Chapter 4:

A Rift

Blood's Water: My Little Whisper

     I was at a loss for words. Everything Tala was saying made complete sense, however, knowing my brother, he always preferred to plan things out ahead of time in a calm environment. I was growing to be the complete opposite. It was where we differed the most. I preferred the heat of the moment to assess the situation as it unfolded, to be forced to lock into a decision as time narrowed down. In my opinion, having too much time to think was a double-edged luxury. You waste your time juggling between choices until eventually you lose sight of the real question at hand. I had, for some time now, begun to wonder whether or not my brother had forgotten what we were fighting for. It was that very reason why I chose to push forward; and vowed not to run away. Bookmark here

     He looked me straight in the eyes as he clasped his hands around my wrist. “We make an opening for the chopper to pull in close, we board it, and then we get the hell outta here! Take it as an order! Do you think I spent seven years in the force with my head in between my legs? I know what their expecting.” Bookmark here

          “And they’re expecting you to know that!”Bookmark here

     He squinted his eyes at me as a rift spread between us.Bookmark here

          “I’ve never fought for the government. They don’t know what I’m capable of. To them, I’m nobody. They forgot about me a long time ago. They can only see themselves and nothing else. Now, if you want us to live through this day, I suggest that you trust me!”Bookmark here

     It was my first time ever standing up against Tala’s demands. I didn’t know if he was willing to grasp anything that I had said to him, but I knew where my focus was, and I had no intentions of backing out. He had already loosened his hold on my wrist and didn’t fight back as I stood to my feet. I stepped over to the driver’s side and lifted myself up just enough to peek through the windows of the van. The image was horrifying. All our brothers laid scattered across the field. The helicopter swung in from the left and began to hold its position to the far side of the building. I could hear the pilot radio in stating that they had the location of the sharpshooter in sight. Twelfth floor, East side of the building. Tala hadn’t responded as quickly as he usually does… I could tell something was on his mind. Bookmark here

     As he went to open his mouth, I caught a glimpse of something heading straight for the chopper. I shrieked as I watched the missile make contact. The impact caused the blades to shatter, sending the helicopter twirling right towards the building. I could hear the pilot’s screams over Tala’s radio as the nose of the helicopter tilted down and slammed right into the front of the building. The entire scene was soon engulfed in flames and the sound of a roaring explosion heaved across the field. Two soldiers desperately leapt from the burning mayhem, only to fall straight to their deaths below. The environment was now painted over with harsh reds, oranges, and yellows as the flames from the blast took to the sky. And through it all… I saw an opening.Bookmark here

     That chopper landed right in the same area the sharpshooter was positioned, and half of the building looked to be on the verge of a collapse. All eyes were focused on the devastation, and I was now virtually invisible. Bookmark here

     I darted from behind the van and raced to the nearest body I could come across. Tala was yelling my name from behind, but I wasn’t going to stop now. Bookmark here

     This was my only chance.Bookmark here

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