Chapter 6:

_Omake 2_

The Fallen Diadem

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It was the middle of the night and Charlie had not stopped moving. The mere act of lifting his feet up over the gravel was almost too much. First it had been sword training. Then Neeka had put him in a headlock. Then all day fighting fallen, all evening conning soldiers out of their money, and then it was hoofing piles of dragon carcass back to town. How Mark was still going he didn’t know. It was beyond him, but he’d be damned if he let his disciple of the blade see him collapse in the gutter.Bookmark here

“Xon… Xon you had it right. I should have stayed down here with you,” he said as he staggered to the half butchered body of the dragon Amaranth had slain. He had sweated so much his lips were cracking from dehydration. It was so bad the rivers of blood almost looked drinkable.Bookmark here

“It burns! It burns it burns it burns,” the dragonkin cried out. His cheeks puffed with air and his knees shook like drumsticks beneath the weight of the dragon’s ribcage.Bookmark here

“Just hold it there! We gotta cut some of this connective tissue and it’ll all come apart!” one of the soldiers shouted from atop the dragon’s side. Charlie could see the man in a bloody apron, holding a saw in one hand big enough to cut trees with. He wasn’t particularly fit. In fact, the man was the pudgiest of any of the soldiers that had come to Vichtstein. That meant he could only be one thing; the cook. Bookmark here

Delicious opportunity rang up in Charlie’s mind. Of course, the cook might buy the wine, but scamming him was too much risk for too little reward. Befriending him meant access to dragon bacon, to dragon head cheese, to a true warrior’s feast even; the heart. Dehydrated or not, Charlie was salivating at the thought. “Hello there! Is there any way for me to help?” he asked, speaking an octave higher than usual as he wrung his hands together and grinned.Bookmark here

The cook sighed and wiped some sweat off his brow. “Kid, this dragon’s got tumors on top of tumors. I can barely get to the good stuff. I suggest helping the dragonkin.”Bookmark here

“Certainly!” Charlie said, and jumped into the butchered gore alongside Xon to lend his hand to the cause. When the dragonkin shirked some of the weight to him, the grin vanished instantly. His face went red. “Xon, Xon how were you holding this?”Bookmark here

“With difficulty,” he answered, shoving his shoulder into the rib bone.Bookmark here

“It’ll be worth it, right? Right? All those silvers and the feast meat. Just think of the feast, Xon. Think of that roasting fatty goodness that we’ll get for helping here. You can taste it can’t you? The meat we’ve been longing for while living off of porridge.”Bookmark here

“Got it!” the chef called, and some tissue tore. The whole side of the dragon shifted up six inches and a fresh gust of blood-soaked air flowed out of the beast’s body.Bookmark here

So did some of the organs; the small intestine specifically. The whole tissue bag split open as it spilled out. A hundred pounds of half digested sea weed mixed with a few birds burst out in one giant flood of bile directly into Charlie. Raw proto-feces blasted across him, soaking into his pants and staining his chest with swamp smell.Bookmark here

“Are you okay?” Xon asked, one foot raised up to stay out of the offal.Bookmark here

“I’m going to go clean up,” Charlie declared, slowly turning and marching away from the dragon.Bookmark here

“Clean up? There’s no bath!”Bookmark here

Charlie walked away from the pile of fatty meat that had coated him with saomething worse than manure. The dancing images of bacon in his mind was as coated with it as he was. It was soiled. It was stained and ruined with the kind of filth you weren’t supposed to think about when eating meat.Bookmark here

Charlie marched into the lake and had to be fished out by soldiers before hypothermia set in.Bookmark here

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