Chapter 16:

Lookout: Watching Angels Sing


"Hey..."Bookmark here

"Huh? Where am I?"Bookmark here

"Do you like her?"Bookmark here

"D-Dani?!"Bookmark here

"Well? Answer my question."Bookmark here

"Yes, I do."Bookmark here

"Then why do you still think of me?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Let go."Bookmark here

"Dani, you're not making sense..."Bookmark here

"Let go. Let go. Let go."Bookmark here

Another long night. I feel guilty. Sera doesn't deserve this turmoil. She moved in with me in the tent unofficially. She latches on to me for dear life once we sleep, must be a natural thing, cause she sleeps peacefully. She's so beautiful like...Bookmark here

I can't think about her. I can't. Bookmark here

I walked out to see the troops in lukewarm spirits as they saw Kyle walk around. He recovered in a matter of a few days and helped me out with a new operation to get rid of the Angel Waste. I call it Operation: Wing Clipper. With the task force set up, all we need was to scope out the battlefield and get a map set up. For now, I got the news that communication across southern Nevada was now set up. One of the soldiers tells me that a woman from Badland was attempting to call me. Well, who can guess that?Bookmark here

I get to the radio and turn on the mic. "Haper?" Bookmark here

Some static, then finally I hear a voice. "Yeah? Dopeman! Finally!"Bookmark here

"How did you know I was even at camp?"Bookmark here

"Well, I called the main base, one of my connections told me you were here."Bookmark here

"Slick. So how are you? You got my letter?"Bookmark here

Haper laughed a bit. "Yeah. I'm happy that you even remember to send me a letter back."Bookmark here

"You're a good friend, Haper. I like talking to you. When this is all over I want us to be good friends!"Bookmark here

She starts sniffing as the connection worsens. "You... W-well, I can't wait till you get back! I'm sure you got a ton of stories to tell! The people are really liking what Dopeman did to the war so far."Bookmark here

"Like, Dopeman or Foolish Courier?"Bookmark here

"At this point, it's about half and half."Bookmark here

"Good. Well, I got more work to do, keep spreading the good name! Stay safe!"Bookmark here

"You too, Dopeman!"Bookmark here

As soon as the moon went up, the scouting party was on. I wanted it to be in teams of two. I teamed myself with Fisher. We rode to the field, taking in a position in the grass. Fisher pulls out a recorder for note-taking purposes. Bookmark here

"This is Dopeman. Date is November 2nd, 2092, 12:50 AM. I see..." I zoom in a bit with my binoculars. "Five catapults. They are separated too far for a bombing run. Maybe we have to go on foot destroy them. Next to the catapults are tons of Angel Waste." I pull out a camera to take a picture of the placements and the waste. "I also see Tribe Trastorno." I take a picture of them. "I also... Crap." Bookmark here

Fisher looks up. "What? No..."Bookmark here

"It's NRF. NRF is working with Tribe Trastorno. This ain't good."Bookmark here

They were supplying them with men and gear. I had to take a few more pictures of the men together. The NRF wore riot gear usually. They had their large shield logo on the side, making sure we knew what they are. Once we got the shots, we rode out. Bookmark here

"So," Fisher said while we were just about at the fort. "What now?"Bookmark here

I laugh. "We just kill them too."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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