Chapter 14:

Modular (Part One)

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

I believe I have underestimated the scale of the Bokel structure. We were half complete in filling up the four lowest portions that were set to connect when finished. The amount I had to lift was less than expected. At this point, there wasn’t much left for me to do. They treated me like a forklift, and were done with me as if I had broken down. My engine and tires were still in peak condition, but what can I do? Should I complain when my job is quick and easy? Now all I have to do is stand by for the moment where they bring all of it together. Bookmark here

Judging from how vast the section I am in, you can infer the size of this place to be big. Discrepancies of this scale must not have been a consideration, preventing beings closer to my stature or for those of the Gloup, who are often several times bigger than the average human, animal, tree or man-made creation, to inhabit this location. This was not for us, but for them to live and operate as they would do normally on their home planet. Maybe if there was more research and collaboration for the creation of facilities for non-Bokels, this wouldn’t be an issue. Bookmark here

The panic from those higher-up in the Gloup military campaign and in favour of more drastic allied intervention led to this problem. The process of construction was foreign to the Gloup, and while not having their own structures that would be open to destruction by the Caxhels a positive, not having a set location to coordinate with the Bokels would most likely be a logistics challenge. Most of them would rather be free to do what they wish than to be tied down to a specific enclosed area for an extended period.Bookmark here

Militarism. Industrialization. The eagerness for confrontation.Bookmark here

Any of these did not define or will defile the Gloup’s disposition. They will persist in their mostly peaceful and modest nature, not onto themselves - for many have intermingled with cybernetics - but to the world itself.Bookmark here

I do notice a pattern in the interiors of these organisms – they don’t have much, if any, of what we consider as leisure. This Bokel building, especially, was far-reaching in terms of its interior space. It includes a ceiling so high, to touch it would be deceiving... as if one is reaching the heavens. It was freaky to see what looked to be night and day in the same scene. For what came beneath it - the land - was a minor contrast, but a significant one: colour. The entire facility had the appearance of a lifeform pasting everything in a reddish-brownish clay, while the sludge had its characteristic purple to clash against it. One gave off an earthen feel, the other alien. I can’t resist looking, touching, processing. It was trance-like, a pleasurable one.Bookmark here

And with no walls, this would be easier. Having no barriers means there would be less friction in my personal tour of the military complex, This was a singular, free space. An intentional design choice that sent a clear indicator that privacy either doesn’t exist, or, if this feature is integral to their society, they don’t care about it at all.Bookmark here

As they place their communication stations, armour, weapons, living areas, and much more into these sections, I move for the sake of those who have to put stuff in the specific area where I’m standing. The creature – adorned with fleshy overgrowths – slid a machine from its back right into a spot indicated with a square. It had a substantial casing of gIass, with the rest of it being sturdy metal designed to continue the same peculiar shape the glass started. Being forced to move gave me the opportunity to have a long walk to the edge of the section. It took about thirty minutes to reach the end. I made it. It took a while but I did. The hustle of the beings that were working as fast as they can to get it finished was quite the sight. At times I thought they were moving at speeds that can stir up a breeze.Bookmark here

Being outside meant that I can’t impede anyone from whatever they have to do in there. In addition, I can see the toil those in other sections are putting in to make this building come to fruition.Bookmark here

My suit warns me of an incoming threat. This one was biological in nature. I look up to see the foot of a Bokel coming down on me, causing me to roll out of the way. This made me snap. “Can’t you say sorry, you bastard?!” I brought out my laser cannon to blast off its leg. Bookmark here

“What is that?” This Bokel had stubbier legs and levitation cables in multitude dragging a heap of materials. You can see the stress on each of them. They (the cables) weren’t doing what they were supposed to prevent. “Tell me, foreigner… what is this ‘sorry’ you request from me? I was just doing what I have to do. You were in my path.”Bookmark here

I take a deep breath to take stock of myself. This excessive outburst of anger was uncharacteristic of me, so I decided to pull away. That was inappropriate - very much so. And to rectify it with an apology did not matter to lifeforms like them. Everyone around me didn’t care what I just did. The task at hand was more important. They were not bothered if I left. Maybe I should go.Bookmark here

“Where are you going, metal suit? You are not done here.”Bookmark here

“I’m going to take a break.” Looks like I found an exception. My brash assumption about them has to be right despite this. “My attitude isn’t where I would like it to be.”Bookmark here

“Without anyone telling you such?”Bookmark here

“Someone did.”Bookmark here

“Who is that? I would like to know who is this being.”Bookmark here

“Me.”Bookmark here

“You? How can that be?”Bookmark here

“Because I said so.”Bookmark here

“Is this what humans do? Be loud and full of themselves?”Bookmark here

“Well, no.”Bookmark here

It crouches down. “Then why? Tell me. I want to understand you.”Bookmark here

Is it actually serious? Maybe I should tell someone so they can learn the mess I am from the inside. “What I need is company of the human type.”Bookmark here

“ Company… Is that what you all refer to yourselves in a group?”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Then what? Clarify. The lack of that very thing is making this conversation longer than we speak.”Bookmark here

I make our talk more abstract instead.Bookmark here

“This isn’t working. All this mumbling and obtuseness is not making you any more understandable. But that makes you very interesting to me. Come on, be clear and concise. If not, this will be the end of this talk. There are more pressing things I must be doing.”Bookmark here

“I think we’re done for now.” Bookmark here

That was quite the talk. I never had one so engaging until this one. But when I think about it, the other Bokel I spoke to, while much shorter, was the same. Their understanding of Makupuu is exceptional. Fluency is the level they must be at - the same fluency I need. I should be on my knees right now begging them how they did it so I can take some of their advice and apply it in my language-learning journey. For now, I’ll leave them be. To ask them wouldn’t be ideal when putting together a modular building. Afterwards is when I’ll do that.Bookmark here

“Great.” It stepped over me to resume its task.Bookmark here

For me, I reclused myself far from everyone else to reflect. Why did I overreact and overcompensate to that lifeform? Both of those things are not representative of as an individual. Copious internal thought brought no response. I was stumped.Bookmark here

A Gloup called out to me, saying that they were about to combine the pieces into one. I get up with my butt dripping with sludge to help. I was told my strength was equal to all the Bokel’s remote-controlled gravitational field disruptors, and I prove their statement right. With my involvement, the scene could be described as almost a one-man show, even though there were involved. There was the weakening of each section’s gravity to make them lighter. I must credit that, but muscle was needed to get them together - meaning me. The middle and upper pieces were applied right after.Bookmark here

To be frank, I did not believe we would be done so fast. But everyone played their part to achieve this. Walking back a good distance, one could see that all the sections from top to bottom were well put together. From the upside-down parabolic roof that extends well past its coliseum base and the narrow midsection similar to a nuclear cooling tower connecting the two, the sprawling structure looked magnificent for kilometres around with its reddish-brown making it stick out.Bookmark here

But a streaks came down to ruin this landmark. Just like that, fires were ablaze. As more and more hit, the culprit who did this was obvious: the Caxhels.Bookmark here

They just had to make things worse. 
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