a loud voice suddenly began to speak to the foot soldier,Bookmark here

"Section 1, return to the Alto Phantom! I repeat, Section 1, return to the Alto Phantom!"Bookmark here

As the voice went out with a silent distortion, the soldier reached his hand towards his right-hand pocket and took out what seemed to be a transmitter. Turning it on, he quickly responded,Bookmark here

"Roger that!" and began to walk out of the cave.Bookmark here

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A voice echoed throughout the enormous cave. It was cold and hard like the rigid surface of an emotionless rock. Then, from out of nowhere came the blazing flames of destruction which soon lay waste to life of the entire cave. Every little creature that hid under the rocks and cracks of the cave witnessed the destruction of their home. No... it was not a home anymore. The land that had been touched by goddesses, was now black and dead. The trees, the plants, and flowers all soon turned into ashes among ashes.Bookmark here

In the little eyes of the creatures, the monsters demolished everything that they saw and took only what they believed was valuable to them. The creatures began to run and hide, from the burning flames. Some tried to evacuate the cave, but was it even possible?Bookmark here

Out from the tiny patches of grass, shot up a furry tail. It swirled and bounced as if it were distracted by something exciting.Bookmark here

Suddenly, poking their head out of the green patch of grass was a small squirrel, and in its mouth was a small acorn. The squirrel rolled around on the grass in an attempt to pry open the hat of the acorn. He bit down on the top, and gave it a hard yank,Bookmark here

" Pop!" The acorn head came off, but the sound was soft and quick.Bookmark here

Rolling over because of his own force, the squirrel did an entire three-sixty degree roll and now sat exactly where he started, which was on his soft fury, bottom. The squirrel stuffed his tiny paws inside and pulled the out the nut of the acorn. Raising it to the sky he examined its value. If the squirrel could speak he would say that the acorn was carrying something more precious than gold.Bookmark here

The squirrel began to stroke the nut on his brown fur, wiping it clean of the dust and dirt that filled the cave. In moments there was not a speck of dust on its perfect shell. The squirrel prepared to take a bite into its sweet juicy core when a sudden shock shook the entire floor. Gazing upwards he suddenly began to squeal. He dropped the sweet acorn that was within his two paws, leaped out of the tall grass and began to run.Bookmark here

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The path before the squirrel was broken, pebbles and stones filled the area causing him to leap and jump from spot to spot, but at the moment it didn't matter where or how far he had to jump because his precious friend was more important.Bookmark here

Mayu seemed to be slipping farther, and farther away. Slowly, she was fading into the distance.Bookmark here

Gasping for air, Rav tore at the ground, hoping to catch up to Mayu's abductor. As he ran through the cave he could see flashing lights ahead of him. The location of where they were coming from was a mystery to Rav. Then suddenly a roaring wind blew at Rav's tiny feet, causing him to fly up into the air like a piece of paper in the wind.Bookmark here

Rav witnessed as the ground disappeared from under him, but he did not panic. In a swift motion, he stretched out his arms and his legs and began to fall towards the ground. He had been at least two meters from the ground when suddenly, he took flight.Bookmark here

As Rav approached the source of the blinking lights, a sudden wind began to push against him.Bookmark here

Looking down Rav suddenly flew in close to the ground, and landed. There, about six feet in front of Rav stood a monstrous object, none like Rav had ever seen. It was a huge bird-like creature, with wings that spread beyond the size of any normal bird. Rav would usually be able to hide from smaller birds, but there was no way he could hide from the beast that stood in front of him.Bookmark here

Rav backed away as it's huge lights began to blink rapidly, the air began to make a wheezing sound, then a strange beep began to echo through the cave. Turning his head to the left Rav noticed a huge door that was attached to the giant object, and just outside of it was Mayu.Bookmark here

The wheezing stopped, and the door began to close. Rav focused his small eyes on the view inside the huge door and began to run. Mayu's abductor had stepped inside the metal object and Rav knew that the path to Mayu would soon be closed.Bookmark here

Rav could not let that happen no matter what, he could not let his precious friend disappear, so in one attempt, he took everything that he had and leaped over the closing door.Bookmark here

Rav landed with a soft thud and rolled through the impact. He was spinning so fast that he ended up banging into a hard wall. Slowly he got up and shook himself. Sweeping from left to right he began to stumble forward into a run and chased after Mayu once more.Bookmark here

Only a couple feet away was Mayu's abductor,Bookmark here

"Stop right there!" thought the squirrelBookmark here

Rav was about to pounce on him when suddenly he swiftly turned the corner. Rav gripped into what he could and stopped himself from sliding. Quickly he turned the only to see him put Mayu down and bind her wrist and ankles with a thick brown rope. Then he picked up Mayu and slid open a big metal door, Rav saw a room inside, but he knew that it was just a cell. The abductor dropped Mayu down onto the floor and began to shut it close.Bookmark here

Rav thought at first, that he would attack the guard and stop him from shutting the door. he had no doubt that he would win in triumph, and get the greatest prize of all... hugs and kisses from his beloved Mayu.Bookmark here

Rav knew that Mayu was more important than the guard himself, he Looked back between Mayu and the guard and knew what he was about to do, so instead of attacking him, Rav, in a final attempt, ran at his fastest speed and slipped through the crack of the door.Bookmark here

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"So has the prisoner been put in the hold?" asked the soldier.Bookmark here

"Yeah! I heard that it was a village dweller, one of the other guys told me that after the captains done with her, we'd take him and cell him with the rest of the groups, maybe we can make some extra money off the lowlife!" said the soldier.Bookmark here

"And what about the village, it was left alone right?" the soldier asked,Bookmark here

"No, the commander said he would take it down, and take everything that he thought was useful, though I'm pretty sure everything they had was pretty much junk. They were all just hippies living on a green island!" the soldier chuckled.Bookmark here

"Funniest thing was that there was this old lady that wouldn't stop fighting of our guards, she held up for a while, but she didn't last long. Oh, how I wish I could've got my hands on that one!" joked the soldierBookmark here

"By the way which sector is the prisoner supposed to be held on? the soldier asked.Bookmark here

"Aren't you supposed to know, the soldier responded.Bookmark here

"Sorry! I'm new, but I was given the order to switch shifts and guard the prisoner's cell," answered the soldier.Bookmark here

" I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure I heard that she was in sector 4," the soldier responded.Bookmark here

"Thanks!" the soldier said in admiration and started to walk down the hall towards the entrance of the floor shaft. Bookmark here

Making a left the soldier swiftly took out a green key card and swiped it over a pad which opened a door before him. Once the soldier stepped in, the doors shut behind him. he pressed a red button and bright huge numbers began to count downwards to the number four.Bookmark here

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Darkness overwhelmed the small squirrel. For some reason, he could only see as far as a paw in front of him.Bookmark here

Rav lifted his right leg and placed it on the ground and did the same with the other. Then as he began to find his footing, a strange smell found its way to his nose. The smell was rotten and stinky like a week's worth of trash, it was dusty, and smelled like rotten peppers.Bookmark here

Rav began to pull up, it seems the pepper had been too much for his little nose, and he sneezed. Rav lost his grip and flew back rolling out of the dark cave.Bookmark here

A light began to shine on Rav's face. He blinked a couple times letting his eyes adjust to the light. He sniffed the air and rubbed his nose. The air was clearer. looking up he saw a big garbage can.Bookmark here

Rav quickly realized that it wasn't a cave that he was in, but a can of garbage. Rav observed the garbage that had fallen out of the bin, there was some paper, a screw, and a small shiny wrapper that he happened to take interest in. Rav quickly took it up, and twisted it around, from side to side, examining the bright colors that the piece of paper contained.Bookmark here

He then pulled it over his head, and spun around, trying to see what he now looked like, but his neck was too small, which made him unsuccessful. In the corner of the room was some broken glass, Rav ran over to the shattered pieces and looked down into it, admiring his new look.Bookmark here

Rav continued to gaze in the shattered mirror when something caught his eye.Bookmark here

Running back over to the garbage bucket, he stopped and looked at all of its spilled litter, he pushed around the things around a little bit, and there it was. Just before his eyes lay nothing but gold. It was fresh, he could smell it! This was no ordinary gold, It's edges so fine and sharp, it's reflection so smooth that Rav could almost see his face in it,Bookmark here

"Acorn!" Rav yelled, or thought, for we all know, that squirrels can't talk.Bookmark here

Rav swooped it up within his arms, admiring it with all the attention a squirrel could give, but then he turned around and looked at Mayu.Bookmark here

Her face was peaceful, calm, so quiet, that it looked like she was barely even breathing, but something was different, her face held something that no ordinary man could see. Deep within its shell was something moving. Just beneath the surface. It was as if she was sleeping, but not sleeping, something was awake inside Mayu, but Rav didn't know what.Bookmark here

Rav couldn't tell exactly what it was, but he realized, that whatever it was, it wasn't good for Mayu, and so he decided that the best thing he could do was to wake her up. Bookmark here

Slowly Rav walked over to Mayu's sleeping body and made his way over towards her face. He began to use his little paws and pushed onto her soft cheek, but she still slept as soundly as a bird.Bookmark here

"That didn't work?" thought Rav, so he walked in circles, hoping that a good idea would come to him and luckily, it did.Bookmark here

~~~~Bookmark here

Mayu blinked her eyes attempting to adjust to the bright light. When Mayu gained consciousness she slowly rolled over onto her stomach.Bookmark here

"What? where am I" Mayu asked, but not an answer came for she soon realized that she was the only one in the room, well, she and Rav that is.Bookmark here

Rav quickly ran in front of Mayu, facing her with a look of curiosity and question. Mayu looked at Rav and then peeked over her right shoulder and saw that her arms and legs had been tied. She attempted to pull her wrist apart, but attempting to separate the binds seemed useless.Bookmark here

Mayu new that it would be quite difficult to do it on her own and turned to look at Rav giving him a pleading look. Rav, in response, turned his head to the side in question and continued to stare at his acorn. Mayu gave Rav another look, but this time it was more stern and disapproving. Rav now getting the hint walked up to Mayu, and put the acorn in front of her, and with his nose, he pushed the acorn towards her mouth.Bookmark here

"No! That's not it Rav. I need your help!" Mayu answered, blowing down in frustration.Bookmark here

Mayu slowly turned her back to face Rav. He looked at the acorn that was within his paws and put it down, promising himself that he would come back for it. He then ran over to Mayu and began to nibble down on the rope that bound her arms. He started on the back and made his way to the front and then Made his way over to Mayu's feet, it hadn't taken him long to finish the task.Bookmark here

Mayu rubbed her wrist in discomfort, her wrist were red and a little bit swollen, but now she was free. Quickly she forgot the burns she picked up and brought Rav into a big hug.Bookmark here

"Thanks a lot, Rav," Mayu said in satisfaction.Bookmark here

Mayu transferred her attention from Rav and took a look at her surroundings. There were two boxes that lay in the right corner of the room. A smaller box sat on the left corner and a slightly bigger box beside it. In the right corner were some broken shards of glass and on the floor beside her was the now torn pieces of rope. There wasn't much for Mayu to see, it was a really just an empty storage room.Bookmark here

Suddenly a loud thud echoed throughout the room. Rav jumped out of Mayu's arms are ran into one of the nearby boxes and the latch of the door began to turn,Bookmark here

"click! click!"Bookmark here

Mayu quickly jumped up to her feet. She looked around drastically for something to defend herself with. In front of Mayu to her right lay a broken wood board. Mayu picked it up quickly and held it in front of herself, ready to attack. The door hatch began to swirl, a crack sounded as the door began to slowly move in, towards Mayu. Mayu's body began to tense, for she did not know just who or what would come through that door. So she waited for the moment the door would swing swung open.Bookmark here

"Boom!"Bookmark here

Without hesitation, Mayu swang, at the thing that came through that door. Keeping in mind just one simple thing... that she would not be caught again.Bookmark here

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